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Sunday, 5 June 2016

5 June 2016. Honest Abe on Working Class Solidarity

00 abraham lincoln may day kiev 050616


This is why all working people must support the Peoples Republics against the “Ukraine”… they’re socialist entities opposing an openly feral oligarchic dictatorship. Sure looks like a whole lotta Reds in Kiev in 2012… they haven’t gone away (they have gone to ground, not being stupid). Methinks that the Red Banner will come out again when Russian and patriot forces liberate Kiev from American occupation. Indeed, I believe that they’re a fifth column inside the city, just waiting for the proper moment to rise. The Uniate fascist torture of left activists such as R S Vasilko will come home to roost… we all know how HEAVY such chickens are when they do come home to roost. Payback is a motherfucker… especially, when it’s paid back with interest…



Monday, 25 August 2014

25 August 2014. Video. Commies March in Kharkov with 30-Metre St George Ribbon to Mark Liberation of City from the Fascists in the VOV. Uniate Authorities Banned It… They Did It Anyway… Cops Didn’t Stop It

00 Zyuganov and Church. KPRF. Russia. 02. 09.07.14

The Church and the Party are FRIENDS… they march together towards a common goal of social equity and justice…



Them commies in Kharkov got GUTS! The Uniate authorities forbade a march to commemorate the Red Army’s liberation of Kharkov from fascist enslavement in the VOV. The commies marched anyway, with a 30-metre-long St George ribbon and Red Banners flying! Good on the KPU people… they showed that it takes more than a bootless Galician Uniate “illegalisation” to keep ’em down! Remember… the UGKTs glorifies the memory of Nazi collaborators and those who helped the Einsatzkommandos murder Jews and Roma. It BLESSES the present war of aggression in Novorossiya.

You can stand with the brave commies of Novorossiya… HH cheers ’em on! He’s a true-blue socialist (he’s a down n’ dirty bro of the Castro brothers and of Gennady Andreyevich, dontcha know). You can stand with the Uniate junta and its murders of Orthodox priests and targeting of Orthodox churches… S Yu Shevchuk and F  A Denisenko cheer them on. They BLESS the junta’s demonic war of aggression. They also BLESS the unbridled crapitalism of the junta as it drives ordinary people into penury, poverty, and hunger.

YOU MUST CHOOSE ONE OR THE OTHER. I’ve chosen! I’m for the commies! The Red Banner, Christ’s Church, and the Cross march together… on the other side, the Black Banner of Nihilism, Jayzuss/Jesus™, and the Almighty Dollar march together… do reflect that the Western media supports the latter, not the former. Again, I’ll say it loud n’ proud… I support the commies! 🙂 I support ’em without reservation. They’re in the right here… perhaps, it’s time for a lot of diaspora Russian Orthodox people to reconsider their political stance. The Republican Party hates our Church, Holy Rus, its ethos, and its communitarian stance. Why are you supporting such evil? Get with the programme and turn LEFT…think on it.


Saturday, 8 March 2014

KPU First Secretary Pyotr Simonenko Gives His Greetings for the 8 March Holiday

00 Gena and Cheburashka. 8 March holiday


00c KPU May Day 2012


02c 8 March International Women's Day


00d KPU May Day 2012


Our dear beautiful women!

I greet all women on the 8 March holiday… you who have loved, do love, and will keep on loving us. You love your children; you laugh and cry with us from birth, you protect the love and hope in our souls. All the languages of the world have the same word for you… “MAMA”. I hope that the tragedy that our political situation dragged our country into will dissipate quickly… so that you’d feel relaxed and confident at work and in your home, so that you’re not afraid to go out, and so you’re not anxious for the future of your children and grandchildren, the whole country, and all our people. Let the start of spring bring you peace and rest, joy and luck, and hope for good fortune… and may your feminine charm never leave you.

You love us… and we love you back!

7 March 2014

Pyotr Simonenko

First Secretary of the Central Committee of the KPU (TsK KPU)

Chairman of the KPU faction in the Verkhovnaya Rada of the Ukraine   



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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Statement of Pyotr Simonenko, Head of the KPU on Victory Day, 9 May 2013

01 Memorial in Kiev on Victory Day


Dear veterans! Dear compatriots! I warmly greet you on the Day of the Great Victory!

