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Sunday, 16 September 2018

16 September 2018. Bart Ups the Ante… HH Sees Him and Raises the Bet


Bart has upped the ante. He named two “exarchs” for the Ukraine. Note well that neither is from the Ukraine…. one is from Canada, the other from the USA. That is, both are under the direct control of the CIA. If they don’t do what Langley wants them to do, well, they’ll have an “accident”. HH saw this bet and raised it. The MP has withdrawn from all inter-Church bodies that include the EP. No MP clergy will concelebrate with EP clergy. Communion is still intact, as the EP hasn’t yet declared its interlopers in the Ukraine a proper Church body yet. If that happens, well, all grounded sources agree. It’d cause a schism that wouldn’t heal in our lifetime.

The OCA is a deer in the headlights. It’s utterly discombobulated and shitting itself in fright. SVS and some of the konvertsy favour the EP…. most of the real ethnics favour the MP. Tikhon Mollard is supine and voiceless. I’ve no doubt that both parties are working on him. The EP can’t offer much… but the MP could pull the Tomos if Mollard proved recalcitrant. If that happened, many of the parishes would go under Moscow. However, no one knows what’s going to happen. I don’t know; no one does. No matter what, this is an existential crisis for both world Orthodoxy and for the OCA. All wait to see what’ll happen.



Monday, 4 June 2018

Pope Francisco Spoke Against Encroachments on Integrity of Russian Church


On Thursday, Pope Francisco Bergoglio said at a meeting with a group of Russian clergy that the Roman Catholic Church is in favour of the unity of the Russian Orthodox Church in the wake of Ukrainian President P A Poroshenko’s plan to institute an independent local [national] Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Metropolitan Ilarion Alfeyev, the chief of the MP OVTsS, led the group visiting the Vatican. The Pope of Rome said:

I want to confirm most of all in front of you, dear brother, and before you, that the Catholic Church will never allow an attitude of division to be born on its own. We’ll never allow it; we don’t want it. In Russia, there is only one Patriarch, yours. We won’t have another. Unification as a method isn’t acceptable in relations between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Christians at the current stage and only a sisterly dialogue between these two denominations of Christianity is possible. The Catholic Church, the Catholic Churches, shouldn’t interfere in the internal affairs of the Russian Orthodox Church, not even in political matters. This is my position and the position of the Holy See today. Those who meddle don’t obey the Holy See.

At the end of April, the Verkhovnaya Rada supported President Poroshenko’s appeal to Patriarch Bartholomew Archontonis of Constantinople, who has the titular status of “first amongst equals” in Eastern Orthodox Christianity. He asked Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew to grant autocephaly to a “united” Orthodox Church in the Ukraine. The global Orthodox Christian community recognises only one canonical Orthodox community in the Ukraine… the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of to Moscow Patriarchate. Operating simultaneously are another two bodies, unrecognised by global Orthodoxy… the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of to the so-called Kiev Patriarchate and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.

In the meantime, experts and analysts say that Poroshenko’s aspirations received substantial backing from the so-called Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (Eastern Catholic Church of the Byzantine Rite), which is under the Vatican. Earlier this month, Metropolitan Ilarion told NTV that Archbishop (sic) Svyatoslav Shevchuk, the leader of the Ukrainian Uniates “repeatedly stated his support of the project for a unified Local Ukrainian Orthodox Church, while saying that the unity of this Church should be built on the successor of St Peter, that is, the Pope of Rome”.

31 May 2018




Francisco is telling the Uniates to cool it. However, they’re refusing to obey him. They’ve taken the CIA’s shilling for years; they more listen to Washington than to Rome. The Uniates don’t care what Francisco wants… their leadership are fanatics, as is the leadership of the so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox”. Ukrainian nationalists are evil… they push an agenda mired in falsehood and lies. The Habsburgs sicced these nutters on the world… the Austro-Hungarians have the blame for starting this kerfuffle (they wanted to weaken Russia… it led to their death camp at Thalerhof). Don’t forget, the Uniates blessed the SS, as did the so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox”. They’re unrepentant of that… hell, they’re proud of it! Ponder that… ponder it well…


Saturday, 28 February 2015

“Kudryakov wasn’t a Notorious Hawk, Unlike Denisenko”

00 church in slavyansk. 18.07.14


On 24 February, “Metropolitan” M A Kudryakov of Kiev and all the Ukraine, the head of the schismatical “Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church” (UAPTs), died in Kiev at the age of 66 after a long illness. According to the UAPTs, F A Denisenko, the head of the schismatical “Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate” (UPTs/KP), expressed condolences to the bishops, clergy, and believers of the UAPTs, and to the family and friends of the deceased. Kudryakov was born 11 March 1949. He graduated from the Moscow Theological Academy and .became a priest in 1981. The then-head of the schismatical UPTs/KP, V Ye Romanyuk, made him a “bishop” in 1995.

