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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

EP Ready to Interfere in the Ukraine per “Ukrainian Orthodox” Bishop from Canada… Is Black Bart Getting Ready to Knife Christ’s Church in the Back at the Behest of the Anglo Americans and Papists?

00 Bart with Biden

Will Bart remain a loyal slave of the West… or will he turn on them? Beware of Greeks bearing gifts… has the West forgotten that?


Metropolitan Yuri Kalischuk, the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada (subjected to the EP), said during an interview in Ukrinform that the EP is ready to help Orthodox Ukrainians to unite and awaits for a request by the Churches and the President (sic) of the Ukraine. Speaking about his recent visit to Istanbul, and his reception by Patriarch Bartholomew Archontonis of Constantinople, Metropolitan Yuri said, “The patriarch emphasised that the EP never forgets that she’s the Mother Church of Ukrainian Orthodoxy (sic). He’s said this many times before. The EP is monitoring the situation in the Ukraine and considers it’s an ideal time to unite the Orthodoxy there. Uniting the Orthodox in the Ukraine will work. This is an ideal situation”. Metropolitan Yuri noted that Orthodox believers in the Ukraine hold different positions… some are pro-Ukrainian and some are pro-Moscow. However, the Church’s flexibility makes it possible to meet the needs of people with different views. What the EP had in mind in this case, Metropolitan Yuri didn’t spell out, as well as why he equates the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church with schismatic conventicles in speaking of unity. Meanwhile, Metropolitan Yuri called the MP’s jurisdiction over the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church “unnatural”, saying, “The EP expects to receive requests from state leadership and the Ukrainian Orthodox jurisdictions here, most importantly, from the President of the Ukraine (sic), inviting the EP to help in this situation”.

25 February 2015




Say “sayonara” to the notional “all-Orthodox Sobor” in 2016. This move shitcans it permanently. Now, why would Bart rip up something that’s he wanted for years? I think that his sugar daddies at the Vatican and Langley jerked his chain. The Anglo American Establishment and the Curia are seeing their “Ukrainian” project imploding… and in short order. They’re pulling out all the stops to keep their neofascist clients afloat. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian situation doesn’t play to the Anglosphere’s strengths. Firstly, the Black Sea isn’t suited to carrier operations or to nuclear attack sub operations. It’s ideally suited for silent diesel boats… remember the kerfuffle when the Norwegian diesel boat snuck past a US Navy carrier’s escort group? The Russians have that sort of stuff in the Black Sea. That is, Anglosphere naval superiority doesn’t mean squat in this theatre. In any case, if the USN tried moving ANY naval forces into the Black Sea, the Russians would notice it as it passed through the Turkish Straits.

Secondly, NATO airbases are far from the putative warzone. That’s important, for if NATO tried moving aircraft to closer bases in the Ukraine, Russian air defence would register that, probably, leading to preventive strikes on the bases by Russian forces (which are probably on alert due to the crisis). The farther away the bases, the less ordnance that the aircraft can carry… that’s just simple logic. If they tried in-air refuelling, Russian radar would catch that, spoiling the surprise. Air power is utterly dependent on bases… it’s not as mobile as the uninformed think.

Thirdly, Russian satellite recon would detect any NATO ground movements, and there isn’t any major ground forces available intheatre to begin with. The USA doesn’t have the ground forces to take on Russia, ISIS, and the Taliban all at once, not counting forces to watch the Chinese, Iranians, and DPRK. If you recall, last year, Putin got authorisation from the Gosduma to call reservists to the colours for “refresher training”… normally, this isn’t done in the Russian system. What that means is that Russia can call reservists back into service under a legal umbrella. In short, the NATO situation sucks… the military men must know it, but the “Perfumed Princes” echo the pols to keep their jobs.

A Gori is in the making… the Novorossiyans and the Russians already received an intel windfall at Debaltsevo. Some of the American equipment was still in its original packing crates! Trust me… that stuff is now in Akademgorodok; the wonks are tearing it down and inspecting it. Remember, the USSR reverse-engineered the B-29 in a year’s time… a tremendous achievement (A N Tupolev and his team rightfully received a Stalin Prize for their achievement). Russia still has world-class mathematicians, scientists, and engineers… if there’s anything that they can glean from the captured equipment and manuals, they’ll do it… and right smartly, at that.

All of the above is why the USA pressured Bart to do this goofy move. It’s desperate. It’s trying to stem Russia’s revival as a Great Power, and failing. What’s Bart to them? He’s nothing but an expendable pawn. Shall he remain a reliable lickspittle? Only time will tell us…



Sunday, 28 April 2013

St Mary Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Surrey BC: “An Island Amongst Sinners”

00 Rev Mykhaylo Pozdyk. St Mary Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Surrey BC. 28.04.13


A half-dozen years ago, bullets flew into the walls of St Mary Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Surrey BC (part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District). That should tell you all that you need to know about the crime, drugs, homelessness, and squalor that surround the church’s gold-coloured dome in Whalley. Rev Mykhaylo Pozdyk said, “We’re like an island amongst sinners. The picture isn’t good, but we’re proud to be here to be God’s witness”. Although he said that dying in the church would be a “great honour”, it was fortunate that no one was around at the time of the drug-­related shooting spree.

