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Friday, 13 May 2016

13 May 2016. A Thought from “Big Bill” Haywood

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If you want to hurt those who love money… strike them in the pocketbook… affect their money. Note well how they defend that more tenaciously than anything else. It tells you much about them, no?


Monday, 2 September 2013

2 September 2013. It’s LABOUR Day… NOT “Management” Day!

00a IWW logo. 02.09.13


00a1 IWW logo. 02.09.13


00a2 IWW logo. 02.09.13


00a3 IWW logo. 02.09.13


00a4 IWW logo. 02.09.13





The globe indicates that Labour (like Capital) is international. Subservient journalists such as Rod Dreher and Ann Coulter often call Unions “un-American” and “foreign-influenced”, but Capital receives praise from the Corporate Media and its running-dog Prostitute Press for exploiting poor countries and exporting jobs internationally to the lowest bidder. That’s interesting, it makes multinational Corporations scofflaws… they profit from wages that are illegal under the laws of developed countries and from regulatory climates abroad similar to that of the so-called “Gilded Age” (again, in obvious and deliberate flouting of laws in their home countries). That’s to say, most Republicans (and their analogues abroad) are criminal gangsters at heart… they advocate a business environment that does its damnedest to break every labour, safety, and regulatory standard on the statute books. They have NO part in Labour Day… it isn’t “Executives’ Day”, after all.

The Stars on the logo stand for:

  • Education
  • Agitation
  • Emancipation

At one time, in some areas of the USA, these words were considered “subversive” and illegal; the bosses used them as a pretext to jail union organisers. Indeed, today, the Southern USA is known for its hostility to organised labour (and coddling of mendacious business enterprises… Wal-Mart’s not in Bentonville AR for no reason, after all)… the Sectarian Evangelicals there teach that labour must grovel before Capital (for, you see, if you’re rich, you have God’s favour… if you’re not, you aren’t in God’s good graces, dontcha know). The letters IWW (besides the obvious!), have another coded meaning:


Labour Day is for us to remember that the goodness that workers enjoyed in North America and Europe was FOUGHT FOR… the Affluent Effluent bosses didn’t give us anything without a bitter fight. All you have to do is to look at Wal-Mart… their reaction to the revelations of massive scheming on their part (which they call “outsourcing” and “right to work”) was an expensive ad campaign on TV… not an effort to put things right. The Golden Age of Labour was between 1933 and 1981… we’ve lived in a rapacious Dark Age since then. However, it looks as though things are looking up. We’ve tried voodoo economics for thirty-odd years… and they’ve failed. I only hope that its end won’t be overly bloody.

Again, this is LABOUR DAY… not BOSSES DAY. Let’s not dishonour our ancestors by forgetting that (that’s especially salient for us Russian Orthodox people, by the way). Keep it focused.

BMD barbara-drezhlo2 September 2013

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Labour Day

Albany NY

Sunday, 26 August 2012

26 August 2012. A Meditation on the Coming Labour Day…

Together we Win

Unknown Artist

circa 1942-43


This poster dates from the most socialist government we ever had in the USA… the New Deal of FDR. In other words, the greatest victory ever won by the USA was won by its most socialist administration. Am I being catty in saying that none of the Grand Olde Phony administrations did as well? America was strong as long as it had a somewhat more equal distribution of income. That’s why the USA is cruising for a bruising… the present imbalance is evil, and it will destroy itself, if it’s not stopped or reformed. Think on that…


Here’s something to ponder, with Labour Day coming on…

On this Labour Day, American workers again are facing hard times… persistent high unemployment and a concentration of wealth and economic power not seen since the 19th century. This growing inequality, not surprisingly, has coincided with organized labour’s decline. Today, the country’s union membership rate is below 12 percent, the lowest in more than 70 years. However, that trend isn’t driven by the hostility of workers toward unions… in poll after poll, a majority of non-union workers say they would like to join a union if they could… but rather by the hostility of some employers and state and local governments.

Since the 2010 midterm elections, legislatures in dozens of states including Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin have moved to eviscerate collective bargaining rights, pass so-called “right-to-work” laws, or make it more difficult for unions to collect dues. Anti-labour politicians, pundits, conservative foundations, and other ideologues cynically use the economic downturn to scapegoat workers and their unions. These attacks serve to reinforce the increasing concentration of wealth, diminish the flow of purchasing power needed to revive the economy, and deny workers a voice in their workplaces. Anti-labour forces in Michigan are even attempting to deny voters the opportunity to enshrine the right to collective bargaining in their state constitution.

As the unions that represent working men and women are systematically crippled, the corporate money that has flowed untrammelled into American politics since the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision gives the wealthy more influence than ever over public policy and legislation. This isn’t the country that most of us want, nor does it comport with the justice that our Jewish traditions teach us to pursue. That is why an overwhelming majority of delegates to this year’s annual plenum of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs passed a resolution strongly supporting collective bargaining rights in the public and private sectors. As the resolution reminds us, “religious commandments in the Torah and Talmud relating to the employment of workers are imbued with respect for labour rights”.