The UAPTs began on 19 August 1989 as part of the schismatical “Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in the Diaspora”. The Local Sobor of 5-6 June 1990 elected “Metropolitan” M I Skripnik as the head of this “church”, after whose death some bishops of the UAPTs came under the MP’s jurisdiction, others went under the so-called UPTs/KP. On 7 September 1993, the second UAPTs Local Sobor elected D V Yarema as “Patriarch of Kiev and all the Ukraine”, who died in 2000. After him, the Local Sobor elected Kudryakov as head of the UAPTs. In the Ukraine, the UAPTs has 11 dioceses, led by a Diocesan Council. There were 556 parishes in 2001, served by 409 priests. The UAPTs is in canonical limbo.

The UAPTs in the Ukraine arose as a rebellion of disaffected priests banned by Denisenko from the ministry; they went into schism by setting up a structure headed by Yarema, who became the “patriarch” of the UAPTs. The breakaway priests realised that Denisenko had overstretched his powers. The only way they found to resolve the conflict was to kick Filaret out of the church. In recent years, the UAPTs, unlike Denisenko, didn’t take extreme Russophobic positions, so, it’s very difficult to predict what will happen now in this structure, because we didn’t particularly monitor them. I note that Kudryakov wasn’t a notorious hawk; he thought that Denisenko was responsible for the death of his predecessor Romanyuk. The UPTs/KP has three times as many locations as the UAPTs does in Ternopol, Lvov, and Ivano-Frankovsk Oblasts. However, the UAPTs is set in its ways, they aren’t working for union; they prefer to remain in schism. Yet, they’re not akin to Filaret’s mafia-like structure; unlike the UPTs/KP, they refused to seize UPTs/MP parishes violently. The UAPTs has explored routes for it to seek a canonical resolution with the recognised Orthodox Church.

25 February 2015

Vasili Anisimov

Head, Synodal Information Department, UPTs/MP

Russkaya Narodnaya Liniya


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

MP Priests “Threaten” to Seize Property of the so-called “Kiev Patriarchate” in the Crimea… Boo Hoo!

Patriarch Kirill Ukraine 2010 10

Here’s the REAL DEAL on the Ukraine… mistrust all substitutes…



WARNING! The following smells like a provocation (and smells as if a Westerner wrote it). The so-called “Kiev Patriarchate” is an anti-canonical schismatical body deemed illegitimate and false by all of world Orthodoxy. Ergo, it’d have no rights in the RF, and the MP would have full legal and moral rights to seize all of its property and expel its “clergy” with the aid of the authorities. The “Kiev Patriarchate” is nothing more than the religious arm of Ukrainian fascist nationalists (and their “leader” is under a personal anathema). They deserve no quarter.



“Archbishop” (sic) Kliment of the “Kiev Patriarchate” claimed on Ukrainian Channel 5 that priests from the UOC/MP accompanied by armed men threatened to seize property of the “Kiev Patriarchate”. He alleged that, in one recent case, a UOC/MP priest from Sevastopol arrived at the village of Perevalnoye with an entourage of armed men and demanded to see documentation of property belonging to the Kiev Patriarchate there. Kliment claimed that the men “started to take inventory of our property and warned that as soon as Ukrainian servicemen leave Perevalnoye, the chapel at the military base would belong to the Moscow Patriarchate”. The Ukraine has two separate Ukrainian Orthodox churches… the UOC/MP, which is under the Patriarchate of Moscow and all the Russias, and that of the so-called “Kiev Patriarchate”, established in 1992 following a schism with the MP. There is also the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church, which no canonical Orthodox Church recognises.

19 March 2014

Moscow Times



Note the false tone of equivalence in this article. Kliment isn’t a bishop… he’s a schismatical poseur. As I said, it smells as if a Western ignoramus wrote this…


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