The church is on 135A Street, in a two-block section that’s generally-considered Surrey’s worst stretch of pavement. When Ukrainian immigrants chose the spot for the church 50 years ago, the town centre was thriving. Today, the building’s white walls and blue-painted trim stand apart from nearby vacant lots and rundown buildings. Fr Mykhaylo said that the street people in the neighbourhood are friendly for the most part, but thefts occur and church property is sometimes destroyed, noting, “People ask for money but they usually don’t want food”.

As difficult as life is for the disadvantaged in downtown Whalley, Pozdyk saw much worse under Soviet rule in the Ukraine, where he lived until moving to Canada in 1996. He said, “Here we have more respect and value for people. Canada’s a rich country with many government programmes to help them”. He went on to say that churches were shut down for several generations in his homeland and KGB agents lurked in every village and organisation, observing, “Communists denied God’s existence”. Pozdyk was secretly married in a church in 1987 at the beginning of Mikhail Gorbachyov’s period of thaw. Ukrainian people flocked to the churches when the doors opened after independence in 1991.

He stated that the churches there aren’t as well attended now because people chase after the same material goals as they do in the West, saying, “As soon as you sign a mortgage, you’re a slave to the mortgage. You have no time for God”. Although Pozdyk has bought a house here, and smiles about it, he remains faithful to his spiritual duties, telling us, “We’re temporary in this world… pilgrims. Freedom you can only find in God. We ­glorify God for everything we have in this life. We say ‘thank you’ for the forgiveness of our sins. I’m still a sinner and I’m trying my best to grow ­spiritually”.


What’s your congregation’s religion?

Our congregation is part of One Holy Orthodox-Catholic and Apostolic Church.

What would you put in a tweet? 

We’re blessed to worship in this beautiful little church that’s on the City of Surrey Heritage Register. We welcome everyone, and we’ll treat you as best as we can.

How many people attend services?

40 to 70

What’s traditional?

Our worship is Liturgical, Eucharistic, and Jesus-centred.

What’s modern?

Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

What’s the most beautiful thing about your church?

Praising God and worshipping Him in spirit and truth together with all the people who come here and have hope that all their names will be written in the Book of Life.

Give us your sense of what’s happening in the area around the church.

Hard-working people who were busy with supporting their families built this church between 1950 and 1955. At the same time, they worked hard to build a new place of worship. At that time, it was a good area. Now, the church finds itself on one of the poorest streets in town.

26 April 2013

Kent Spencer

The Province


Monday, 26 November 2012

UOCC Priest in Manitoba Sues Woman Over Sex Claims


A veteran priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada is suing a former parishioner, alleging a damaging letter of complaint she wrote to his superiors resulted in his forced retirement. Rev John Melnyk, 84, said that the woman’s letter alleged inappropriate sexual advances and contact, which Melnyk said never happened. In a statement of claim filed recently, Melnyk said that the woman’s letter of complaint “injured his credit and reputation” and resulted in him being “brought into scandal, odium, and contempt”. Melnyk is asking the court to award him unspecified special and general damages and his court costs. The woman filed a statement of defence, insisting her letter of complaint was truthful, accurate, and justified, and she denied her letter caused any damage to Melnyk’s reputation. We couldn’t reach the woman for comment. No allegations were proven in court. No court dates have been set.

Melnyk told the Free Press that he’d been the parish priest at St Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church on Disraeli Street since 1997 when, in the summer of 2011, he asked to be transferred to a rural Manitoba parish near the American border. Melnyk said that his superior rejected the request and told him to take retirement on the grounds of the letter of complaint from the parishioner. Melnyk told the Free Press, “I asked to be replaced from St Michael’s, but I wanted to continue serving… a country parish near the American border, where I’d served for 23 years, on a monthly basis. He (the superior) refused to give me an extension because he said I had a sexual charge against me”. Melnyk said that he’s known the woman who made the complaint against him for five or six years, adding be believes her to be in her 60s. He said that he’s been married for 58 years, and that he’s never been the subject of any similar complaints in the past.