Ki Teitzei, the Torah portion read in congregations around the world on the Shabbat before Labour Day this year, commands employers to be fair and honest in their dealings with employees (Deuteronomy 24.14-15), and it obligates Jews to practice mutual aid (Deuteronomy 22.1-4). The massive protests in defence of workers’ rights in Ohio, Wisconsin and elsewhere in the past two years prove that we’re stronger together than any one of us on his or her own. On this Labour Day, let’s rededicate ourselves to rebuilding the broad solidarity that has always been the foundation for a fair, decent, and strong society.

Stuart Applebaum

26 August 2012



This is written from a Jewish standpoint, but the teachings of most major world religions (and of secular humanism, too) on social justice conform with this. A living embodiment of this was John Cardinal O’Connor of New York. He was fiercely pro-life in all aspects… protection of the unborn, universal access to all to the healthcare system, state aid to the elderly and poorly-off, opposition to promiscuous capital punishment, being against warmongering and excessive “defence” expenditures, and (last, but hardly least) supporting economic justice for working people. That’s why the loudmouthed rightwing “Pro-Lifers” fail the test. The only thing that they care about is the illegalisation of abortion. Since that’s so… they’re NOT Pro-Life!

If you want to be Pro-Life… be pro-union… be against the perpetual wars and the constant feeding of the war machine… be against the death penalty for crimes against individuals… be for a secure social safety net… be for universal single-payer healthcare… not just ranting for the end of abortion. By this standard, the loudmouth RC bishops (and the Orthodox clergy who piped up in their support) who blustered about “birth control” aren’t Pro-Life, and that’s that (the real reason for their upset is that over 90 percent of all Catholic women use artificial birth control). However, under these standards, HH IS Pro-Life, and we should follow his lead, not that of Rod Dreher, Freddie M-G, Terrence Mattingly, Patrick Reardon, et al.

Either you are for a fair social system or you aren’t. It’s quite that simple. Orthodox people… here’s the sad part… rightwingers have tried to hijack our Church. It’s our duty to stand up and say, “NO!” Remember, Christ was incarnate in the family of a carpenter, not that of a priest, lawyer, or professor… reflect on that, if you will.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 26 August 2012

Albany NY

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

6 June 2012. The Lamestream Media Missed the REAL Story in Wisconsin


Read this. It looks as though the corporate media’s hiding something (as per usual). If the Democratic challenger holds on to their lead through recounts that are expected to take days, if not weeks, it means that Scott Walker‘s agenda is DEAD. It also means that there’s no upsurge for Neoliberal “conservatism” in Wisconsin. If there’s no “upsurge” in Wisconsin, there’s even less of one nationwide. This is not based on polls or other notional grounds. This is a down n’ dirty election; we’re talking about real-deal votes cast by legit voters. Even if the GOP candidate were to steal the election in the courts (not as possible in Wisconsin as it is in Florida, Texas, and South Carolina), this will resonate with Badger State voters, who’ll realise how CLOSE the real contest was.

A friend of mine in Wisconsin (a long-time union steward) said that two factors fed into Walker’s victory, neither of which apply in a Romney versus Obama matchup. Firstly, many voters feel that the recall mechanism only applies in case of official malfeasance. That was stated by 60 percent of voters in exit polls, and my friend confirmed it. “I had good union guys, strong Democrats, say, ‘Hey, the guy didn’t do anything wrong… he’s an asshole, but he didn’t do anything wrong’. It was hard going against that”. Secondly, the Dems ran a clueless candidate. Tom Barrett has a “shitty personality”, he “didn’t fire up the base”, and “he lost to Walker the last time because he sucked”. There was so much attention on Walker that no one realised that the recall election wasn’t to decide whether Walker was to be recalled, it was an actual rerun election… my friend said that confusion was used by Walker operatives, aided by the fact that Barrett’s loud pro-gun control stance didn’t fly well in areas outside of Milwaukee, Madison, and some union strongholds. That’s why Walker racked up a 17 point plurality amongst men… Barrett was perceived by rural gun-owners as a “confiscator”. It had NOTHING to do with national “conservative” politics. My friend said, “A lotta guys voted for Walker because Barrett’s made dumbass statements about guns and gun-owners”.

Also note this… 92 percent of the voters had made up their minds A MONTH BEFORE THE ELECTION. All that much touted Super PAC money was cash stuffed down the toilet. In short… all the crowing you’re hearing from King Rush and Queen Ann (and all the rest of their drooling crew) is utter and complete 100 percent pure unalloyed bunkum and bullshit. Wisconsin was a Pyrrhic Victory… “One more victory like this, and we’ll be undone!” This was a battle… not the war. Don’t celebrate or get down in the dumps until you hear THE REST OF THE STORY.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Albany NY

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