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Thursday, 18 October 2018

18 October 2018. Death Toll Rises to 20 in Kerch Terakt

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The death toll in the Kerch terakt has risen to 20, but the situation is as murky as it was yesterday. We know nothing more now than we did then. We mourn…



Blasphemous Fresco in Parish of Pseudo-Orthodox Church that Entered Into Communion with the EP


Total madness, of course, but I can’t help but share it. This “fresco” is in a church of the “Kiev Patriarchate” in Kremenets (Ternopol Oblast) in the “Ukraine”. This pseudo-Orthodox sect entered into communion with the “Ecumenical” Patriarchate, whose symbol is still the Roman (Byzantine) double-headed eagle.

17 October 2018

Mikhail Tyurenkov


OCA Tries to Ignore EP Apostasy… Nothing About EP Actions or Moscow’s Counteractions on OCA Official Website

Is Mallard a Mazeppa or simply the Court Fool? Time alone will tell us…


There’s still nothing up on the OCA official website about the EP apostasy in re the Ukraine. Nothing. Nada. Nichevo. It’s as though nothing is happening and it’s business as usual. This is treachery of the highest order. Moscow gave the OCA its autocephaly and defended it against EP aggrandisement. The OCA has repaid it by refusing to stand by its Mother Church in its hour of need. I’ve noticed that too many converts are either wishy-washy or support the apostasy of the EP. Shall they stay loyal to the Mother Church and Truth, or shall they sell out to the EP and Expediency? Only time will tell us, and I fear that the outcome would be that the OCA will either fly apart or go into schism with the EP. In the end, the main victim of this affair won’t be the UPTs/MP… I fear that this may mark the end of the OCA in its present form. God do help us… the schism is only in its initial stage, but what I see gives me no confidence.


Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Breaking News… Possible Terakt in Kerch… No Real Details Yet


An explosion occurred today in a technical college in Kerch, in the Crimea. At first, the cops thought that it was an accidental explosion, perhaps, of a gas line, but they found traces of explosives. WE DON’T KNOW WHO’S BEHIND THIS TERAKT.


As with all such incidents, reports are conflicting and at odds with one another, it’ll take some 24 to 48 hours for the real story to emerge. What we can say at this time is that 10 to 13 people died, 50 had various levels of injury, and 25 of them went to hospital. Some witnesses reported seeing masked men on the campus firing weapons and some reports state that a bomber committed suicide. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that the Americans were behind this (again). It’s the kind of violent theatre that these feral and heedless juveniles are prone to. One of my Russian friends speculated:

They probably wanted to attack the bridge, but the security was too tight. The school was a soft target in comparison.

This, too, makes much sense, as the Americans have a propensity to attack innocent civilians. However, I’ll repeat… we don’t have the full details yet. Things will sort out in due order. What remains is a tragedy… reflect on the fact that the Americans don’t care how many innocents die… that’s just “collateral damage”, dontcha know…


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