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Friday, 10 February 2012

Vuk Jeremić: Kosovo’s Reality… A Ghetto Behind Barbed Wire


On 8 January 2012, at the UN in New York, Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vuk Jeremić spoke out against the attempts of some members of the UN Security Council and of the so-called “Foreign Minister” of Kosovo to present a rosy picture of the situation in Kosovo. Jeremić made it clear that ghettos and barbed wire are what one actually sees today in Kosovo, the level of security for Serbs in Kosovo is worse than for any other people in any other European state. He said, “I invite the Security Council to come to Serbia and Kosovo, and see the situation. We must see things for what they are. Serbia’s ready to talk, we’ll avoid any kind of provocation, we won’t engage in any deception”. To confirm his words, Jeremić referred to reports of a number of international organisations, including the European Commission, which stated recently that there’s a flourishing culture of corruption, discrimination against non-Albanians, and political pressure on the judicial system, amongst other things, in Kosovo.

9 February 2012




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