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Friday, 19 September 2014

Poroshenko’s Admissions in Rada Leaked to Ukrainian Media

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When junta strongman Poroshenko came to the Rada to persuade Deputies to vote “yes” on laws on Donbass autonomy and amnesty for opolchenietsy, he admitted that there was appalling news on destroyed junta military equipment, junta troops in Novorossiyan captivity, and junta military dead. TSN reported that one of the Deputies said (speaking anonymously), “The President said that about 2,000 of our troops fell into enemy hands over four days”. A UDAR Rada People’s Deputy told reporters, “He said that 58 percent of Ukrainian military equipment is now destroyed. He gave more information about dead, deserters, and prisoners of war, which I don’t even want to talk about, so as not to demoralise people”.

20 September 2014




Friday, 25 July 2014

Svoboda and UDAR Quit Ruling Coalition… “Rabbit” Forced to Resign… Kolomoisky Lickspittle Named Interim PM

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The “Rabbit” is A P Yatsenyuk… he’s called that because he looks somewhat like a Sov-era character called “Rabbit” in the multifilm Winnie the Pooh Goes Visiting… it’s not completely complimentary. V I Balogh is a gangster of Magyar background from Podkarpatskaya Rus who was an accomplice of P A Poroshenko when the latter was still engaged in outright crime. Recently, one of Poroshenko’s aides was found dead in Vinnitsa… you see, Poroshenko had offered Balogh a high position, but reneged, claiming that Balogh didn’t steal enough votes for him. The good word has it that Balogh retaliated by “reaching out and touching” Poroshenko’s aide. Nice people…



On Thursday, Svoboda and UDAR announced that their factions in the Rada were leaving the ruling coalition, paving the way for the body’s dissolution. The ruling coalition in the Rada, cobbled together after the February putsch, had 256 members, the majority of them from the erstwhile opposition parties of the Fatherland Front, UDAR, and Svoboda. With today’s resignations from the coalition, its number fell below the constitutional threshold of 226 members, giving the President the legal power to dissolve the Rada within one month. Earlier in June, non-party affiliated deputies V I Balogh and I A Rybakov proposed a draft on the voluntary dissolution of the Rada. Leaders of the UDAR and Svoboda factions and unaffiliated People’s Deputy O V Lyashko authored the resolution proposing the move. Ukrainian President (sic) P A Poroshenko urged the Rada to vote to dissolve itself, stating that Ukrainians wanted early parliamentary elections, referring to polls indicating that 80 percent of Ukrainians demanded a change of government.


On Thursday, Ukrainian Prime Minister A P Yatsenyuk announced his resignation following the collapse of the ruling European Choice Rada coalition, saying, “If no new coalition coalesces after an existing coalition in a parliamentary-presidential republic collapses, the government and the prime minister have to resign. I announce my resignation because of the coalition’s collapse”. Yatsenyuk also expressed disappointment with the Rada’s decision to reject a bill that would allow the government to sell up to 49 percent of the country’s gas transport system to EU and American investors. Rada Speaker A V Turchinov said that the Svoboda and UDAR factions would put forward an interim Prime Minister. According to the Ukrainian constitution, the Prime Minister’s resignation also triggers the entire Cabinet to resign. The present Cabinet of Ministers dissolved by the Rada will continue to sit until a new government comes forward.


Yatsenyuk was one of the most corrupt members of the junta… his mansion was only 300 metres from that of V F Yanukovich. He was also very close to Darlin’ Yuliya the Landshark, having been her bagman for years. This means that Yuliya is out and I V Kolomoisky is in. It means that O Ya Tyagnibok is in. if you thought that the civil war in Novorossiya was bloody up to this point, trust me, it’s going to get far worse before it gets better. Tyagnibok is a violent anti-Semitic neo-Nazi racist… Kolomoisky is a violent greedy money-grubbing Jew (sadly, he lives up to the nasty stereotype)… how long this particular Odd Couple will last after Rabbit’s fall is problematic. It’s a sign that the junta is in the very deep doo-doo… it’s stuck in a political La Brea Tar Pit and it can’t get out. It’s losing… so the junta is making Rabbit walk the plank.

