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Sunday, 17 April 2016

17 April 2016. Yank Aggressor Destroyer in Baltic Buzzed by Russian Su-24s… POOR BABIES!

00 nevsky bear in stream. russia. 150416


Recently, a US Navy destroyer closed to within missile range of St Petersburg. Of course, with nuclear warheads aboard, that was a threat to the city. It stood to reason that Russia would warn the aggressors off. What scares the Anglos shitless is that they’ve found out that the Russians can shut down their sensors. No doubt, that happened here…  the Yanks had to watch helplessly as Russian Su-24 attack planes executed simulated attacks on the ship. If it’d been real war, the Yanks would’ve been at the bottom of the sea. The US Navy is full of hubris as it’s suffered no major combat losses since World War II. In the Baltic and Black Seas, in restricted and (relatively) shallow water, the USN is at a disadvantage, as it designs its ships for blue-water high-seas operation, which means that they’re not well-suited for more landlocked seas. Russia has land-based missiles, fast coastal forces, and conventional subs (the latest class has the nickname “The Black Hole” due to its extreme stealth), all of which are more-than-adequate counters to anything that the Yanks can send. By the way, both the Baltic and Black Seas aren’t fit for operations for carrier groups and nuclear attack subs… the former are vulnerable to all sorts of land-based weapons systems and to conventional subs, and the latter are too noisy and need deeper water to operate. In short, the USA isn’t a hyperpower; besides that, it has no right to provocatively insert its military into the defence zones of other countries. Remember what happened the last time that the USA faced peers… in Korea, the PRC and the USSR whipped the Yanks… the Yanks didn’t win their objective of stealing the entire Korean peninsula and the Sovs and Chinese won their objective of restoring the status quo ante.

What the Liberal and “conservative” pigs have done to the USA is to have plunged the country into 15 years of continuous and unwinnable wars in foreign parts. The rightwing filth finance the wars on tick so that their rich controllers feel no sacrifice at all. However, the crushing cost of military operations means that everything else goes begging… including military R&D. Russia invests in defence and now has forces capable of defending the Rodina against Anglo aggression. The USA wastes its money on fighting unwinnable insurgencies… Russia invests its money in cyberwarfare, new tanks, new attack helicopters, and ICBMs capable of penetrating the rather crude (but mind-bogglingly costly) American ABM defences. I seem to see a difference here…

Bet on The Bear… no one’s taken him over since the Mongols… that was nearly a millennium ago…



Friday, 12 September 2014

Rogozin Sez Russia Isn’t Going to Build Aircraft Carriers in Near Future

00 CVA Admiral Kuznetsov. 12.09.14


On Wednesday, Deputy Chairman of the RF Government D O Rogozin said that building an aircraft carrier in Russia just isn’t worth the expense and bother. As previously reported by the Minoborony, Russia won’t authorise any new aircraft carriers for at least another five years. The state armaments programme doesn’t plan to authorise building a new aircraft carrier until 2020, at the earliest. Rogozin told reporters after a meeting with President Putin on the 2016-20 state armaments programme, “Whether or not to build aircraft carriers is more of a geopolitical decision than a military-technical one. We proved that we had the military-technical capability to do so on 16 November last year {the commissioning date of INS Vikramaditya, built at Sevmash: editor}, when we showed that Russia had competence in building fleet aircraft carriers. If we need to do so, we’ll be able to do it. However, such a task isn’t necessary now”. Meanwhile, as reported, the idea of ​​contracting with France to build the Mistral LPHs came about as Russia needed to get experience with the technology and skills needed to build such ships. At present, the Russian Navy has one aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov.

12 September 2014

Russian Arms



Many irresponsible and uniformed Amerikantsy are bloviating about Russia building up a carrier fleet to rival their own. Firstly, that’s bullshit. Russia is a continental power that has to devote more resources to its ground forces and air forces than the USA does. All things being equal, that means that it can’t devote as many resources to the naval forces as the USA does. Secondly, the proper countermeasures to carrier task forces are cruise-missile-armed cruiser submarines, quiet diesel-electric boats (the Norwegians proved that modern diesel boats can easily penetrate a task force’s screen), and supersonic cruise-missiles. Thirdly, the waters in which the Russian Navy would conceivably operate aren’t suited to carrier task force deployment, which is particularly true of the Black Sea, Baltic, and Northern (Arctic) theatres of operation (and restricted waters such as the Sea of Okhotsk and the Mediterranean). The Russian Navy isn’t organised nor trained for blue water sea control. It has a more modest mission… protecting the Barents Sea and Sea of Okhotsk fortress areas (deployment areas of Russian boomers with SLBMs) and protecting the sea flanks of Russian ground forces (along with short-range amphibious attacks, such as Novorossiysk in the VOV). That is, it isn’t a sea control force, as the Anglosphere navies are. Therefore, CVs ARE a waste of time and money.

