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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

18 March 2015. Why Does Vassa Larina Suck Up to the Uniates Who Murder Our Kids in Novorossiya?

00 The UPA is the Face of Evil. 18.03.15

THIS is what Vassa Larina praised when she visited a Uniate parish…


00 Gorlovka kids 02. 22.02.15

Vassa Larina spits on the memory of our dead kids by kissing up to the Unia… I won’t be silent in the face of such utter evil… neither should you.


00 Glory to the Young Heroes of Novorossiya. 13.03.15

Whom do YOU stand with? Do you honour the young heroes of Novorossiya or so you defend proud indifferentists like Vassa Larina? 


Recently, Vassa Larina boasted on her Facebook page of her visit to a Uniate parish. There’s a problem with that… the Uniates are the sworn enemies of Orthodoxy… they hold a knife to our throats; they try to seduce our believers into the manifest error that Orthodoxy and the Church of Rome are the same. Mother Vassa spat on the podvig of the martyrs who lost their lives opposing the godless Unia when she did that. Mother Vassa spat on Christ’s Church when she took a phoney Jesuit pseudo-archimandrite as her mentor. Mother Vassa (and John Jillions, too) spat on all Orthodox believers when she became a paid hireling of the Church of Rome. Mother Vassa spat on her suffering coreligionists in Novorossiya (and made light of their sufferings) when she boasted of her visit to a Uniate parish on Facebook.

Ask yourself a simple question… “Would Vitaly Maksimenko and Averky Taushev of Happy Memory bless such perfidy?” Of course not. For quite some time, the First Families of the Russian Orthodox Diaspora in the USA and Canada have treated ordinary believers with contempt and scorn. They live in their snug little world… we’re supposed to “pray, pay, and obey”, not “question our betters”, and allow them to run things as they see fit. I think not… Vassa Larina must apologise openly and publicly on Facebook for her public actions (for she boasted of her blasphemous action there). She scandalised many…

We can stand with our suffering coreligionists or we can stand with the contemptuous (and contemptible) First Families. I don’t think that my stance is a mystery. Give it some thought before deciding… choose wisely…


Thursday, 12 March 2015

12 March 2015. Blasphemous Uniate “Icon”… If You Wanted Proof of Their Blasphemy… THIS is It

00 Uniate blasphemy. 12.03.15


I’m not going to say much. This is EVIL and it’s BLASPHEMOUS. Why do John Jillions, Jonas Paffhausen, Freddie M-G,  and Vassa Larina suck up to such evil sorts? WHY? It’s beyond the pale. It does point up the true Heart of Darkness of the Unia. I’ve got to walk away from this…

THIS IS DEMONIC… can one still support the Uniate Terror State (what does that tell you about Potapov, Lyonyo, and his daughter?) in any way? Anyone who advocates any form of official public contact with Uniates or writes in favour of their “Ukrainian” pseudo-state is an enemy of the Church… FULL STOP…

Orthodox people… pass this around… “shout it from the rooftops”… our coreligionists not only face an enemy, they face sheer evil, as this image testifies. If you doubted Satan’s existence, doubt it no longer… this is the work of one of his votaries.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

7 October 2014. “Knife the Moskals!” Why Doesn’t Andrew P W Bennett Condemn THAT? After All, It’s Real Hatred… Not Fairy Tales Like His “Russian Kidnappings”

00 A Knife for the Moskals. 07.10.14


As the Ukrainian Catholic Church supports racist agitprop in the Ukraine (“Knife the Moskals!”), shouldn’t the Canadian government think seriously of shitcanning Andrew P W Bennett? Does it want the member of a known racist organisation representing its views on religious liberty? After all, Mr Bennett belongs to a body that blesses torture and murder, and it blessed SS volunteers in the VOV. Does Canada want such a scumbag representing it? It should also apologise to all Orthodox for Mr Bennett’s untrue and specious remarks.

Yes… that’s what Canada should do…


Monday, 6 October 2014

6 October 2014. My Reply to the Rants of Andrew P W Bennett… Uniate Lickspittle in Canada

00 Ukrainian Catholic Consciousness 01. 06.10.14


One Andrew P W Bennett, a high Canadian official, issued vacuous charges against Russia. Of course, he didn’t mention that he was a Galician Uniate! Boy, oh, boy, was that ever an omission! It puts an entirely different face on his accusations. Firstly, it means that he issued such at the instigation of his religious superiors and used the Canadian government as a vehicle for sectarian propaganda… that shows you that the guy may have credentials, but he’s not very bright or quick on the uptake. Anyone with an ounce of good sense would’ve shied away from this one… “I can’t allow myself to be put in a position where I can face charges of ‘conflict of interest’. That could doom me politically”. The fact that he didn’t, but blasted forth Uniate propaganda shows that the guy doesn’t have the good sense to come inside when it rains. Therefore, Russian Orthodox up in the Great White North should raise a stink and demand that this scumbag apologise and retract his remarks or resign.

Let’s be fair… Mr Bennett could keep his job… if he’d call for justice for the Uniate murderers of the Dom Profsoyuzov fire… if he’d apologise for the Uniate murders in Novorossiya as shown by the mass graves documented in the OSCE in the DNR… if he accepted the will of the people in the DNR/LNR referenda. Of course, this isn’t going to happen. However, Canadian Russian Orthodox people could make life miserable for this Uniate rat, and they should… after all, he’d find out that there’s a price involved in mixing politics and religion. Y’ know… there’s more than one Russkie up there… let this scumbag find out the hard way… he might learn…

Again, it’s bad ju-ju for this asshat to push his religion on others… say it loud, and say it proud, “No way, no how, no Pope in our town!”


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