Oh, one last thing… the cancellation of the sale of gas transport assets means that Biden’s son won’t have the opportunity to make a shitload of money. I wonder what Pops will do about that, if anything…



On Thursday, Ukrainian “Interior Minister” A B Avakov posted on Facebook that Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister V B Groisman became acting Prime Minister following A P Yatsenyuk’s resignation, noting, “V B Groisman became acting prime minister at a government meeting”.


This means that Kolomoisky seized power away from Yuliya’s faction… Tyagnibok may be in his corner now, but appointing a Jew as Prime Minister is problematic… I’m no bigot, but I’m reporting what I’m seeing. Most Ukrainians will not respect a Jew in such a position, and that’s that. It shows you that the junta is off its head. However, that means that confusion will increase in the near term, which would mean that bloodshed would go up exponentially.

God have mercy on the suffering peoples of Malorossiya, Novorossiya, Podkarpatskaya Rus, and the Lvovshchina. Their Golgotha just got worse…


24 July 2014

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Crowd Threw Eggs and Firecrackers at Klichko in Kharkov

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In Kharkov, a scornful Russian crowd threw eggs and firecrackers at junta plotter Vitaly Klichko, leader of the UDAR faction. Klichko was speaking at a rally “For Unity” when patriotic elements present loudly shouted “shame” and “fascist”. At the end of his spiel, the crowd pelted the boxer with eggs, firecrackers, and even stones. Klichko’s kowtowing bodyguards tried to protect their master from flying objects using opened umbrellas as a shield.

10 March 2014




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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Ukrainian Oppos Reject Amnesty… Yanukovich Gets the Flu

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The Rada passed an amnesty for anti-government rioters jailed during recent public unrest, but on Thursday, oppositionists rejected the initiative, describing it as an attempt to undermine their cause. The Rada, which has a Regions/KPU majority, passed the amnesty law by 232 votes, six more than the required minimum, overnight Wednesday. The law mandates the release of rioters arrested since the current anti-government protests began in November. However, it only comes into effect if the opposition vacates occupied buildings and opens up blocked streets in central Kiev.

Opposition politicians described the amnesty proposal as creating a hostage situation. According to media reports, UDAR leader Vitaly Klichko said that the new law would “raise the temperature in society”. Other opposition leaders told demonstrators gathered on the Maidan that there were procedural violations during the passage of the bill and confirmed that the activists who created a large camp protected by barricades on the Maidan would stay there. On Thursday, Svoboda chieftain Oleg Tyagnibok said that the opposition must comply with the law within 15 days or the government wouldn’t free the detained rioters. The amnesty bill is part of a package of concessions from the authorities, who have struggled to cope with a recent violent escalation of protests, during which at least three demonstrators were killed.


Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich went on sick leave Thursday, prompting oppositionists to accuse him of inaction during the current political crisis. A statement on the presidential website said that Yanukovich was on sick leave with “an acute respiratory illness accompanied by a high temperature”. A senior Regions Rada deputy, Mikhail Chechetov, said that Yanukovich “looked ill” whilst meeting with lawmakers late Wednesday to discuss amnesty for detained rioters. The Presidential Administration didn’t say how long they expected Yanukovich to be off work, or whether he was able to perform his presidential duties in the meantime. The oppositionist UDAR bloc said of the President’s illness, “[It’s] an attempt to avoid resolving the current political crisis. By being on sick leave, he can prevent the dictatorship laws from being cancelled, shun representatives of the opposition and global community, and avoid urgent measures to resolve the political crisis”.

On Thursday, Justice Minister Yelena Lukash said that Yanukovich had 15 days to sign into law a bill cancelling a series of unpopular anti-protest laws that sparked riots, leading to clashes with police. UNIAN quoted her as saying, “We’ll submit the bill submitted to the presidential administration today, and the president will have 15 days to sign it”. She said that he’d sign the bill into law after the Cabinet of Ministers and the Justice Ministry look at the legislation and tell him their conclusions.

30 January 2014



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