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Monday, 18 July 2016

18 July 2016. Was the Turkish Coup a “Winnigan’s Fake?”



The majority opinion on the RuNet appears to be that the coup in Turkey on Friday was a sham organised by Erdoğan to take out his opponents. What appears to drive this feeling is that the Turkish forces never had an unsuccessful coup in the past. Say what you will about the Kemalist officers who run the army, they’re tough, competent, and focused. They’re also secularist to the bone. The “coup” appeared to have little planning, small and insufficient forces deployed, and no apparent aims… all of which point to the main general staff (and the bulk of the officer corps) not being involved. When one notices the mass arrest of those not involved in the “coup” and the possible reinstatement of the death penalty, it’s clear to most that Erdoğan is using this as an excuse to purge the government and forces of his opponents. Ergo, most voices on the RuNet believe the “coup” to have been a phoney from top to bottom. I tend to agree… it’s so badly done that it’s clear that Langley wasn’t involved… they ARE competent at coups, they did get rid of Mossadegh and Allende, didn’t they?

Turkey is in for a long night… unless a REAL coup happens, which isn’t off the cards. God do have mercy on the Turkish people…



Saturday, 14 July 2012

Turkey Retracted Claims that a Lost F-4 Fighter was “Shot Down” by Syria


In a statement issued in Ankara on Friday, the Turkish military retracted its accusations that Syrian air defence forces shot down a Turkish Air Force F-4 jet that disappeared from radar screens over the eastern Mediterranean Sea on 22 June. It said it failed to find traces of any anti-aircraft weapon at the crash site. At the time, Syria said it had shot down the plane. The controversy was over where the jet took was hit… the Syrians argued this happened in Syrian airspace, whilst the Turks insisted that the jet was destroyed over international waters. On 4 July, Turkish search teams recovered the bodies of both aircrewmen from the sea.

13 July 2012

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