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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

13 July 2016. Where Is VVP? He’s on Otpust… We’re Christians; That’s What We Do

00 putin and kirill in valaam 130716


Earlier this month, the Western media speculated on where VVP was. If they had half a brain, they’d remember that he goes on otpust to Valaam every year right around this time. The above image shows VVP and HH confabbing in Valaam… reports also had it that he met with “Ukrainian” industrialists and public figures at the monastery. Firstly, VVP is a devout Orthodox Christian, and going on otpust is one of the things that we do. Secondly, Valaam gives him a venue to meet with people away from the media and public, well-secured and off-the-beaten-track. Besides, this is a regular part of his agenda… every year, he goes on otpust to clear his mind and attend to his religious duties.

The Western media doesn’t understand Christianity nor does it want to… as for VVP, he simply goes on otpust every year… we’re Christians; that’s what we do…




Saturday, 8 November 2014

8 November 2014. Get Your Mind (and Soul) Right! The Winter Lent is Upon Us… Here’s are Some Hymns to the Most Holy Virgin and a Cherubic Hymn… Christmas Lent is on the Way

00.1bb A Point of Unity. Catholics woman praying. Basilica of the Virgin Aparecida. BRAZIL


My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord (the Magnificat). It sounds like New Roman chant sung in Staroslav. Sung at St Tikhon parish in Yaroslavl RUSSIAN FEDERATION


Ancient Old Russian Stolpvoy/Zanamenny chant harmonised by Irina Denisova. Херувимская песнь (Cherubic Hymn (Hymn of the Great Entrance) from the Liturgy). Sung at the St Elisabeth Convent in Minsk BELARUS. This is the most ancient Russian Orthodox chant form in existence.


Rejoice, O Ever-Virgin Bride! Sung at the Valaam Monastery in Republic of Karelia RUSSIAN FEDERATION


It’s My Choice! A Russian Orthodox multifilm (animation) sponsored by the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture… even if you don’t know Russian, watch it for the visuals. The best part is at 11:30… the peasant refuses to carry out the death penalty… now, that’s REAL Russian Orthodox! One note… if you voted Republican, you voted AGAINST the Russian government that sponsors such wholesome presentations. Crank world, ain’t it? Holy Rus or Greedy Mammon America… which one do YOU want?


The winter lent is almost upon us. Just as Easter has 40 days of abstinence preceding it… so does Christmas. Orthodoxy has four lents… the Great Lent, before Easter, the Christmas Lent, before Christmas, the Peter and Paul Lent, before the feastday of Ss Peter and Paul, and the Assumption Lent, in August before the feastday of the Assumption of the Virgin. Get in the mood, kids… there’s a season for celebration and a season for fasting… and a season of fasting is upon us. Keep it focused and keep it straight…


Friday, 11 January 2013

11 January 2013. Newest Blather from Monomuckass… “Who Will Preach To Nineveh”… I Kid You NOT… They DO Need Their Nappies Changed Pronto

00 Patriarch Kirill. 24.11.12

Here’s the sort of stuff that you NEVER see on Monomuckass… here’s HH at the big Dixie Fry this summer at Christ the Saviour in Moscow… note well that the Blunder (Hannes Jacobses’ heart-throb) is missing from this image from ITAR-TASS, but Varsonofy Sudakov and Yuvenaly Poyarkov are in the picture. That is, the Blunder is a bloviating POS with little (if any) real power (Panteleimon Shatov has more OOMPH with HH, believe it or not)… and Yuvenaly and Varsonofy are the true heavy hitters (an MP priest told me, “HH and Varsonofy are so close that you can’t slip a piece of paper between them”). This is the sort of stuff that you see here and what Michalopoulos (a posturing nyekulturny ignoramus) can’t give you… for he doesn’t know it (he doesn’t know much, does he?).


A Cabinet member sent me this. Scroll up and read some of the other comments. No, it’s not satirical… these blozos expect to be taken seriously, no joke. Who Will Preach To Nineveh… what arrant nonsense. Firstly, none of these toddlers mentions Fathausen’s over-a-decade-long dalliance with Gleb Podmoshensky (most of it AFTER GP’s deposition from the clergy for nasty doings), nor do they mention El Gordo’s work on GP’s nutty squirrel Russky Palomnik project. I remember seeing ads for that in Platina’s rag in the 90s… GP needed money for it… I’ll bet you any amount that El Gordo’s corporate daddy put up the gelt for it. Nope, no mention of that either. There was no mention of Fathausen’s lies about his stay at Valaam… he was NOT a member of the brotherhood… he was the equivalent of Lyova the Fool at Jordanville… a barely-tolerated guest who had money that the cash-strapped brotherhood needed badly (it was the Nasty Nineties, after all). Nor was there any mention of the fact that Jimmy Boy was made an “abbot” only one year after tonsure. In short, GIGO all around.

