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Monday, 9 January 2017

The Top Ten Under-Reported News Stories of 2016

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What would George Orwell have made of 2016? Some of the biggest news stories of the year, promoted by pro-Establishment media, were either false, such as the claims made in December that a “Holocaust” was taking place in eastern Aleppo, or not backed up by any hard evidence, such as the allegations that Russia interfered in the US election. Ironically, media outlets that expressed the most concern about “fake news” and the urgent need to take action against it pushed these stories most aggressively! At the same time, they either ignored some very important real news altogether… or gave it only the scantiest coverage. Here are ten of the biggest under-reported news stories of 2016. I’ll leave you to come to your own conclusions as to why they didn’t get the coverage they should have gotten.

1. The War in Yemen

While Syria made the front pages, the US-backed war in Yemen received nowhere near the same attention. Largely, the media ignored documented atrocities carried out by the Saudi-led coalition. British Blairite MPs, so keen to show their concern about a non-existent “Holocaust” in Aleppo in December, failed to support a Labour motion in October calling for an independent UN investigation into violations of international law in Yemen. Moreover, the “Something Must be done” media brigade weren’t too interested either. On 3 November, Media Lens noted:

Since the rejection of the motion, “Do something!” crusaders like Aaronovitch, Freedland, and Cohen have printed not a word about “our” “responsibility to protect” civilian life in Yemen.

2. Libya in Ruins

In early 2011, Libya was “the” big news story as concerned “liberal interventionists” urged NATO to enforce “no-fly zones” to stop the “New Hitler Colonel Gaddafi”. The son of a retired Libyan academic who spoke out against Muammar Gaddafi’s régime said that he feared the worst for his father and three of his brothers after they were “killing his own people” and carrying out “a Srebrenica-style massacre in Benghazi”. Well, NATO did intervene and destroyed Libya. Guess what? The “Do Something” crusaders in the western media were silent. The transformation of a country that had the highest standards of living in Africa into a terrorist-ridden “failed state” wasn’t deemed newsworthy. In the words of Leslie Nielsen in the film Naked Gun, it’s a case of:

Nothing to see here… please, disperse!

3. Reconciliation in Syria

Good news from Syria doesn’t get much, if any coverage… particularly, if it shows the Syrian authorities in a positive light. However, the Syrian government implemented truce and reconciliation programmes in and around Homs and Damascus (and in other parts of the country, too).  In July, President Assad offered an amnesty to anti-government “rebels” laying down their arms… he repeated this in October. Many rebels took up the offer and resumed their lives as civilians. The fact that reconciliation was underway in Syria should’ve been a big news story in 2016, but… surprise, surprise… given the pro régime-change bias of much of the media, it wasn’t.

4. 62 People Owning Half of the World’s Wealth

Yes, that’s right… 62. Surely, this is something news channels should’ve been giving major coverage to in 2016? Surely, Oxfam’s Davos report should’ve kicked off debates about how we need to restructure the world’s economy in order to make the distribution of wealth more equitable? Yet, the story didn’t have legs. How very convenient for the 62 people!

5. The Exoneration of Slobodan Milošević

In 2016, the very court which tried him effectively declared the man who neocons and Blairites labelled “the Butcher of the Balkans” “not guilty”. That was after they’d used his “genocidal crimes” to promote the globalist doctrine of “liberal interventionism”. As I wrote in August:

The ICTY’s [International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia] conclusion, that one of the most demonised figures of the modern era was innocent of the most heinous crimes he was accused of, really should have made headlines across the world, but it hasn’t. Even the ICTY buried it, deep in its 2,590-page verdict in the trial of Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadžić who they convicted in March of genocide (at Srebrenica), war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

The exoneration of the western élite’s number one bogeyman of the late 90s did make front page news in Serbia, but  the western MSM t ignored the news, and those, like Andy Wilcoxson, John Pilger, and myself, who did dare to write about it, were subject to vicious personal attacks by Establishment gatekeepers. Rather like Sherlock Holmes’ dog that didn’t bark in the night-time, the non-coverage of this very important story told us everything we needed to know.

6. Global Warming: Another Record-Breaking Year for Temperatures

2016, according to the UN, is “very likely” to be the warmest year on record… meaning that 16 of the 17 hottest years on record will have been in the 21st century. In July, NASA revealed that each month from January to June in 2016 was the warmest respective month globally since modern temperature records began in 1880.  Yet, despite this, climate change barely figured in the televised US Presidential debates, with the topic receiving just 2 percent of the total time. The Guardian noted:

They wouldn’t have mentioned climate change at all if it hadn’t been for one question in the second debate from a man in a red sweater named Ken Bone.