26 November 2012

Aldo Santin

Winnipeg Free Press



Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Money Makes the World Go Around… Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada Shitcans Squiddley-Diddley Priest for Exploiting Polish Illegal Immigrants… Good on Them


An Alberta company owned by an Orthodox priest received a $215,000 (6.86 million Roubles. 220,000 USD. 170,000 Euros. 140,000 UK Pounds) fine for bringing in foreign welders and machinists from Europe and exploiting them for profit. On Tuesday, Kihew Energy Services Ltd pleaded guilty to breaching the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in what police are calling a human trafficking case. Kihew shall pay the fine to northern Alberta’s Lakeland College, which the court said was unknowingly utilised by Kihew in the commission of the offence. The guilty plea came in exchange for withdrawing individual charges against the owners of Kihew, including Fr John Lipinski, 43, of St Paul AB, his wife, Angela, 42, and Calvin Steinhauer, 38, of Goodfish Lake AB.

The investigation found that Kihew placed ads in a Polish newspaper and on a website to recruit European welders and machinists to come to work in Canada. Kihew arranged a deal with a college employee, who has since been fired, to pass the workers off as students training in welding and English as a second language. The first group of 60 foreign workers arrived in December 2005. A few of them attended some ESL classes but none attended the welding classes they were required to under their student visas.

The court found that Kihew contracted out the foreign workers to several businesses at a high hourly rate of pay, but the workers themselves made very little. Kihew made about one million dollars through the scheme. RCMP Sergeant Patrick Webb said that, at the time, Kihew promised the workers that they could legally work in Canada and, after six months, bring their families here. He said that they signed work contracts stating that Kihew could fine them $25,000 (800,000 Roubles. 25,600 USD. 20,000 Euros. 16,000 UK Pounds) and deport them if they didn’t follow the rules, saying, “They were also told, very explicitly, not to discuss their wages or the arrangements of how they came to be in Canada. They didn’t speak and read English, so they were going on what they had been told. It was simply a case of being exploited”. The Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada relieved Lipinski of his duties at parishes in St Paul and Bonnyville in Alberta.

9 October 2012

The Canadian Press

As quoted in the Brandon Sun



Today, an Alberta company owned by a Ukrainian Orthodox priest admitted it brought in dozens of Polish workers to Alberta under false pretences and skimmed their pay. Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada priest John Lipinski helped bring in foreign workers illegally. Fr John Lipinski of St Paul AB, along with his wife Angela and business partner Calvin Steinhauer, faced charges for bringing foreign welders and machinists into the province illegally on student visas. Under a deal revealed in an Edmonton court room Tuesday, the Crown dropped all charges against the three and the company owned by Lipinski and his partner pleaded guilty to one count under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The court fined their company, Kihew Energy Services, $215,000. That money will go to foreign worker training at Lakeland College in northeast Alberta, the school Lipinski used fraudulently to bring in the workers beginning back in December 2005.

Investigators said that the tradesmen ended up working for Lipinski’s company, which managed to pocket more than a million dollars (32 million Roubles. 1.023 million USD. 800,000 Euros. 640,000 UK Pounds) in less than two years by skimming their pay. The company contracted out the workers for $24 (770 Roubles. 24.50 USD. 19 Euros. 15.40 UK Pounds) per hour, but only paid them between $10 and $12 (320-385 Roubles. 10.25-12.25 USD. 8-9.50 Euros. 6.40-7.70 UK Pounds) per hour, said an agreed statement of facts. The company also charged the workers for rent and transportation, allowing it to profit $20 (640 Roubles. 20.50 USD. 16 Euros. 12.80 UK Pounds) per hour from each worker. Only some workers ever attended ESL classes at the college, however, none attended welding classes as indicated on the visas. Most of the welders went home to Poland, but some are still in Alberta hoping to become residents.

RCMP Staff Sergeant Jim Gamlin said although this is the first conviction under this act in Alberta, the case is not unique, noting, “Unfortunately, with the status of our labour force here and temporary foreign workers being used here in Alberta, we’re seeing this more and more in Alberta”. The UOCC suspended Lipinski as priest in the Bonnyville AB area until the court resolved the case. His involvement shocked the community, leaving many feeling betrayed.

9 October 2012

CBC News


Click on the above link and the webpage has a PDF of the actual court charges

Editor’s Note:

This case has been in the system for a year or so. However, the UOCC didn’t fart around. It suspended Lipinski last year, and a Ukie friend of mine up in Canada says that he’s going to get le sabot for shitting on the Church’s rep and cred. That’s what the OCA should’ve done with Ray Velencia. To think that the OCA Holy Synod under Fathausen sat supinely as a priest in good standing got sued by a disgraced suspended priest (who had the brass balls to call himself “Fr” in court documents that I have in my possession). Ray had the OBLIGATION under the canons to go through Church channels first with his complaint against Fr Mike. As he didn’t, he showed disrespect to the Church and its bishops, so, he deserves to be defrocked and shitcanned tout suite for pissing on the Church’s rules. Who’s protecting Sir Ray and why? Why won’t the OCA bishops stand up for Mike Regan and slap Ray down hard, as they should? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


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