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Saturday, 4 November 2017

4 November 2017. Ukrainians! These Are Your REAL Heroes!


Lest we forget, the Ukrop nationalist pigs revere the memory of Nazi collaborators, Jew-killers, terrorist bombers, and white racists. You may stand with the Ukrops or you may stand with the Reds. There are no other choices. Choose wisely… today, the Reds are real Christians, the Ukrops are papist imposters, bear that in mind…

Those whom you honour reveals your character… I stand with the REAL heroes…



Sunday, 22 October 2017

Ukrop Commander Admits Defeat in the Donbass


Biletsky spoke about the torrent of corpses from the horrific Ukrainian defeats in the Donbass

The stories about the hard slog of the Ukrainian army [in the Donbass] are a sham. The cowardly Ukrainian forces suffered a terrible defeat in the Donbass, leading to a torrent of corpses going home. Andrei Biletsky, a leader of the so-called “Azov” Battalion” and Peoples Deputy of the Verkhovnaya Rada, gave an interview to the internet edition Апостроф (Apostrof: Apostrophe). He didn’t conceal his irritation at the brave front that the Kiev elite placed on its abuses. Moreover, Biletsky stated:

Economically, they’ve totally despoiled the Ukraine. In actuality, the bragging of the Kiev [junta] only brings impoverishment to the people. You see, it isn’t possible to tell us that we’ve created a powerful army and so on. People are aware of the fact that any army in a time of war needs to win victories, not merely look good on parade. We’ve had massive defeats; we’ve capitulated, as one can see in the cowardly position of the Ukrainian authorities towards Russia. Therefore, they pretend that nothing is going on in the streets of Kiev… but our soldiers die on the banks of the Dnepr and helicopters take the wounded to the Mechnikov Hospital… the authorities have nothing to brag about, except the country’s complete impoverishment. The situation could worsen at any moment. When you smoke outside an open barrel of gunpowder, don’t be surprised when it explodes. That’s what the current situation is… an open barrel of gunpowder. The explosives are just lying around…  they could explode from anything, from the effects of known statistical levels or from just playing with matches.

20 October 2017


21 October 2017

Aleksei Zhuravko


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Ex-Jesuit Exposes Role of the Unia in Ukrainian Nationalism



This is truth. Give heed to it… note well traitors like Vassa Larina and John Jillions who kiss the naked ass of the Unia…


Sunday, 19 March 2017

19 March 2017. REMEMBER the Murdered Children of the Donbass


Keep it focused. If you support the Uniate junta in the Ukraine, you support its murder of our children in the Donbass. It’s quite that simple. Anyone who whitewashes the truth to hide the junta’s crimes or lies in the service of that junta serves evil. That’s also quite simple. On the one side, you have two peaceful socialist Orthodox states invaded by a foreign-installed Uniate nationalist/oligarch junta. On the other, you have ravening racist terrorists (egged on by greedy oligarchs and the CIA) installed by the USA, who don’t cavil at the murder of children… well, their American enablers and mentors don’t stop at murdering children, so why should they? Decent people have only one choice… to support the Orthodox Socialist Peoples Republics! Orthodox people… the Uniates and schismos murder our children. If you support them in ANY way (even by keeping quiet), you spit in Our Lord Christ’s very face. The Ukraine invaded and launched aggression against the Peoples Republics… the Peoples Republics only defend themselves against American-fomented aggression. The choice couldn’t be clearer. The PRs are fighting for Orthodox Holy Rus… the junta is fighting to impose papism and the Unia. I’ve taken my stand… so should you.

Keep this in mind as you hear the usual pack of self-serving lies from Serge Schmemann, Victor Potapov, and Sofiya Kishkovskaya… we have traitors amongst us who are apologists for the Anglo Moloch and its depredations. They earned (or earn) a good living from doing so… isn’t that special? Sadly, they’re not alone…


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