Clearly, there were far more important topics for the candidates… and western news channels… to discuss in 2016, than the threat posed to the planet by climate change.

7. Western Powers and their Middle East Allies Supporting Daesh

The unsubstantiated allegations that Russia was behind the hacks conveniently helped turn attention from the most damning revelations in the so-called Podesta emails. Moreover, this was probably the most newsworthy:

On 19 August 2014, Hillary Clinton wrote, “We need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL [Daesh] and other radical Sunni groups in the region”.

In December, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan claimed that he had proof that the West backed Daesh. Nonetheless, like Clinton’s email to John Podesta, this story didn’t get the coverage it warranted. I wonder why…

8. Economic Collapse in the “Democratic” Ukraine 

The Ukraine was a big news story in 2014, when anti-government protestors… cheered on by western leaders… gathered in the Maidan, but what’s gone on since then in the country hasn’t made too many news bulletins. The reality is that living standards in the Ukraine plummeted, with over half the country’s population now living below the poverty level. Guess what, corruption has increased too. However, let’s not talk too much about the “success story” of another western régime-op shall we?

9. Devastating Impact of UK Government Cuts

Hospitals in England are on the brink of collapse because of government underfunding of the National Health Service (NHS). The number of urgent operations cancelled reached a record level. Meanwhile, hundreds of public libraries have closed. Cuts are having an adverse impact on the lives of millions of Britons. Yet, the UK government, which says there’s no alternative to austerity at home, does have the money to pursue neocon foreign policy objectives. In October, it was announced that the UK was to resume training “rebels”’ in Syria. How fortunate for the British government that their use… and misuse… of taxpayers’ money was not subject to greater media scrutiny in 2016.

10. The Inherent Racism of “Liberal Interventionism”

We’ve heard a lot about racism in 2016, but very little… if any… coverage of the racism that underpins western foreign policy. It’s taken as a given, that politicians and establishment journalists in the UK, USA, and France have the right to say who should or shouldn’t be allowed to govern a country of the global south, even by those who campaign against racism. Imagine the reaction, if Syrian or Iraqi politicians called for régime-change in the UK! Why do “we” have the right to intervene in “their” countries, but “they” have no right to intervene in “ours?” You didn’t hear that question asked on BBC Newsnight or other western news programmes in 2016. The most deadly form of racism wasn’t a news story.

8 January 2017

Neil Clark

Sputnik International



Saturday, 9 July 2016

9 July 2016. Bill O’Reilly is Resurrecting the Old “Obama is a Muslim” Myth Again

00 hate speech texas 01. 18.01.15


“Many Americans, including this one, believe Barack Obama’s emotional attachment to the Muslim world has hurt the USA”.

Need I go on and on, banging on about the right-obvious truth? Obama IS many things, indeed… but he’s no Muslim, and his support of ISIS has nothing to do with “’attachment’ to the Muslim world”. That support has everything to do with weakening Syria and helping Israel (which is NOT coeval with the USA, as anti-Semites claim, but Israel IS America’s dog-loyal client state). Do note that ISIS doesn’t target Israel or Israelis! Does O’Reilly really believe the arrant nonsense that he spouts? As for me, I think that his attitude is “Paris is worth a mass” and that anything that keeps the bucks rolling in is A-OK with him. That is, O’Reilly isn’t evil… he’s simply a nihilist mercenary, like Rod Dreher and Rich Lowry. Expect more such from him as the political season progresses…


Sunday, 10 May 2015

10 May 2015. A Vote for Bernie is a Vote for the Truth… Plus, Why I Do What I Do

00 jon stewart. 10.05.15


News is NOT accounts of this or that politician… news is NOT titbits about this or that empty celebrity… news is NOT some general showing off his latest toys. News IS the repair of a damaged bridge… news IS the baking and sale of subsidised bread to the modest of means… news IS the delivery of needed humanitarian supplies to those in need of them. News is NOT provided by talking heads in the District or in the Corporate Media. News DOES come from places where “reporters” and “journalists” never tread… when’s the last time that you saw a reporter in Mayfield PA or in Amsterdam NY? Hell, you don’t even see journalists in Bennington VT or even Albany NY! Schenectady NY is a joke to such people and Saratoga Springs NY only exists in August. NO WESTERN REPORTER WRITES FROM DONETSK OR LUGANSK. NONE. They just pass on Kiev bullshit just as uncritically as they pass on Washington’s spin. During the Vietnam War, reporters weren’t as knackered. Today, they all fear losing “credentials”… “Oh, dear… the Ministry of Truth won’t keep me on!” If you don’t toe the line, you’re out of a job. That’s why I have utter contempt and no respect for Victor Potapov, Rod Dreher, Freddie M-G, Serge Schmemann, Sofiya Kishkovskaya, and Terrence Mattingly… they all willingly take part in the Corporate Deception Machine in one capacity or another. They all eagerly and willingly take on Caiphas’ pieces of silver… “They had to”, don’t you know…

