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Thursday, 26 April 2018

26 April 2018. “Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA” Issues Delusionary Statement

This action may mean that the USA is losing in the Ukraine and is trying desperately to recover the situation. It seems ill-considered and hasty. Remember… Bart is a lapdog of Langley… look at the above image…


Read this. This means that Bart may grant “autocephaly” to the uncanonical UPTs-KP. Bart is a creature of the American special services… the Ecumenical Patriarchate has been such ever since the CIA toppled Patriarch Emmanuel Vaportzis in 1948, as Patriarch Emmanuel was a socialist and an opponent of the American-fomented “Cold War” (the USA replaced him with the reliable lickspittle American Archbishop Athenagoras Spyrou). The Yanks may be planning something… remember, the fascist collaborator Galician Uniates and “Orthodox” have been on the Langley dole since the end of World War II. The fascist spymaster Gehlen brought them into the American service when he flipped sides in 1945… they served the German fascists loyally, they’ve been loyal running dogs for the American capitalists… no difference, really, is there?

This is absolute delusionary rubbish. This isn’t only a danger to the Ukraine and its loyal Orthodox Christians (85 percent of whom remain true to the canonical UPTs-MP), it’s a danger to the unity of the Orthodox Church. Not only is this disastrous in Church terms, it means that in secular terms, the USA is upping the ante in its gambit to take over the Ukraine and use it as a springboard to threaten Russia. I’d point up that this is laying the groundwork for a repeat of 1612 and 1709… both Poland and Sweden wanted to use traitorous elements in Malorossiya to attack Russia. The Hapsburgs wanted to use this scenario against Russia in the 19th and 20th centuries. That died with the end of the Dual Monarchy in 1918… then, as now, the Uniates were the main collaborator with the Westerners (the so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox” are mostly drawn from the same Galician cohort). One of my interlocutors put it this way:

This is beyond bullshit. Tony Scharba and his fake church would be a joke if this didn’t have serious ramifications.

This is beyond delusion… it’s a sign that things aren’t getting any better. It’s why the mood in Moscow is “grim” (how my local contacts put it). The mood isn’t depressed, it isn’t scared, it isn’t bitter… my contacts say “grim”… that is, serious… a sense of foreboding… but not yet a crisis, not yet an actual conflict, yet, the possibility of untoward events is too high for comfort. This has ramifications far beyond its religious setting. It’s a deliberate provocation and an increase in American aggression on Russia. The times are “grim”… my Russian interlocutors are right. I have no idea how this is going to end… no one does. In religious terms, it could end with a schism in the Orthodox Church at large and it could lead to the rupture of the union between the ROCOR and the Mother Church (the appointment of the CIA lickspittle Webster to the J’ville seminary doesn’t give much hope, does it?). In secular terms, it means that the USA may cross the line, which would force Russia’s hand.

As I say, this is a volatile situation. Bart was reckless in doing this. It sets up such an unstable situation, both religious and secular, that no one can really chart a reliable course. May God have mercy on us.



Thursday, 31 October 2013

Parishioners Find Miracle After Fire at Ukrainian Orthodox Church

00 Ukrainian Orthodox fire. Philadelphia PA USA. 31.10.13


Parishioners of a Philadelphia Ukrainian Orthodox church say that the four-alarm fire that destroyed millions of dollars in furniture and artefacts and left a gaping hole in the centre of the historic building also revealed a miracle. Pasha Prasko, St Mary the Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Church treasurer and parishioner, said, “The fire was blazing, so when we saw the fire, we thought everything burned, but now that we can see inside, we looked at it and said it’s amazing so many icons are still there”. Although a large portion of the church’s roof collapsed and more than 100 firefighters doused the building in water to tame the blaze, several icons remained untouched by the flames at the historic house of worship in the East Oak Lane section of the city on Sunday. Prasko said, “It’s a holy place, you know, and it’s just not damaged the way we thought it would be. We even talked about it yesterday and said it’d be a miracle if her icon would be saved; and, here it is, saved. I think it’s a miracle”.