68 years have passed since that spring when Soviet soldiers hoisted the Red Victory Banner over the Reichstag. In the history of the 20th century, no event was more heroic or glorious. On top of that, it determined the development of mankind for many decades to come; it left an indelible mark on the destiny of the Ukrainian people, which sacrificed the lives of millions of its best sons and daughters on the altar of Victory. There’s probably no family in our country that didn’t suffer bereavement in those terrible years of the Great Patriotic War… they lost loved ones that died a heroic death on the battlefield, or tortured by the Gestapo in their dungeons, or treacherously shot in the back by Bandera’s collaborators, or deported to Nazi captivity.

Defending our socialist motherland, they saved mankind from the Nazi nightmare; Ukrainians, together with all the other fraternal Soviet peoples, performed miracles of courage as brothers, showing their trust in the rightness of their historical path. The Fascists didn’t take into account the fact that when they set foot on Soviet soil, for the first time in the course of the Second World War, they faced people ready to fight to their last drop of blood for their motherland, for their government, for their freedom! From the first days of the war, at a time of defeat and enemy victories on all borders, on all fronts, Communists were in the forefront of those defending our Soviet Motherland on land, in the air, and in underground partisan groups in the backwoods, deep behind the enemy lines. The only desire of every Communist was to be the first one to jump into the attack, and to work harder all the time. Everyone… from private to marshal… equally took notice of Stalin‘s stern and righteous order, “Not one step back!” Of the Communists who went to the front, half of them fell in battle for our Soviet Motherland.

Then, in the midst of the war, the Soviet people mastered the science of winning! They managed to create new weapons to overcome the power of the enemy! They persevered… and won! The Great Patriotic War amply demonstrated the advantages of the socialist planned economy, multiplied by the power of the spirit of the Soviet people. This society of patriots and internationalists, inspired by Lenin‘s ideas, and led by the Communist Party, couldn’t help but defeat fascism.

Good is Always Stronger than Evil!

When we greet the 9 May holiday with tears in our eyes, it isn’t just petty sentiment. After all, it embodies the holy memory of a warrior who recalls his battle comrades who departed into eternity, and the admiration of a grandson for his grandfather’s unsurpassed heroism, and the grief of a widow that once again re-reads the yellowed death notice. It embodies an evident remembrance that time can’t erase. Victory Day is dear to all patriots, to all anti-fascists, to all honest people. This is a true people’s holiday. It’s a feast for the ages! No words can express my wonder at the podvig of our illustrious veterans! Their feat is immortal!

Thank you, Motherland, for what you are!

Soldiers of Victory! Don’t despair… be proud and resolute, as in 1945. However, life’s been hard on the veterans; their wounds hurt and their hearts overflow with sorrow and anger when they see nationalist scum desecrate the graves of their comrades, and pour scorn on the historical truth, mocking the memory and valour of the fallen! I confide to the children of the Victors… you shouldn’t forget for a moment that live next to Heroes… that isn’t only extraordinary and fortunate, it’s also a huge responsibility. Don’t let the Johnny-come-lately collaborator-traitors steal the Victory from the Liberators… who despised death, fighting for the future of their children and grandchildren! Defend them from the coldness of some in the government, as they defended our future from fascism! Don’t let new invaders and burglars take away our gains, change our banners, eliminate our ideals, crush our wills, and suppress our desire for a better life!

Here, Simonenko refers to the Galician Uniate traitors who favour selling out the Ukraine into NATO and the EU. These people want to sell out their motherland to the Western Corporate Moloch in return for boodle for them and their families. Furthermore, they wish to enslave the Orthodox in the Ukraine to the Pope of Rome. One can understand Simonenko’s contempt for such soulless Judases.

On 9 May, we should hold “Parades of the Victors” in all our cities and villages, led by the Red Banner of Victory, with our people holding the portraits of their fathers and grandfathers who gave their lives during the Great Patriotic War, defending their socialist motherland from the Fascist barbarians, and of those who didn’t survive to today’s Victory Day! Let these parades remind all of us… Our cause is just! Victory will be ours!

Glory to the Soviet Soldier-Liberator!

Glory to the Soviet Victor-People! 

Glory to the veterans of the Great Patriotic War!

Eternal memory to the victims!

Dear veterans, its Victory Day! I wish you good health and long life!

7 May 2013

Pyotr Simonenko

First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Ukraine (KPU)

Chairman of the Communist faction in the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada

KPU official website


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