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Saturday, 27 September 2014

27 September 2014. “Thanks, But No Thanks”… OCA Rains on EP-Sponsored “Canonical Restructuring” Parade

00 Why they They Talk the Talk... and Don't Walk the Walk. 15.09.12______________________________

We’ve all heard the wind from the so-called “Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America”. This group is nothing but an EP-sponsored “talk-shop”. A notional “Proposal for Canonical Administrative Restructuring” surfaced from this social networking group (for such is what it is)… the EP groups are for it, everyone else is underwhelmed and less than enthusiastic about it… even the OCA! Read this for the OCA response to it… let’s boil it down to a sentence… “No way, no how, no Bart in our Town”. I think that the real reason the Centre shitcanned Fatso (for he did lose the Mandate of Heaven, no doubt on that score) is that they weren’t sure on how he’d react in re Bart and his pretensions to being the “Orthodox Pope”. Mollard is much more malleable and controllable… as the Centre showed by its showering of awards upon his party when he made his ad limina visit (for that is what it was, kids)… something that it NEVER did for Fatso and his drooling pack of konvertsy admirers. As a Cabineteer wrote me:

Sounds like the OCA is finished…. still insisting that its autocephaly is relevant…

I quite agree, but expect the OCA to linger on life-support for at least two more years, for it suits the Centre’s purposes. I believe that the Centre is using the OCA (and the pliable Mollard) to fuck up Bart’s planned Dixie Fry in 2016. You see, the Centre, Serbia, Poland, Czechia/Slovakia, and Bulgaria will insist that the OCA receive a seat at the “all-Orthodox Sobor” as a full discrete independent voting member. Bart won’t give in on that point… that’s clear. It’s also clear that HH will use this to scupper the assembly… and probably convene a Sobor of his own, maybe, at the newly refurbished Novy Ierusalime Monastery. HH wants to force Bart to come out openly as a Vatican puppet… and the OCA is one of his “cards” to make him do so. That is, the OCA has usefulness for the Centre now, and up until 2016. After the scuttling of the “all-Orthodox Sobor”, all bets are off. None of the OCA sorts have ANY cred at the Centre. By the way, Fatso and Dickie Wood had no real cred or tread at the Centre… if they had, firstly, Fatso would still be in charge and, secondly, Dickie wouldn’t be suspended. Both were pals of Tikhon Shevkunov, quite another thing entirely. For instance, Dickie’s getting no support from any real powers like Varsonofy Sudakov or V A Chaplin. The most that he’s getting is posts on questionable sites such as Portal-Credo and posts on oligarch-friendly venues (as Tikhon Shevkunov is part of M A Gelman‘s circle at the Vanil Restoran). Fatso has no real support at the Centre at all… if he did, his petition to enter the ROCOR would’ve been a done deal, and it wasn’t.

Besides, the status quo suits most normal people in the OCA quite well… as one told me:

Mollard’s our choice… no, he isn’t competent… no, he isn’t a leader… no, he isn’t inspiring. But he’s our choice… we need peace, and that’s that, as you say. Mollard won’t rock the boat and he’ll give us peace. Nothing else matters at this point. In any case, we had to stop Dahulich. As I said, Mollard’s our guy, not because we like him, but because he’s going to leave us alone.

That says it all… however, isn’t the LACK of news refreshing? Remember the old saying, “Happy is the land that has no history”… indeed…

I’m constantly learning… boy, I’ve learned much in the past seven years… what I see doesn’t speak well for the long-term survival of the OCA… however, in the near-term, it’s a done deal, and that’s that.


Thursday, 4 July 2013

4 July 2013. Jillions Confirms Mollard’s Junket to the Rodina… NO Mention of It on in the News Section of oca.org


Kiev… the Mother of All RUSSIAN Cities… is HH going to take Jillions to the woodshed for his treacherous and traitorous pro-Uniate activities? I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Jillions and Vsevolod Anatolyevich meet in private (VAC isn’t only HH’s closest confidant, he’s also his “enforcer” in some matters).


For the past six weeks, everyone “in the know” has been talking of Mollard‘s upcoming junket to the Rodina. Click here (skip to the last paragraph, the rest is worthless, disgusting, treacly, and airy bumf, it’s what the Brits call “bollocks on stilts”) for confirmation of its upcoming occurrence. Actually, it’s the traditional ad limina visit that all new OCA First Hierarchs have to make. It shows the world who’s the REAL boss. The OCA has nothing but a fictive pseudo-autocephaly, given it in the Sov times as a means of preserving the Mother Church from undue pressure from the Organy. It was Nikodim Rotov‘s brainchild, and he found that Schmemann and Meyendorff were ambitious and dumb enough to fall for it. The OCA and the ROCOR (in its present form) are both rusting Cold War hulks, best sent to the breaker’s yard.

