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Saturday, 2 June 2018

Ukrainian Jewish Committee Warns Kiev About Glorifying World War II Murderers of Jews


On Friday, Eduard Dolinsky, Director of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, told golos.ua:

The veneration of World War II-era Nazi groups and surging anti-Semitism in the Ukraine will inevitably affect relations with Israel. Currently, both countries enjoy a good relationship. However, the Ukraine’s glorification of the murderers of the Jewish population will eventually come back to haunt Kiev in its relations with Israel. This’ll happen shortly. This’ll depend on how the Ukraine acts. For example, Poland, as you know, banned entry for (the director of the Institute of National Memory) Vyatrovich as well as some of his allies and nationalists. Israel may also take similar measures. Besides, ultra-right sentiment and extremist groups will grow in the Ukraine if the government remains idle. The whole world is witnessing mounting rightwing extremist sentiment and stepped-up activity by radical groups in social life. If they take no action to counter this, this’ll build up day by day. In addition, their numbers would increase, eventually making the fight against them more difficult.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, the number of anti-Semitic incidents doubled in the Ukraine in 2017 year-on-year, which comes against the backdrop of a glorification of nationalist leaders responsible for the murders and expulsion of Jews during World War II. It noted:

For a second successive year, the Ukraine saw the biggest number of anti-Semitic incidents among the former Soviet Union republics. There was anti-Semitic propaganda in politics, vandalism targeting Jewish cemeteries, buildings, and social centres, as well as monuments to Holocaust victims. However, they don’t take any effective action against vandals, with anti-Semitic incidents qualified as just hooliganism and not as hate crimes.

In May 2015, Ukrainian President P A Poroshenko signed a law glorifying the OUN (Ukrainian nationalists) and the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army), a terrorist group outlawed in Russia, labelling their activity as a struggle for the country’s independence. Statues to nationalist Nazi collaborators S A Bandera and R I Shukhevich arise across the Ukraine, memorial events and torchlight processions occur in their memory, and they name streets after them.

1 June 2018




Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Manezh Centre Fears New Attack of Pseudo-Religious Kooks on Art Exhibit



On Tuesday, Manezh Exhibition Centre (near Red Square) Director Irina Tolpina told us that the Manezh wouldn’t rule out a new attack on an art exhibition, as the leader of the Bozhya Volya (God’s Will) extremists alleged that a 5,000-person rally will occur. On Friday, members of Bozhya Volya vandalised “The Sculptures We Don’t See” exhibition at the Manezh, claiming that the exhibits were offensive to religious feelings. Early reports said that they damaged five art works. Toplina blasted the incident, “It was heinous, lawless, provocative, and stirred up horror and indignation. We fear that the attack may be repeated”. On Monday, Mikhail Piotrovsky, head of the Russian Museums Union, condemned last week’s attack on the art exhibition, saying in reference to Bozhya Volya leader Dmitri Tsorionov (widely known as Enteo), “The Russian Museum Union regards the actions of strange activists with hallucinogenic nicknames as a real display of blasphemy and religious offence”. ICOM (International Council of Museums) Russia also condemned the incident.

18 August 2015




They have some real loony rightwing religious extremists in Russia… some friends of mine said to me, “We’ll tell you what, you can have our nuts and we’ll take yours. Paffhausen and Dreher are nothing compared to our nutters” (that’s an unwitting example of the “Everything’s Bigger and Badder in Russia” syndrome, isn’t it?). Interestingly, American konvertsy latch on to statements made by the Russian right (a group just as unhinged as the American right is) and portray it as the “Teaching of the Church”. Have a care, there be counterfeits… you can tell the religious phonies in the USA… they vote Republican. They also expect you to feel sorry for them… do keep your wits about you, the times be evil…


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Orthodox Cathedral Desecrated During Vandalism Spree in Kodiak

00 damage 01 kodiak cathedral alaska. 140615


A 21-year-old man is under arrest for allegedly vandalising one of Kodiak’s most historic buildings, Holy Resurrection Russian Orthodox Cathedral, and many of its contents. A press release from the Kodiak Police Department stated that police arrested Arkimedes Garcia around 20.00 Wednesday as he was exiting the church. Thursday morning, Fr Innocent Dresdow, the Dean of the Holy Resurrection Church, said that the vandal damaged many holy items, stating, “It’s clear from the pattern of destruction that this dear soul is deeply troubled and his anger and his rage appeared to be directed at, frankly God. From the perspective of the Church, he knew exactly which things were holiest. Those were the things that were in absolute disarray”. He said that he removed most holy items from the church to an undisclosed location, for reconsecration.