I’ll confide that most people no longer trust in the bought n’ paid-for whores of the corporate media… no one believes them… no one. They can beat the drums all day for this or for that… no one bloody cares. As for those beating the war-drums against Russia, it’s a case of “Crying Wolf” once too often. People are simply bone-weary of warfare and want their sons safe at home, not in harm’s way as an aggressor in some far-off foreign part. Most people want us to see to our own needs… to see to the needs of ordinary people, not the grasping wants of the Oligarch class and their upper-middle agents and vultures.

That’s why I LIKE reporting the “mundane” news from the Peoples Republics… no, it’s not as “exciting” as the war news is, but it’s exciting in a far better way. People are doing their damnedest to build a fairer society than the one imposed by the USA. They know what’s wrong with the oligarchs… they know what was wrong in the Soviet system. The Republican Party hates the fact that the patriots concluded that the least-wrong system was the socialist Soviet system (all the possible alternatives had flaws, but the Soviet model had the least). The people WANT a Peoples Republic. They showed that in decreeing “Republic’s Bread” to have reasonably priced food for those on fixed-incomes. They willingly carry the Red Banner and they carry icons, too! They nationalised the holdings of the oligarchs… who were nothing but thieves of state property, upheld by the Western rich. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? If like calls unto like, and shitbirds of a feather flock together, what does that tell us about the Western Affluent Effluent?

That’s why I’m doing my best to cover a small part of the world. I’m translating material from the DNR and LNR media. Listen to what they have to say. They’ve earned the right to speak via their sacrifice, blood shed, and pain endured. I’m honoured to be able to present it to you in the English language. No, it isn’t ALL that I do… but it’s something that I do daily… it’s an obligation, a duty to my coreligionists, compatriots, fellow leftists, and  coeval strivers for justice. The price of bread is DOWN in Lugansk and Donetsk… it is UP in Kiev. Wages and pensions are down (or not paid) in Kiev… wages and pensions continue in Lugansk and Donetsk. Indeed, the story of the LNR and the DNR is a very “American Success” story… an underdog succeeding against all the odds, who makes it work due to grit and determination. Yet, the news media treats them like subservient nigger slaves… no, even worse. They’re supposed to be GRATEFUL to the Americans for having sicced the oligarchs and their Uniate nationalist bully-boys on them.

I am going to carry on as long as God gives me health and strength. If the patriots in the DNR and LNR can spill their blood in the cause of freedom, then, I can take time and translate and write. I bow before them. May God bless you all. May next Victory Day see Peace… a Just Peace… a Peace where the “Ukrainian” aggressor is no longer squatting on the Russian Land, not able to bother Holy Rus and its People. I pray for this… so should you. GOD BLESS THE PATRIOTS OF NOVOROSSIYA. I love all of you and have you in my thoughts always. You DO have a friend.

As it was… as it is… as it ever shall be…


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Political Logorrhoea: Psaki Spouts New Cacodoxy… Her Statements Reach New Levels of Confusion

00 Jen Psaki. caricatura.ru. 27.08.14



Recently, Jen Psaki spouted new political logorrhoea on Crimea. Psaki, the US Department of State spokesman, said that Russian troops stationed in the Crimea at Russian military bases, legally, with the permission of the Ukrainian government, occupied the peninsula prior to the referendum. Prior to the Crimean referendum, Russia, in all strict legality, with the permission of the Kiev government, stationed its troops at Russian military bases in the Crimea. That meant, regardless of the referendum, Russian troops at Russian military bases couldn’t possibly occupy “Ukrainian” territory, as they were at their own bases. Matthew Lee, an AP reporter, asked Psaki to clarify how Russian troops could “occupy” the Crimea by simply sitting at their bases without forcibly seizing or taking over anything. Psaki attempted to parry the question with her statement that the Russians were training and sending military equipment to Crimean residents, only to realise that the Crimea wasn’t in Novorossiya. Lee tried to correct Psaki, “Oh, you’re talking about in the eastern Ukraine (sic) now, not the Crimea”. After that, Psaki was totally lost and replied incoherently, “Yeah. No, I, but, I’m not also talking about back then”, adding that she had no further comments on the Crimea.

17 March 2015

Sputnik International


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