According to local historian Marita Krivda Poxon, Ukrainian Orthodox consider St Mary the Protectress the protector of all Ukrainian people. From the front door of the burned building, one could see a large painting of the Protectress and several other artefacts in what appeared to be good condition. Poxon said, “The church has a large icon, and in the centre of it is the Saint Mary the Protectress herself. Apparently, she was the saint in the Ukraine that protected the people of the country of the Ukraine. I think it’s a miracle that a few of the icons survived because they are mostly made of wood. I could only say that, for believers, they’ll believe that it miraculously survived the fire; I mean, the church burned, but her icon survived, and the congregation will survive. That’s what it means to me”.

Philadelphia Firefighter Arthur Davis said he’s never seen anything like it before, saying, “Not one of those pictures caught on fire; not the ones on the wall, not the ones on the stage, not one of them was damaged. What happened was it started on the roof, the fire. But it’s still amazing that with the collapse and all, this stuff isn’t burned. They could take it right off the wall; a lot of the pictures are still on the wall, the glass isn’t broken or nothing. When it comes to fires, I’ve seen it all, but I’ve never seen nothing like this before”. At one point, 125 firefighters and 33 engines were on the scene trying to get the fire under control. Officials still don’t know what caused the fire, but they believe that it was an electrical fault.

Fr Taras Naumenko, pastor of St. Vladimir Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral on 5th and Independence Street, says his parish would support St Mary’s members as its leaders work to determine a plan forward, noting, “Their congregation will be holding their services at my parish until they figure out their future”. When asked what he thinks the future could hold for St Mary’s, he said, “I think it’s too soon to even think about what their future will be”. John Prasko is chairman of the parish board. He says the church is considering starting a fund to raise money, but says he’s still unsure of any exact plans for rebuilding, saying, “Tomorrow, we’ll have a meeting with the board to see what we’ll do. At that time, we’ll have to make several decisions about moving and rebuilding, but I don’t know exactly what they’ll be yet”. Poxon says any attempt to rebuild would be difficult because of the historic elements of the church, noting, “The interior could never be rebuilt the way it was. My hope is that they don’t tear it down, that they don’t bulldoze it, and, somehow, portions of it can be salvaged and rebuilt because it’s a beautiful building. There are just so few stone masons that could even do the work to rebuild here”. This afternoon, firefighters were still on the scene removing debris from the premises. Davis said that they’d allow church leaders to enter the building to retrieve artefacts and mementos sometime this evening.

28 October 2013

NBC 10 Philadelphia


Editor’s Note:

These guys may have goofy politics, and they’re soft on (and collaborate overly much with) Uniates, but they’re still part of the Orthosphere (whether they want to be or not). Send ‘em a fin or two, if you can. Here’s the contact info:

Telephone: (215) 424-9692

You can also try the folks at St Vladimir Cathedral, they could steer you right. Click here for their contact page.

Give ‘em a hand. They need it. You don’t ask what someone’s ideology is when something like this happens. Either we’re all Orthodox or none of us are Orthodox. ‘Nuff said!


Thursday, 29 August 2013

29 August 2013. Sad Indifferentism in Arnold PA… THIS is Why so many Orthodox Look Askance at so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox”



Click here for a report on a sickening instance of indifferentism. Many Orthodox wonder about the allegiance of many so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox”… they seem to place ethnic ties above all else. “Ukrainian Catholics” are the Vatican’s tool to suborn Orthodox, there’s nothing else to say. Many Orthodox clergy and believers in Zakarpatiya and in Galicia have suffered at the hands of Uniate mobs… and these jabronies welcome Uniate clergy into their parishes and worship with them. That’s disgusting in the extreme. If “Ukrainian Orthodox” continue such antics (and they’re not new, not in the least), then, they shouldn’t be surprised that real Orthodox view them with distaste and caution. After all, they’re giggling as they put an adder on their breast. None dare call it treason and perfidy…



Saturday, 18 May 2013

Ukrainian Church in Woonsocket RI Will Honour Firemen Who Battled November Fire

00 Benefit Concert. St Michael UOC. Woonsocket RI. 18.05.13

There was a typo in the last line… “St Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church” was mistakenly inserted. I corrected it. The people doing the poster were rushed… shit happens. It’s put to rights, now…


St Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Woonsocket RI is still recovering from the November fire that heavily-damaged its ornate 70-year-old granite and wood church building at 74 Harris Avenue. Nevertheless, coping with the near loss of their church won’t keep St Michael’s parishioners from offering a special tribute to the firefighters who kept total disaster at bay back on 21 November 2012. Fr Anthony Perkins, pastor at St Michael, said, “At the end of the Liturgy on Sunday, we’ve invited them to come. We’re going to present them with an icon of St Michael, who’s not only our patron saint, but he’s also the patron saint of firefighters”. The parish had the icon specially-made; it’s giving it to the firefighters in the hope that they’ll remain safe in their dangerous work to help others. Fr Anthony said, “We pray for them at every service”.

The parish hasn’t been able to hold services in their Ukrainian-style church (highlighted by two stone towers topped by gold-leaf ornamental domes) since the accidental fire broke out inside the structure. Instead, parishioners gather for liturgy in their church hall across the parking lot. For now, they’ve installed an iconostas… a separating wall between the altar and the congregation… borrowed from another church. Speaking of the temporary modification, Fr Anthony said, “Now, it’s recognisable as a worship space”.

The parish is still working out the details of the repair of the damaged church with its insurance company and Fr Anthony said that he expects repair work would start in the near future. He added that the fire damage could’ve been much worse if city firefighters weren’t as successful at saving the significant city landmark as they were, saying, “It was pretty close to being destroyed, really close, because the fire had gotten up into the rafters. Once that happens, it usually becomes a total loss”. However, the firefighters and their scene commanders kept in constant contact with parishioners as they battled the blaze, and they were able to work out a strategy that saved the church. Fr Anthony noted, “We told them where they could poke a hole into the rafters through the choir loft and they were able to go through that to put it out”.

The firefighters also went into the sanctuary of the church to rescue important parish religious artefacts that would’ve been otherwise lost to the fire. Fr Anthony stated, “After they put the fire out, they were like a moving company and got everything out of there. We weren’t able to salvage everything, but the important things were. We had religious relics in the church and they were able to get them out. They were tremendous. They kept talking to us and telling us what was going on. They were able to stop it. It’s going to need a new roof, but we didn’t have to tear down the walls”.

In the aftermath of the fire, the parishioners held services outside the church right away, but didn’t get a full understanding of the damage occurring in the fire until recently. After visiting the church to see the damage himself, Metropolitan Antony Scharba, the First Hierarch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, told Fr Anthony that he should take his congregation inside the fire damaged church. Fr Anthony told us, “He said, ‘You have to bring the people to see this’. So, the parish held a prayer service inside their church about a month ago, and it was a powerful experience for the congregation”. The parishioners of St Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church continue to work toward the day they’ll once again hold services inside their church and Fr Anthony said that the ceremony honouring city firefighters would be another step along that road.

In an effort to help repair the church, a benefit concert will occur on Sunday, 19 May, at the Blackstone River Theatre (click here for directions) on 549 Broad Street in Cumberland RI at 19.00 EDT. The concert will feature Ukrainian musician Julian Kytasty (click here for a vid). Admission is 20 USD (630 Roubles. 15.60 Euros. 13.20 UK Pounds) for adults, 15 USD (423 Roubles. 11.70 Euros. 9.90 UK Pounds) for seniors and 10 USD (315 Roubles. 7.80 Euros. 6.60 UK Pounds) for children under 12. For more information, call (401) 725-9272.

18 May 2013

Joseph Nadeau

The Call (Woonsocket RI) 


Editor’s Note:

These guys ain’t fly-by-night Johnnie-come-Lately newbies… they’re the real deal; hey, send ‘em a fin or two, if you can. They’re on the up-and-square. This is a typical Orthodox parish founded by hard-working immigrants, sustained by their faithful kids. It’s what Orthodoxy in the American diaspora is all about… give ‘em a hand… they need it.


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