Fr Innocent said Garcia broke several windows and made his way into the church’s Sanctuary behind the Nave where he not only damaged items, but desecrated them as well, noting, “You can see in the hand crosses, if you look carefully… they’re bent upward. All of the crosses that he just damaged are bent upward in the same pattern, including St Herman’s Monastic Cross, which is the most priceless damage that was done last night. The tabernacle is where the reserved sacraments, the Holy Mysteries, the Body and Blood of Christ are kept. Well, that was on the floor, with the Holy Mysteries and all the holy items that were on the altar were on the floor on both sides. He bled on the holy table, he bled on the back wall, he bled in the church in different places, and on the altar particularly is a major desecration”. Our reporter asked, “So he injured himself?” Fr Innocent replied, “He injured himself, yes”.

Fr Innocent said that even though the church sustained physical damage in the attack, services will go on as planned, stating, “Scheduled services for tonight, at 6 pm, the Akathist to St Herman, will be held as scheduled. We have a clean-up crew coming in at 1 pm. People are welcome to join us from the community. They don’t have to be Orthodox if they want to come and help. We’re essentially trying to go over the floor, chairs, everything to make sure all, the minutest glass shards are out of the floor and items. We have lots of children here and we want to make sure nobody gets hurt”. According to the Kodiak Police Department press release, Garcia emerged from the church “partially unclothed”, but didn’t explain further. Police Chief Ronda Wallace was unavailable for comment. Garcia was booked on four felony counts of burglary and criminal mischief.

11 June 2015

Jay Barrett

KMXT (Kodiak AK USA) 

Alaska Public Media


The OCA official version is here

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Ukie Pigs Most Probably Desecrated Russian and Serbian Graves in Australia… Cossacks to Defend Cemeteries

00 Sydney russian cemetery desecration. 13.12.14



Vandals damaged at least 76 graves in a Sydney cemetery, mostly Russian and Serbian. The incident, already condemned by Moscow, happened a day before Ukrainian junta strongman P A Poroshenko was to make an official visit to Australia. Vandals knocked down headstones and turned over crosses in an attack that reportedly took place before dawn on Wednesday in the Russian and Serbian sections of Rookwood Cemetery, the biggest in Australia. Police also discovered some damaged graves in two non-denominational sections of the cemetery, which led to official scepticism about whether racial or religious hatred provoked the attack. However, the timing of the assault… a day before the Ukrainian strongman’s arrival for a two-day visit to Australia… gave rise to suspicions that the desecrators particularly targeted Russian graves.

Russian Orthodox cemetery spokesman Aleksey Ivachyoff said that politics couldn’t excuse what vandals did to the graves, telling RT, “Some people that I’ve seen coming here, once the news came across, they were crying. They said, ‘Nothing like this has ever happened before’. There’s absolutely… no excuse. Whatever political differences people have, they shouldn’t take it [out] on the cemetery. They shouldn’t take it [out] on the graves. They should let people there rest in peace”.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations labelled the attack a hate crime, calling for an investigation “at the highest levels”. On Friday, a Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) statement also condemned “the blasphemous desecration of our compatriots’ graves, which cannot be justified”. On Thursday, ITAR-TASS reported that Cossacks living in Australia… descendants of those who emigrated from Russia a century ago… announced at they’d give a reward of 5,000 AUD (240,000 Roubles. 25,500 Renminbi. 258,300 INR. 4,120 USD. 4,770 CAD. 3,300 Euros. 2,620 UK Pounds) to anyone with information about the vandals. The Cossacks, who were the first to report the assault, said that they’re currently helping police patrol the damaged cemetery to prevent new attacks.

12 December 2014



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I’d not be surprised to see that the Ukie nationalists did this. It’s part n’ parcel of their usual MO… KNIFE THE MOSKALS! The cops in Oz know that if they don’t toe the official line, they’re in a world of shit. The Ukie organisations are scared shitless that their own did do it… and they’re trying to distance themselves from it as best they can. Note well that the Uniates and “Ukrainian Orthodox” shelter such criminal filth and protect them from prosecution. That’s what the rightwing does… grand folks, aren’t they? That’s the world of Rush Limboob, Sarah Palin, and Rod Dreher… shitbirds of a feather DO flock together.

By the way, Rod… the Cossacks in the diaspora are REAL people with character and honour… unlike your worthless rightwing Golden Dawn-loving pals like Taki. You have no right to criticise them in any way. After all, you’re a coward who refused to serve your country in the forces… need I say more?


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