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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

7 October 2014. “Knife the Moskals!” Why Doesn’t Andrew P W Bennett Condemn THAT? After All, It’s Real Hatred… Not Fairy Tales Like His “Russian Kidnappings”

00 A Knife for the Moskals. 07.10.14


As the Ukrainian Catholic Church supports racist agitprop in the Ukraine (“Knife the Moskals!”), shouldn’t the Canadian government think seriously of shitcanning Andrew P W Bennett? Does it want the member of a known racist organisation representing its views on religious liberty? After all, Mr Bennett belongs to a body that blesses torture and murder, and it blessed SS volunteers in the VOV. Does Canada want such a scumbag representing it? It should also apologise to all Orthodox for Mr Bennett’s untrue and specious remarks.

Yes… that’s what Canada should do…


Monday, 6 October 2014

6 October 2014. My Reply to the Rants of Andrew P W Bennett… Uniate Lickspittle in Canada

00 Ukrainian Catholic Consciousness 01. 06.10.14


One Andrew P W Bennett, a high Canadian official, issued vacuous charges against Russia. Of course, he didn’t mention that he was a Galician Uniate! Boy, oh, boy, was that ever an omission! It puts an entirely different face on his accusations. Firstly, it means that he issued such at the instigation of his religious superiors and used the Canadian government as a vehicle for sectarian propaganda… that shows you that the guy may have credentials, but he’s not very bright or quick on the uptake. Anyone with an ounce of good sense would’ve shied away from this one… “I can’t allow myself to be put in a position where I can face charges of ‘conflict of interest’. That could doom me politically”. The fact that he didn’t, but blasted forth Uniate propaganda shows that the guy doesn’t have the good sense to come inside when it rains. Therefore, Russian Orthodox up in the Great White North should raise a stink and demand that this scumbag apologise and retract his remarks or resign.

Let’s be fair… Mr Bennett could keep his job… if he’d call for justice for the Uniate murderers of the Dom Profsoyuzov fire… if he’d apologise for the Uniate murders in Novorossiya as shown by the mass graves documented in the OSCE in the DNR… if he accepted the will of the people in the DNR/LNR referenda. Of course, this isn’t going to happen. However, Canadian Russian Orthodox people could make life miserable for this Uniate rat, and they should… after all, he’d find out that there’s a price involved in mixing politics and religion. Y’ know… there’s more than one Russkie up there… let this scumbag find out the hard way… he might learn…

Again, it’s bad ju-ju for this asshat to push his religion on others… say it loud, and say it proud, “No way, no how, no Pope in our town!”


Lying POS Galician Uniate Filth Issues Lies About Russia in Novorossiya… SHAME ON YOU, CANADA!!

00 this is what the uniates do... 15.09.14


Read this. Here’s a snippet of Bennett’s bio:

He also serves as a Subdeacon and Cantor with both the Holy Cross Eastern Catholic Chaplaincy and St John the Baptist Ukrainian-Catholic Shrine, both in Ottawa, and as Vice-President and Chairman of the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute Foundation.1

That’s why this asshat Uniate is claiming that Russia is kidnapping Christians in the Ukraine. For this, all Russian Orthodox people should break ALL official ties with ALL Uniates. They’re our enemies, full stop. Canada should make him resign IMMEDIATELY for conflict of interest. The OCA should make John Jillions either issue an apology for having been a hireling of the Unia at the so-called Sheptytsky Institute or shitcan him in disgrace. The ROCOR should make Vassa Larina either issue an immediate apology for her public ass-kissing of the Unia and of Bob Taft, or issue a strong condemnation of her. I’m not holding my breath in either case; I don’t expect either group to “do the right thing”. The OCA/ROCOR First Families are unrepentant and view the rest of us as their grovelling helots. I’m disappointed in Hilarion Kapral… he’s not been a strong voice in condemning the Uniate war crimes and their perps. Is he afraid for his family (they do live in Prairie Canada… there are many Uniates there; many Uniates are violent and aren’t wrapped overly-tightly)? If so, he should come clean!


You kissed the naked ass of the Unia for all to see! I don’t expect Harper to shitcan this soulless scumbag… Harper is Washington’s loyal running dog. Canada thrust a knife into the back of our Ancestral Motherland and Ancestral Faith, using one of our ancient and implacable foes. This is too much of a muchness… it’s best to walk away from this one…


Thursday, 25 September 2014

Schismatics Seized Orthodox Parish in Rovno Oblast in the Ukraine

00 Slava Ukrainy! 25.08.14

Here is schismatical and Uniate “freedom”… ponder it well, Orthodox…



THIS is how the Unia and Schism operate. The Unia can only exist where a friendly government supports it. The Unia began as treason by higher clergy… they kowtowed to the papist Polish state; the people didn’t want it. When the Polish state fell, the Unia in the lands under Russia faded and died… it had NO popular support. However, the Habsburg authorities outlawed Orthodoxy… the Unia had its fervent patronage. Likewise, the interwar Polish state backed the Unia over the Orthodox… hundreds of Orthodox churches perished in fires or papist mobs seized them. After 1991, the so-called Ukrainian “government” favoured the Uniates and schismatics… it led to armed Uniate and schismatical mobs (paid by the USA, by the way) seizing many parishes, without popular support. V F Yanukovich halted this… it’s the real reason the papists vilify him… he was LESS corrupt than his predecessors and successors were (he WAS corrupt, but he was less corrupt than they were… don’t listen to self-serving papist propaganda… the papists hate him for his firm Orthodoxy and his ties to the Mountain). This is more of the same… the USA giggles its demented approval of this… as does the US Republican Party, in particular. DO NOT VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS IN NOVEMBER… if you do, you kick your coreligionists in the head with all your might. Think on that…



Members of the uncanonical self-proclaimed “Kiev Patriarchate”, supported by nationalists, seized an Orthodox church in Khodosy in Rovno Raion in Rovno Oblast. Fr Roman Ignatyuk, a local priest who witnessed the incident, told the website of the UPTs/MP Diocese of Rovno, “Several cars drove up, and some tough-looking guys got out. Some were in black camouflage uniforms with yellow armbands. Most likely, they were from the Right Sector”. At that time, the clergy were serving a molieben inside the church. A group of outsiders gathered outside the church, convened a meeting, and held a “vote” on the parish’s affiliation. The believers locked the church up from the inside. Fr Roman stated, “The outsiders staged a real attack on our church. They tried to cut off the lock on the main door, using a grinder. Then, they attempted to force their way in at other doors. In the end, they brought a crowbar and just tore the side-doors off the right side of the choir”. The priests made ​​repeated calls to the SBU and the cops, asking them to come. A cop on the scene stood amongst the attackers and didn’t do anything to impede them. Fr Roman reported, “The believers formed a human shield, not letting the intruders through the broken doors”. The terrorists broke down the central door; they grabbed a priest who tried to stop them by his robes and threw him into the street. Fr Roman said, “Then, they grabbed my arm and leg and wanted to throw me out of the church, too. However, they didn’t succeed in doing that. I escaped; they only tore off a button and a loop on my inner cassock”. Fr Roman noted that outsider schismatical priests led the group, who claimed that the village had voted to join the “Kiev Patriarchate”.

24 September 2014



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