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Sunday, 29 May 2016

29 May 2016. The “Attack of the Dead” at Osovets Fortress… The Anglos Had Best Mind What It Means

00 Attack of the Dead at Osovets Fortress 140516


Русские не сдаются (Russkie nye sdayutsya: Russians Don’t Give Up) by Varya Strizhak… 


In August 1915, the Germans used poison gas against the defenders of the Russian fortress at Osovets in Northern Poland. To their surprise, the Russians, although injured by the gas and spitting up blood, counterattacked, and threw back the Germans. This allowed the Russian forces to evacuate the area in good order some weeks later. Russians haven’t changed… the Anglos had best mind that… or they’re in for a rather nasty and upsetting surprise… the Yanks wouldn’t know what hit them if the famed Russian artillery and MRLs opened up on them. They’ve not faced such since Korea… they’d realise what “shock and awe” truly means.



Sunday, 7 February 2016

7 February 2016. A Thought from St John Chrysostom

00 nikolai ii russia. 070216


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

23 December 2015. A Colloquy on Tsars and Pompous Pseudo-Intellectuals

00 tsar aleksandr. two guardians. 170715


A friend and I had this exchange (I’m in plain type):

Why do the eggheads hate Tsar Aleksandr? He was faithful to his wife, loved his children, told the truth bluntly and without guile, pardoned all death sentences, and the land was at peace and prospered. What’s wrong with that?

The eggheads hate all tsars because they think that only they can do anything for humanity, and that any who aren’t eggheads are useless…

I need add nothing to that, save to say to beware all pompous airy-fairy pseudo-intellectuals, especially, those who call themselves “liberals” or “progressives”… they have a fancy to test out their ideas… with us as the guinea-pigs. I think that I’d rather pass that “opportunity” up. I’m not alone in thinking that way.


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

27 October 2015. A Must-See Vid… Russian Series on the Romanovs Dubbed in English

01 'Forgive Us, RIghteous Tsar Nikolai. Sevastopol

This billboard was in Sevastopol THREE YEARS before its joyous return to Russia… think deeply on that fact…



This has nothing new for Russian-speakers and those familiar with Russian history, but it’s a good introduction for those unfamiliar with the subject. It’s well-done and the English narration is spot-on and flawless (I can discern that it’s a Russian speaking “Commonwealth” English with a “Received” accent).

Click here for the Star MediaEN channel page, and do subscribe. The material on offer is of high quality. If you have no Russian facility, this is a good source.

There are eight films in the series. At present, only four have English dubbing… episodes five to eight are in this playlist. They’re numbers 6 to 9 (video 2 is the music soundtrack)… the later numbers are clips from the series (the first four vids are in English, so, you needn’t concern yourself with them). They have English subtitles available… in the lower-righthand corner, make sure that you underline the left-hand icon and that you chose “English” in the settings.

A note for Orthodox people… do note how the series ends… at the end of the eighth vid (at the church service, it appears that Archpriest V A Chaplin, a very close associate of His Holiness, is serving). It indicates what our response should be as Orthodox Christians (and as Russians, for those that’s applicable) to it all… I want to see it for yourself. You’ll know why they’re saints after that…


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