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Thursday, 21 August 2014

25 Percent of Military Households Rely on Food Banks

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Here’s my modest suggestion… in the contemporary USA, two incomes are necessary to raise a family due to the draconian anti-family programme of the US Republican Party (they have the brass balls to call themselves “pro-lifers”). When the economy crashed in 2008 due to the stresses upon it by the unfunded Bush wars and notional giveaways to the Affluent Effluent, many spouses of military personnel lost their jobs. As this situation arose due to the crank policies of the Republican Party, we should raise a special tax on all Republican politicians/lawmakers (including GOP-appointed judges on all levels) and Rightwing pundits… we should levy a 20 percent surcharge on their incomes “to support the troops”… I think that you’d hear some loud yelps. Here’s the Vaseline, Antonin n’ Willy n’ Rush n’ Paul… note well that they enjoy fucking others, but hoo boy, when it hits them… you get my drift…



Recently, an exhaustive hunger report concluded that 25 percent of military members rely on food banks. After compiling four years of data, Feeding America (FA)… the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity… released its largest and most comprehensive study on the topic and found that one in seven people rely on food banks to get their basic nutrition needs. Perhaps one of the most stunning figures was that in 2012, almost 620,000 of the households who relied on FA services had at least one member now in the military. That’s 25 percent of all American military households. These figures included military members serving full or part-time in either the Armed Forces, Reserves, or National Guard.

However, the Pentagon was quick to take issue with the study’s methodology in measuring the number of struggling military members. Military.com reported that officials said that surveying households instead of individuals and using those figures against military data creates an inaccurate picture. Navy Commander Nathan Christensen, a Pentagon spokesman, told the news outlet, “Without performing appropriate statistical adjustments to match the survey sample with the military population, it’s impossible to accurately calculate an estimated percentage of military households served by the Feeding America’s programs based on the survey data”. Christensen also told NPR that military pay and benefits compare favourably with the private sector, and that service members can always seek counselling should they face financial problems.

However, advocates say that troops are often too ashamed to draw such attention to themselves within the confines of the military, which is why getting help from food banks is often more appealing. Joyce Raezer, executive director of the National Military Family Association, told NPR, “The reason they go to the food bank is it’s anonymous” . Back in 2011, the FISH food bank in Lakewood WA, located near Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), started to see a “surprising” increase in the numbers of military members in need of help. While JBLM offers a housing allowance to families who live off-post and programmes to help struggling families, some say it’s not enough. Frances Anderson, whose husband was on active duty at the time, told KING 5 News, “My husband is embarrassed because he doesn’t feel that we should have to be here. The economy is terrible. I just tell the people on post that I need help and they just look at me like I’m crazy”.

Find out how you can get involved with Feeding America’s efforts here

19 August 2014

Eleanor Goldberg

Huffington Post



Wednesday, 10 July 2013

America to Demolish New Never-Used 34-Million-Dollar Military Base in Afghanistan

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 A government watchdog reported Wednesday that the USA would likely demolish a never-used American military base in southern Afghanistan. It said that the full-equipped military facility cost some 34 million USD (1.12 billion Roubles. 26.4 million Euros. 22.8 UK Pounds). John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, said, “Based on these preliminary findings, I’m deeply troubled that the military may have spent taxpayer funds on a construction project that should’ve been stopped. Unfortunately, it’s unused, unoccupied, and presumably will never be used for its intended purpose. One senior US military official told me that this facility was designed for a military division that was never deployed, and, subsequently, a decision was made not to construct the facility, but inexplicably the building construction started and is now complete. In addition, I was told that the US military officials expect that the building will be either demolished or turned over to the Afghan government as our military presence in Afghanistan declines and Camp Leatherneck is reduced in size”.

Both alternatives to resolve this issue are troubling… destroying a never-occupied and never-used facility, or turning over what may be a “white elephant” to the Afghan government that it may not have the capacity to sustain. Sopko’s report said, “According to a senior US military official, as the footprint of Camp Leatherneck decreases, the building could be outside the security perimeter, thereby making it unsafe for the US military to occupy it. This leaves the military with two primary options… demolish the building or give it to the Afghan government”. NATO, coalition, and American forces destroyed hundreds of small and medium-size military camps and bases as they prepare to withdraw.

10 July 2013

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

This is one of the reasons for the Republicans’ enormous deficits… they give out gigantic sweetheart contracts to their Corporate paymasters, which advance the true defence of the USA not one bit. THIS is what the Republicans defend and refuse to cut from the budget. It doesn’t aid one iota to the defence of the American heartland… it does add BILLIONS to the already-stuffed boodle bags of the Affluent Effluent. None dare call it TREASON…

Oh, yes… they want such wasteful contracts to continue, and they want to cut the taxes of those who rake in the payoffs for these contracts… none dare call it THEFT…



Friday, 17 May 2013

Pentagon Believes It Has the Right to Kill Anyone Anywhere at Any Time

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The Pentagon said that according to American and international law the American military could kill and capture anyone on foreign soil considered an enemy by the US government. Assistant Secretary of Defence Michael Sheehan and Acting General Counsel Robert Taylor stated this on Thursday at a hearing of the US Senate Armed Services Committee. In their view, such a situation should continue for a decade or two.

17 May 2013

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

That statement’s brazen, unprincipled  and unrepentant… but it illustrates the very nature of the American Corporate State (and of the oligarchs who control it) in all its amorality, illegality, and criminality. THIS is what Victor Potapov, James Paffhausen, Alexander Webster, Rod Dreher, Terrence Mattingly, and Freddie M-G (and the rest of the demented konvertsy) applaud. I’ll only say this… woe to those who call “good” evil and “evil” good. ‘Nuff said…


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