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Sunday, 21 October 2012

21 October 2012. Franklin Graham Kisses Romney’s Naked Backside at High Noon… Mormonism is No Longer a Cult According to Him

THIS is what Billy Graham truly believes in… his son is a liar and poltroon


Firstly, I want you to read Frank Schaefer’s post on this topic. Now, read this from the Huffington Post.

Note this from the Schaefer piece:

The surprise outage of the flagship global evangelising organization website comes days before the 2012 presidential election, and on the heels of a widening scandal that opened up when aging evangelism superstar Billy Graham made a widely-heralded non-endorsement of presidential contender Mitt Romney, and, soon after, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) website scrubbed a page on which Graham identified Mormonism as a “cult”, along with the Unification Church and Scientology. … To secular audiences, it is hard to overemphasise the earthquake-scale magnitude of this scandal within modern American evangelicalism… superstar evangelist Billy Graham was friend and confidant of multiple presidents, such as Richard Nixon, and was widely viewed as a more sophisticated and inclusive counterweight to theologically-rigid tendencies within Christian fundamentalism. Fundamentalists strongly criticised Graham for his willingness to appear in public with representatives of non-Christian faiths.

Note this from the latter piece:

In February, Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the BGEA, made headlines after questioning Obama’s Christianity and alluding to Obama possibly being a Muslim; he’s been less discreet about his political support than his father. He wrote in a recent op-ed that Obama plans to rebuild America in what could amount to creating a “new nation without God or perhaps under many Gods”. … After Romney met with Graham, the BGEA removed a page from its website that called Mormonism as a “cult,” along with Unitarians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientologists, Spiritists, and the Unification Church.

I asked an older Anglican friend of mine, who knows Billy Graham personally, what they felt about this. The answer was unambiguous. “Billy’s not concerned with politics right now. He’s at the end of his life; he’s got more important things on his mind than petty political concerns. This lash-up is from his son, make no mistake on it”. Indeed, I agree. Franklin Graham doesn’t have a tithe of his father’s ability or cred; yet, he’s trying to use his father’s charismata and mana to endorse his Far Right delusions. Whatever you might think of Billy Graham’s religious viewpoints, he’s a man of principle. If he didn’t endorse Romney in the near past, he’s not doing so now. His son cleverly worded the BGEA release so that it meant one thing to his father (a gentleman of the old school) and another to New Republican activists such as himself. He misled his father into supporting a policy that he refused to support (that’s clever… and evil to the bone).

At present, Billy Graham doesn’t move much from his North Carolina home due to infirmities of age. His son uses his father’s name and rep to back his harebrained notions. Note well that there was no video or audio of Billy Graham making these statements; they’re written statements issued by the BGEA. In short, Franklin Graham used his father… I find that unconscionable, nasty, and quite “below the salt”. Any child who’d do such with their parents is a shit-spattered pig, full stop. Franklin should’ve left his father out of things after Billy’s statement of non-support for Romney. That’s what an honourable and decent person would’ve done. Franklin Graham told the world what he was by this legerdemain.

Nevertheless, it tells one much about both “New Evangelicals” and the “New Republican Party”…  both are soulless and godless in their essence. Their loud religiosity only compounds the evil. “Honour your father and your mother”… Franklin Graham spat on that, so, what does that tell you of his “religion” and about his ethical grounding? If he can’t even keep the Decalogue, what sort of “Christian” is he? I’ve got to hurl… politics is a foul rum go at best, but this is nauseating beyond all measure. God have mercy on poor Billy… his son used him to advance low political ends… HIS OWN FLESH N’ BLOOD DID IT TO HIM. That’s what makes it so horrendous. Deus videat et iudicare.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 21 October 2012

Albany NY

Monday, 3 September 2012

Founder of the Moonie Sect Died

Jesus and the Money-Changers

Boris Olshansky



Now, here’s what we have to do with sectarians… you can’t talk with them… simply guard the Church against them and their heretical lies.


Sun Myung Moon, the South Korean billionaire founder of the sect called the “Unification Church“, died on Sunday in the 93rd-year of his life. His sect gained wide popularity in the 1970’s and 80’s. According to the BBC, the largest number of his followers lives in the USA. In 1984, the US government accused Moon of tax evasion and sentenced him to 18 months in prison. He was released a year later, after mass protests organised by American religious groups. In the 1970s, France expelled “Reverend” Moon on charges of “brainwashing” potential supporters.

Sun Myung Moon, a Korean dissident, who proclaimed himself the Christ, founded the so-called “Unification Church”, better known as the Moonie sect, in the middle of the 20th century. Currently, his sect has several million followers. Posing as a legitimate religious body, the sect is active in interfaith activities.

3 September 2012



Editor’s Note:

There’s not much difference between the Moonies and the so-called “Evangelicals” of the Manhattan Declaration. They’re all autogenetic anti-Church bodies with no real ties to traditional Christendom. Truly, there’s not much to choose between a Moonie, a JW, an Adventist, a Pentecostalist, a Mormon, or a “Southern” Baptist. Do you know why they’re so similar? Look at how they hate one another deep-down. They’re all deniers of Christ’s Church… and that means that they deny Christ.

In comparison with such Anti-Christian conventicles, Orthodox, Catholics, and Reformation Protestants do have much in common and can get on in peace without compromising their principles. Mind you, we have our differences… and they’re not unknown. Yet, we don’t poach on each other and we carry on civil human discourse (as is right and proper). It’s one thing to talk to proper Christians… that’s God’s own work. It’s quite another to snuggle up to Sectarians… that’s evil and of Satan. We are better off without Paffhausen and Gillquist… their attempt to ally Christ’s Church with anti-Christian sectarians failed… thank God.

To decent Christians… “The gate is open (but you knew that)!” To sectarians and “Evangelicals”… “No dialogue is possible; we can only have a “saving monologue” with you. God watch over you… what I said wasn’t said in hate… but it WAS said in all truth”.


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