The Anglosphere (USA/Australia/NZ/Canada/England, along with Japan) axis is the foremost world naval power… the Chinese/Russian axis is the foremost world land power. They needn’t conflict. In any case, the USA would waste its substance by direct operations on the World Island. The economic crisis of 2008 was a direct result of the USA waging unnecessary expensive land wars in Asia (whilst cutting taxes to the grasping Affluent Effluent at the same time). General Omar Bradley’s words in 1951 still ring true today… he was speaking of a land war in continental Asia, saying that it’d be “the wrong war, at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with the wrong enemy“. Anyone who advocates land warfare on the World Island for the USA without a STRONG local ally to carry the main burden of the land fighting (much as England used the continental powers in the 18th and 19th centuries) is an ignoranus, doesn’t know history, and is dangerously demented. What does that tell you about John McCain, Chilly Hilly, Mitch McConnell, John Kerry, Marco Rubio, Benjamin Cardin, and Ted Cruz? Such people hold power… God do preserve us. However… there IS hope on both sides of the aisle… Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul… odd couple, no? However, both do see the situation aright…

One last thing… Dmitri Olegovich is the MOST anti-American figure in the Russian government… even he says that Russia doesn’t intend to challenge the USA (or its maritime allies) on the open seas. That proves that the posturing warmongers in the USA are chock fulla shit…


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

10 September 2014. American Far Right Website Claims that Russian Sub Patrolled Undetected “For a Month” Near US Base




A Cabineteer said that this one is from 2012. No matter… it’s TRUE! In all particulars. It was an election year, and Cornyn hasn’t changed his spots, so, everything said is still legit. In fact, since Cornyn hasn’t changed his views in the face of reality, it means that it not only is still relevant, it gives all concerned a warning about Mr Cornyn… remember, he’s a Chicken Hawk and a gun nutter to boot… a coward who CHOSE not to serve. Great stuff, eh?



File this one under “Modern Fairy Tales”. Read this. It’s a howler! RT’s on the up and square… it shows that the Washington Free Beacon is a nasty-ass lying sack o’ shit. Note what’s claimed… a Russian nuclear sub was patrolling in the Gulf of Mexico undetected for more than a month. If no one detected it, well, how can we be sure that it was there for a month? It may have been there just for a day, or a week, or for six weeks… if no one detected it, how can we know how long that it was there? Besides, if the sub went undetected, how could we even know that this notional ship was even there? That’s Fallacy Number One.

Note what the clueless Texas Republican said:

It’s a confounding situation arising from a lack of leadership in our dealings with Moscow. While the president is touting our supposed “reset” in relations with Russia, Vladimir Putin is actively working against American interests, whether it’s in Syria or here in our own backyard.

No one has spoken of the reset for YEARS. I’ve not heard talk of it for at least two, if not three. In other words, Cornyn is appealing to clueless Yahoo Know Nothing baggers. It’s an election year, so, all sorts of rot gets spouted by all sorts of pols on both sides of the aisle. I’d observe that Mr Cornyn has no private means to find out how long the Russian sub was near the American coast. How does he know how long that it was there? Actually, I think that he got his intel from a Far Right navy officer who leaked classified dope… in other words, the sub wasn’t undetected, and the officer who spilt the beans is a criminal who belongs in the slam for leaking sensitive military intel to a loudmouthed pol. Cornyn belongs in the slam for publicising classified naval intel (for sub spottings are indeed such). SOP is NOT to admit that you’ve detected someone… that’s to not tip-off the other side that you know what they’re doing. So, this wasn’t only illegal, it was abysmally stupid… but then again, we’re talking of Tea Party Evangelical Republicans, aren’t we? That’s Fallacy Number Two.

To speak bluntly, American and Russian subs have operated near each other’s coasts for DECADES. Earth to baggers… this is nothing new. American subs operate near Polyarny… Russian subs operate near Kings Bay… both sides know it, both sides have patrols out in consequence, and both sides do their best to stay out of the other’s territorial waters. THIS IS SOP… THIS IS NAVAL DOCTRINE FOR BOTH SIDES… THIS IS AS OLD AS THE HILLS. Only a Far Right schmidiot publication like the Washington Free Beacon could fall for this one. That’s Fallacy Number Three!

