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Saturday, 28 September 2013

28 September 2013. A Cabinet Reaction on the Pope of Rome

00 Thank you for being my friends... 28.09.13


One of the Cabinet wrote me:

St Ioann Kronshtadtsky thundered:

There are three Great Falls in human history:

Rome is heretical and far outside the Church. Period! Frankie Bag-0-Donuts is still the King of Heretics… no matter how sweet he presents himself to the media!

I make a distinction between the acceptance of the doctrinal hogwash pushed by the papists and individual papists themselves. As for the former, I give it no quarter… it’s quite ridiculous (and rather bizarre at times), but one doesn’t have to beat it to death. It’s not seemly and it’s not decent. As for the latter, I cut ‘em as much slack as they need, so long as they’re not enemies of the Church (like the Galician Uniates). If Pope Francisco agrees with HH, I’m going to say so, and I’m going to say it loud. He’s a decent human being. As a leftist, I agree with Pope Francisco’s social and political stands (which are in congruence with HH’s stands, by the way). As an Orthodox Christian, I disagree with his stances on papal infallibility, papal supremacy, the Unia, and all the other pretences of the Church of Rome.

If Pope Francisco makes statements that are worth quoting, I’ll do so (he IS a newsworthy figure, after all, and I’m a journalist). Why not? Any road, my position is that of the late Ecumenical Patriarch to the Wittenberg theologians, “Send us no more letters on doctrine; send us letters of friendship only”. I see no need to issue needless nastygrams. There’s enough of that, isn’t there? I agree with Francisco’s politics and his social stance. That’s that… and that’s a far ways from accepting papal pretensions. Allies are where you find them… but they’re NOT family, which is a different thing altogether. You don’t have to agree with someone to treat them civilly and with decency.

We can send letters of friendship to papists… that’s godpleasing. We shouldn’t compromise on doctrine with them… that’s heretical. I think that kids can see and appreciate the difference. Nevertheless, I’m GLAD for Cabinet input, it allows me to write at length on this and on that, on things not of my invention. That’s humbling. I’m glad to have my Cabinet, and I’m proud to call all of ‘em my friends…


Sunday, 1 September 2013

1 September 2013. On the Eve of Labour Day… Remember Our REAL Heritage…

00 Mother Jones. 01.05.12



Look at the old tombstones in the Orthodox cemeteries in the Valley. You’d see TONS of union logos, especially, those of the Wobblies (IWW). The owners treated the Russians, Rusniaks, Poles, Hunkies, Slovaks, Ukies, Serbs, and Lithuanians who worked in the mines and mills worse than animals, like pigs and cattle. The Anglos and the Irish looked down on us. Even the Irish-dominated unions treated us like dirt. However, the IWW came, stood up for ALL the working people, but the Irish-controlled Uniates “excommunicated” anybody that joined it. That’s because they served the rich man… that’s where they got their money from, dontcha know. Because of that, many of the po-nashemu people “went Orthodox”… it was one of the reasons for people leaving the Unia. In the old country, the Unia was a creature of the Polish and Magyar landlords… in America, it was a tool of the Irish politicos (who were puppets of the Anglo bosses). St Aleksei Toth ENCOURAGED our people to join the IWW, to FIGHT the bosses with every means possible. So, when you joined John Ireland‘s arrogance with the Uniate clergy’s subservience, many of the Rusniak people chose to go back to the Church (along with the fact that many were Russophiles in the Old Country, but couldn’t leave the Unia because of Habsburg laws). When they came “back home”, they also found the courage to stand up and fight for their rights in the workplace, too.

Don’t listen to National ReviewRush Limbaugh, Fox News, Rod Dreher, and all the other apologists for the Moneyed Class. They’re all well above the average in income… no wonder that they defend the present set-up! Keep the faith. This era won’t last forever… it’ll just seem that way. HONOUR OUR LABOUR HERITAGE… they who forget their past, forget who they are. Keep it focused…


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Thursday, 29 August 2013

29 August 2013. Sad Indifferentism in Arnold PA… THIS is Why so many Orthodox Look Askance at so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox”



Click here for a report on a sickening instance of indifferentism. Many Orthodox wonder about the allegiance of many so-called “Ukrainian Orthodox”… they seem to place ethnic ties above all else. “Ukrainian Catholics” are the Vatican’s tool to suborn Orthodox, there’s nothing else to say. Many Orthodox clergy and believers in Zakarpatiya and in Galicia have suffered at the hands of Uniate mobs… and these jabronies welcome Uniate clergy into their parishes and worship with them. That’s disgusting in the extreme. If “Ukrainian Orthodox” continue such antics (and they’re not new, not in the least), then, they shouldn’t be surprised that real Orthodox view them with distaste and caution. After all, they’re giggling as they put an adder on their breast. None dare call it treason and perfidy…



Wednesday, 28 August 2013

28 August 2013. A Slip of the Lip from Our Favourite Jesuit



The real attitude of the Jesuits to the Orthodox Church, in particular, came out back in 2005, in a statement by Archimandrite (sic) Robert Taft, the prestigious and highly-placed Vice-Rector of the Pontifical Oriental Institute:

The motivation for the actions of the hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church (sic) comes from a rootless idiosyncrasy; the Orthodox are unable to perceive reality, for they don’t understand the lessons of history. Don’t think that the Patriarch and Synod have as firm a control over the bishops of their Church to the same extent as the Pope of Rome does. The Patriarch of Moscow isn’t equivalent to the Pope of Rome.

There one has it… an unambiguous and unashamed ultramontane statement of papal supremacy. We don’t accept that now… and we never shall. It makes one wonder about Vassa Larina and her obsequious bumsucking of this foul sort, doesn’t it? Why does Hilarion Kapral allow such? After all, it wouldn’t have happened before 2000, would it? I think that in this instance we should go “back to the future”. It’s as always when dealing with official representatives of the papacy… “The Franks speak out of both sides of their mouths”. A Greek said that to me some thirty years ago… it hasn’t changed one iota.

I have NO animus against any Catholic (or against the Catholic Church, for that matter). My belief is simple, “Send us no more letters on doctrine; send us letters of friendship only”. I think that most Orthodox and Catholics would agree with that. The neighbours ARE so nice…



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