I read the Russian press daily. I can assure you that no one, anywhere, is talking about this idiot. NO ONE. NO WHERE. NO HOW. There’s no buzz at the Centre about this. As far as the Centre’s concerned, it would’ve preferred that Herman should’ve stayed on, albeit with restrictions from the Holy Synod. It didn’t care for Jimmy and it’s not enthused over Tikhon. The only two individuals at the Centre who’re pleading Fathausen’s case are the Blunder and Shevkunov. They have ties to the oligarchs, which may hinder them in the present climate. I’ve heard that Vsevolod Chaplin is very lukewarm about it all, as is Mark Golovkov. The deal that I heard that El Gordo got from ROCOR is that they’d take him in as a retired bishop, with no powers, and he’d have to live in a monastery. In short, nothing in the Monomuckass post is true. NONE OF IT. It’s all bullshit, from stem to stern.

My recommendation is that you avoid this site at all costs. Don’t go to it… don’t get involved in their juvenile “discussions”… don’t buy into their crank konvertsy agenda. They’re a bunch of wankers off in the corner engaging in mutual masturbation. Let them be. If you ignore them long enough, they’ll go away. After all, we’re not good enough for them. That’s the way of it in the real world. You can listen to people who obviously have no clue or you can listen to informed and hip people… I read the Orthosphere media, I have contacts in the Orthosphere, and I know the culture and history of the Orthosphere. None of these demented toddlers have any of that. It’s up to you to decide whom to listen to. It’s your choice.

By the way… “Who will preach to Nineveh?” HH will… every Christmas and Easter after services, he’s out visiting sick kids… and he runs the niftiest yolka at the Centre (and sees to it that orphans and poor kids get first nibs). He’s demanded the end of the American blockade against Cuba and he’s on record as stating that the Free Market‘s a fraud from top to bottom (“Who will pay for it all? The poor working man, who’ll be crushed under the weight of all this”). You can have HH or you can have Fathausen. Make mine HH… and I think that I’m NOT alone in thinking that way.

BMD barbara-drezhloBarbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 11 January 2012

Albany NY 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

16 September 2012. Perhaps, A Reason Why the Konvertsy are so Acridly Anti-Gay in Their Public Remarks

Doesn’t this sum up the konvertsy attitude succinctly?


I heard this buzz from a Cabinet member:

All roads lead to Dallas or St Nicholas in DC for gays in the OCA.

I don’t know how true it is, but I know from experience that some of the most vocal anti-gays were unmasked as closeted gays. Also, note well that Fathausen kept up a guru-disciple relationship with Gleb Podmoshensky even after GP got le sabot from the ROCOR Holy Synod for nasty doings. So did Gerasim Eliel and Damascene Christiansen. Fathusen’s tried desperately to hide the fact that he went to Russia under GP’s auspices… he did NOT go there under the aegis of the MP, nor he was a regular member of the brotherhood in Valaam. Once one considers this, I’d say that if one hears someone scream loudly about homosexuality, the greater the chance that the screamer either is a closeted gay or has closeted gays in their entourage and/or background. Therefore, the chance that the allegations circulating about certain hierarchs and senior clergy may be true is very high. After all, Seraphim Storhiem does have a court date in Winnipeg, and he did refuse a plea (which the Crown only offers if they’ve got substantial evidence).

Lately, the konvertsy have been running about, telling all and sundry “how to be Orthodox”. Trust me, what they’re passing off as “the teaching of the Church” isn’t such, and that’s all that there’s to be said on the matter. After all, do secular courts ALWAYS impose the max on criminals? No… they don’t. Ergo, if the Church shows forbearance and leniency towards individual sinners, that’s only Christian and decent, in my book. I look to the immemorial practise of the Church, not the literalistic reading of the Canons by neophytes. After all, as Fr Alexander Lebedeff put it so well, “They don’t know an ecclesiastical court from a tennis court”. It’s time to muzzle these wayward and unruly toddlers… but shall we?

The Scripture tells us that what’s hidden will be shouted from the rooftops… I think that time is coming, and coming soon. I’m not looking forward to it… it won’t be pleasant and people will be hurt. However, if we’re to heal, unite, and move forward, do it we must. Take my hand… it’s rather dark at this juncture, isn’t it?

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 16 September 2012

Albany NY

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