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Friday, 31 July 2015

31 July 2015. Why Do Russians Believe Americans to be Stupid?

00 Homer Simpson. Donuts. 14.09.13


In Russian, but easy to follow, and only 1:08 in length


Why do so many Russians believe that Americans are idiots? Well, firstly, no one believes that all Americans are stupid… no, not at all. However, secondly, all the same, American behaviour often does give rise to such thnking… Yanks believe their own propaganda, “The USA Beat Hitler” or “The USA was first in space”, or “The first woman in space was an American”.

24 July 2015




Wednesday, 10 December 2014

10 December 2014. Western Media Pumps Up Inconsequential Event… AGAIN!

00 eye of sauron. moscow. 10.12.14


Read this. SHUDDER! The Evil Eye is going up over Moscow! Firstly, there’s no news of this on patriarchia.ru… that means that there’s nothing official said on the official website. Watch all the usual cast of suspects (Whiteford, Dreher, Monomoron, et al) make the usual noises over nothing at all, over something that doesn’t even go bump in the night! Govorit Moskva is an oldies/talk station, and Archpriest V A Chaplin, the Chairman of the MP Synodal Department for the Coordination of Church and Society (OVTsO), is a known wit, raconteur, and punster, with an active sense of humour and puckish attitude. He also has a sarcastic and ironic side… which one has to take into account. Charlie LOVES a good joke on the pompous and self-important… this smells like one of his “goofs” on the gullible.

April’s Fool (in December)! Watch this grow and become a konvertsy urban legend…


Monday, 14 July 2014

14 July 2014. Winnigan’s Fake! “Bad Ass Mofo” Mule Internet Goof

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00 mule and mountain lion 01. 13.07.14


00 mule and mountain lion 02. 13.07.14


00 mule and mountain lion 03. 13.07.14 


00 mule and mountain lion 04. 13.07.14 


There are some images of a mule kicking ass on a mountain lion that are making the rounds of the internet. Well, it appears that they’re ten years old and staged to boot. It sounds great… but it’s not… that’s why I’m careful about my sources. There are too many internet “goofs” out there. It’s why I don’t post anything from Uniate, schismatical, and junta sources, as they’re almost always lies (the worst are Uniates on social networks, they’re not only liars, but downright scurrilous fibbers). I vet all Russian sources… there must be three fairly similar reports before I’ll believe it. That’s what takes the time in posting war stories… firstly, junta/Uniate/schismatical sources are inherently unbelievable and phantasmagorical, so, decent people can’t use them at all. Secondly, one has to see the story in several credible locations before posting it. VOR, RT, ITAR-TASS, Interfax, RIA-Novosti, and Pervy Kanal are credible (MUCH more credible than Radio Liberty, the Washington Times, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and CNN are), but I like to see it in more than one place. TsIA Novorossiya can be credible, but I like to see confirmation in another source before posting (unless it’s an opinion piece, which one can run without vetting). Do remember WHY the USA put D K Kiselyov on the sanctions list, he had the audacity to say, “Russia has the capability to turn America into a pile of radioactive ash”. That’s true… but the Amerikantsy Establishment hates the truth with a passion and it doubly hates those who speak it (what does that tell us of Lyonyo and Potapov, who’re neck-deep with that bunch?). Ergo, it punished Dmitri Konstantinovich for telling nothing but the truth… all too many Anglo Americans are arrogant bullies and they don’t like being told that they’re vulnerable, too. They’re invulnerable Supermen, dontcha know!

Have a care… there be cowpats in that there field… do keep a keen eye peeled… or, you might end with shitty boots (and carry home a hell of a smell to remind everyone of your carelessness)…


Saturday, 11 January 2014

11 January 2014. A Note From Your Indefatigable Editor… Niagara Falls DOESN’T Freeze Solid, Even in Cold Snaps

00 Frozen Niagara Falls. Canada. 11.01.14


As I live in upstate New York, I might know a thing or two about local winters. Yes, it does get plenty cold. It always does. There’s always freezing on the rivers, and the spring thaw is always dicey as a result. The farther you go from the sea, the colder it gets. That’s why Albany’s winters are relatively mild for the region, and why the St Lawrence Valley is better off than some areas farther from the ocean winds. Of course, winters in the Upper Midwest and on the Canadian Prairies are the most brutal, leading to bumper stickers in Fargo and Edmonton reading, “40 Below Keeps the Riff-Raff Out”.

I know people in the Buffalo area… they all tell me that Niagara Falls NEVER freezes completely, even though winters are always Siberian-grade. A state trooper told me that they’re always on the lookout for nutters who try to walk across the ice… it never freezes “solid” (there’s always water underneath), so, this makes winter “interesting” for them. He said, “I don’t mind summer, it’s just crowds, drunks, and a few scuffles. Winter… you’ve got to keep an eye out at all times for idiots trying to walk on the ice. It’s dangerous, we fish out a body every winter, it seems”. Niagara Falls freezing solid is an urban legend, along with cats in the microwave and alligators in the sewers.

Oh, yes… Niagara Falls did “stop” once, in the 1840s. However, that was due to ice floes on the Niagara River, NOT the Falls freezing solid. That’s the only time that happened in historical memory. Sorry, kids…


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