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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Source in Podkarpatskaya: The EU Supplies Equipment to the Junta

00 train in podkarpatskaya. 31.08.14


A resistance activist in Podkarpatskaya sent us a photo transfer of an EU equipment transfer to the junta.  The photo is of a train near Užgorod on 30 August 2014. The railway cars have military equipment originating in either Hungary or Slovakia; it appears to be nine self-propelled artillery pieces, three BMPs, and trucks.

31 August 2014




Now is a good time for me to talk of my local sources in Eastern Europe. I’ve built them up over some years, but not one of my contacts is a current official or a serving military officer. That is, I have NO insider track on official news. What I do have are people who live there, who can confirm or deny reports, who can tell me the buzz, who can pass on titbits from the local media, and who can correct what I find in the general media. That’s all… there’s no cloak n’ dagger here. By the way, I DO listen to my sources…


Friday, 29 August 2014

29 August 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… The Patriots “Speak” in Užgorod

00 Uzgorod. 29.08.14


In Užgorod, patriots painted over “Glory to the Ukraine” with “Occupiers Out!” Need I add more?



Reports have it that the junta just sent 1,500 VV MVDU troops to Podkarpatskaya… what’s going on that’s not being reported in anyone’s media (the junta has tighter press controls than the Nazis did, by the way)?


Friday, 20 June 2014

UOC/MP Holy Synod Demoted Most Rabid Russophobic Clergyman in Podkarpatskaya Rus

01 Kicked Out


On Friday, the UOC/MP media service reported that the Holy Synod of the UOC/MP relieved Archimandrite Viktor Bedya from the post of UOC Commissioner for Higher Education and Science, abolishing the post as it did so. Besides this, they removed him as Rector of Ss Kirill and Mefody Užgorod Ukrainian Theological Academy, demoting him to the rank of an ordinary clergyman in the Diocese of Mukačevo. Kirill Frolov, the Head of the Department of Relations with the Russian Orthodox Church and the Orthodox Community at the Institute of SNG Countries, told our Interfax-Religion correspondent, “Fr Viktor was the main Russophobic mouthpiece in Podkarpatskaya; he expressed sympathy for the Banderovtsy and advocated establishing a national Church in the Ukraine”. Moreover, in a Thursday meeting, the Synod deliberated abolishing the Department which oversaw Bedya, headed by Metropolitan Aleksandr Drabinko, the Secretary to the First Hierarch of the UOC/MP.


Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky gives his answer to the Uniate lovers! “No way, no how, no pope in our town!” This shows that the UOC/MP is cracking down on the anti-Church elements in its ranks. Should I mention that Bedya was a darling of modernists in the diaspora? There’s no joy in Mudville (Syosset/SVS) over this, to be sure. It’s clear that Vladyki Onufry is cleaning house; it’s high-time and long-overdue, it hadn’t happened because of Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan’s incapacity.


20 June 2014



Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Right Sector to Form Bully-Boy Intimidation Squads in Podkarpatskaya Rus with Approval of Junta Lickspittle Local Government

00 Samooborona  Maidan. 27.05.14


The so-called Самооборона Майдана (Samooborona Maidana: Maidan Self-Defence) {a Right Sector Uniate fascist front: editor} plans to register as a recognised public group in Užgorod. This proposal is going before the Užgorod Gorsoviet tomorrow. It shall “register the public group, for the purpose of protecting public order in Zakarpatya Oblast”. Documents will get formal approval and members of the group will wear yellow armbands with the words “Охрана порядка” (Okhrana poryadka: Order Watch (literally, “Order Protection)).


This, along with earlier reports of mass draft-dodging, means that junta rule in Podkarpatskaya Rus is very tenuous, indeed. It means that the junta doesn’t trust the ordinary cops and VV MVDU. It means that reports of fighting in Mukačevo are true. The junta is in the deep doo-doo. I believe that it’s in direr straits than it lets on… it may even be close to collapse or a military counter-coup without any Russian intervention at all.

One last thing… Right Sector thugs were outside all polling places in Podkarpatskaya… Podkarpatskaya voted heavily for Poroshenko. Did one lead to the other? I’d say so…

27 May 2014



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