The Ump cries, “Yer out!”… as the Mighty Cornyn heads for the showers, defeated yet again by stubborn facts. It certainly speaks to the veracity level of Matt Continetti (the editor of the Free Beacon), doesn’t it? He worked for Rich Lowry, which means that he has the same (non-existent) standards… do recall how Lowry claimed that the junta was winning the Ukrainian Civil War when Taruta was fleeing Mariupol in a helicopter and as the VSN was retaking much territory from the junta forces in the August Offensive. He’s also Bill Kristol’s son-in-law… we all know Kristol, don’t we? Shitbirds of a feather DO flock together. Continetti is another gutless yellow Chicken Hawk… that’s par for the course for the warmongering Far Right, isn’t it? He screams for war, yet he cowardly refused to serve, himself. Cornyn is another Gutless Coward in the mould of Richard Cheney… he refused to serve, too… but he screams for war and stumps for “gun rights” (he’s also corrupt in the usual Texas way, receiving 3 separate state and local government pensions in addition to his Senate salary). Great bunch, eh?

A note for Orthodox people… perspirin’ minds wanna know if Potapov, Paffso, and Webster (the Unholy Trinity of the District) have ties with this scabrous lot… I’d betcha that they are…


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Fr Pitirim Stehnach joined Navy, Ended Up Serving with Marines… Вечная ему память

00 pitirim stehnach. 27.08.14


Fr Pitirim Stehnach, 85, started out to have a career in the Navy, but instead became a priest. Stehnach (secular name Peter Stehnach), originally from Johnstown PA, joined the Navy in 1948 on the advice of his brothers, who said it was better to join the Navy than be drafted into the Army. He said, “I have seven brothers… one was in the Air Force, five in the infantry, and me and one other in the Navy”. After attending boot camp at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in Illinois, he trained as a medic at Philadelphia Naval Hospital and the Navy sent him to Camp Lejeune NC. Stehnach noted, “The Marines don’t have medics or chaplains, so the Navy supplies them”. He spent his first tour of duty at Bethesda Naval Hospital as a medic and at Camp Lejeune. He joked, “I joined the Navy to see the world, and I ended up marching with the Marines”.

On his second tour of duty, Stehnach finally got on a ship… it went to Suez during the Arab-Israeli crisis in that area in 1956 to take American, British, and other civilians out of Egypt. He didn’t recall the name of the ship. He worked and lived in sick bay, because he was on call 24 hours a day. Stehnach remembered, “It was a good place to be. There was coffee all the time, and I didn’t have to sleep on the bunks”. On the ship, the men slept in bunks stacked up like shelves, with just 15 inches between them. he went on to say, “When I saw women carrying babies on board, I knew they wouldn’t be able to sleep in those bunks with their babies. It was a narrow space. I got boxes from the galley, and we put them on a bunk and roped them in and put blankets in them. We made bassinettes”. They took the civilians to Greece, where they put them on a civilian ship to go home. Stehnach’s ship continued to France, and he was able to visit Nice. Stehnach, who came from an Orthodox family, saw an Orthodox church in Nice and went to a service.

Stehnach told us, “When I came out of the service, I knew that I wanted to be a priest. I no longer wanted a career in the Navy”. He spent his last two years at Camp Lejeune, and after 10 years in the Navy, he left and went to St Vladimir’s Orthodox Seminary in Yonkers NY {this is an error, SVS didn’t move to Yonkers until 1961: editor}. He related, “I was in Nice, France, when I decided to be a priest. When I was ordained, the Bishop of Nice happened to be in the area and he served at my ordination. It’s God”. He spent 50 years as a priest serving in Poughkeepsie NY, the Butler PA area, and Indiana PA. While in Poughkeepsie, some Orthodox cadets at West Point approached him and asked him to do services there. For three years, Stehnach travelled two Sundays a month to West Point. He started at 06.00 to get to West Point, do the service, and be back in Poughkeepsie at 10.00. Stehnach wrapped up by saying, “Medic, priest, it’s alike. One fixes bodies, the other fixes souls. As long as you put everything in God’s hands, it’ll be all right”.

Вечная ему память!

26 August 2014

Ellwood City (PA) Ledger


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