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Friday, 29 June 2018

29 June 2018. ENJOY LIFE! Comandante Fidel Did… So Should You


Some people think that they have to be serious and earnest all the time. Comandante Fidel disagreed with them. In this photo from 1960, Fidel took a break from making the Revolution and went fishin’. He landed himself a 25-kilo marlin, lookit that! Now, there was a man who had his priorities straight… he knew when to work (and work hard) and when to relax (utterly and completely). Steve… this one’s for you… now, go and do likewise… grab a fishin’ pole and a cooler full of brewskies and enjoy the summer!

You’d be interested to know that Patriarch Kirill and Comandante Fidel were good and close friends. His Holiness sent a beautiful letter of condolence to the Castro family. He made an oligarch-loving rightwing cleric deliver it to the Cuban Embassy… and made the creepo-supremo smile when he did so… now, that’s REVENGE…



Saturday, 6 February 2016

6 February 2016. Translated Russian Demot… I Took My Wife Fishing…

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Monday, 20 July 2015

20 July 2015. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Aleksandr Vladimirovich and Graham Phillips… Partyin’ Hearty in the DNR

00 zakharchenko and graham phillips. 200715


Not everything is serious during wartime… in fact, one NEEDS R&R… it looks like Chairman Zakharchenko is having a typical “dacha weekend!” He’s blowin’ off some steam with Graham Phillips, the well-known war correspondent from England. Where are the shashliki and the cucumber salad? Where’s the jug with the special kick-your-ass samogon moonshine (betcha that those bodyguards are stayin’ sober, though)? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


Thursday, 16 July 2015

16 July 2015. The Commies Say, “More Free Time for Families!” The Bush Republican Filth Say, “Work Harder, You Fucking Peon Slaves!” Who’s Pro-Life and in Favour of Family Values?

00 large family 160715


Read this. Let’s keep it simple. The commies want working families to have more time off. The CPUSA thinks similarly. So does Bernie Sanders. The Bush Republican filth want working families to have less time off, as that’d mean more money in the pockets of the Affluent Effluent Country Club set. They tell you, “Work harder, you peons! You don’t deserve time off… you need to work harder to enrich us so WE can holiday and party!” I find such a position evil and reprehensible… so do the commies… so does the Church… but Rod Dreher, John Whiteford, Jonas Paffhausen, Victor Potapov, Josiah Trenham, and Patrick Reardon DEFEND the Republican greedsters. Let me speak frankly… if you support the Republicans, you’re either a vacuous dupe or in conscious collaboration with evil. Remember… the love of money is the root of ALL evil. That means that all Orthodox who want to ally the Church with the GOP are either dupes or evil. That’s the way of it…

The rest of us? Vote for Bernie… he’s the only People’s Candidate… now, that’s FAMILY VALUES! “Christ was the first communist”… Comrade Zyuganov said that, and he was right… now, it’s up to YOU to choose…


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