Note well that there’s no mention of Lyonyo or that bumsucker Tosi in Jillion’s little titbit. Perspirin’ minds wanna know… are they going? Also mark down that His Nibs is giving Mollard a better photo-op than he ever gave Fathausen. As a Centre source told me:

We’re propping him up. All other alternatives at the present moment are worse.

When I pressed this contact for clarification, they merely repeated, “All other alternatives at the present moment are worse”. That smells like the Centre doesn’t want Dahulich near the levers of power (note this well… most American bishops have a Russian Wikipedia page… Dahulich doesn’t… he only has one in the Polish version, no doubt written by that SVS toad Michał Kalina (BTW, it’s the ONLY foreign-language Wikipedia article on Dahulich)). Dahulich is an EP man and a quasi-papist (virtually a semi-Uniate), thus, making him unpalatable to the Centre on two counts. Probably, the Centre doesn’t see the OCA as a long-term solution, but it’s necessary in the near term, as Fathausen was stupid and shortsighted enough to bring in BISHOPS with alien formation. That’ll come back to haunt us in future, I’m sure. What you’ll see is that Mollard, Nibs, and Sabodan will make a pretty picture. No doubt, Mollard will concelebrate at the main liturgy, along with such worthies as Yuvenaly Poyarkov and Varsonofy Sudakov (is Mark Golovkov going to be there too?)… Fatty never got that either. Nibs is rolling out the Red Carpet for Mollard as he never did for El Gordo. I wonder what that means… I don’t know… neither does anyone else. We’ll all have to wait n’ see, no?


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bart to Attend Pope Francisco’s Inauguration


Bart‘s the Vatican‘s lapdog… this image proves it.


Vatican Radio said that the Ecumenical Patriarch would attend a papal inaugural mass for the first time since the Great Schism between Orthodoxy and Catholicism. The presence of the Istanbul-based Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Archontonis, who claims to be the spiritual leader of the world’s Orthodox Christians, at Pope Francisco’s official Inaugural Mass in St Peter’s Square on 19 March, is widely regarded as a sign of further improvement in relations between the two church bodies.

Earlier, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew welcomed the election of Pope Francisco Bergoglio with a warm message of congratulations, saying, “I want to express the hope and the certainty that the Holy Father will contribute to the peace of an already battered humanity, for the poor and the suffering”. The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, who shared friendly relationships with John Paul II Wojtyła and Benedict XVI Ratzinger, said that newly-elected Pope Francisco “will give a new impetus to the two churches’ journey towards unity”.

The Great Schism was the medieval separation of Chalcedonian Christianity into Eastern Orthodox (Greek) and Roman Catholic (Latin) churches. Ecclesiastical differences and theological disputes, including the procession of the Holy Spirit (“filioque“), whether one should use leavened or unleavened bread in the Eucharist, the Pope of Rome’s claim to universal jurisdiction, and the place of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople amongst the Pentarchy long embittered relations between Orthodox and Catholics. The formal start of the schism was in 1054 {there were many long periods of breakage in communion before then… 1054 was an attempt at reconciliation gone wrong: editor}.

Emperors, popes, and patriarchs made efforts in subsequent centuries to heal the rift. However, a number of factors and historical events worked to widen the separation over time. The relations between Orthodox and Catholics eventually showed signs of improvement, especially after the Second Vatican Council, known as Vatican II, when Pope Paul VI Montini and Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras Spyrou {a pro-American cleric installed after Langley instigated a coup against socialist-leaning pro-Soviet Patriarch Maximos Vaportzis in 1948: editor} voiced a joint expression of regret for many of the past actions that had led up to the Great Schism in the Catholic-Orthodox Joint Declaration of 1965. Patriarch Bartholomew, elected the 273rd Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople in October 1991, visited the Vatican for the first time in June 1995. John Paul II was the first pope since the Great Schism to visit an Eastern Orthodox country (Romania) in May 1999.

16 March 2013



Editor’s Note:

Despite all of Bart’s pretentions, the REAL primus inter pares amongst Orthodox is HH… the MP IS the 400-kilo (882 pounds) bear in the room, whilst the EP is an American-paid-and-directed 40-kilo (88 pounds) weakling. Everybody knows this, and it drives Bart batty to no end. Let’s not be coy… the Curia was watching to see who the Centre would send as a delegation… they knew that they had Bart in their pocket; they always have, to speak plainly.

The Russian state sent a low-level group centred on a middling RF Gosduma figure (they didn’t even send Medvedev, who met Benedict previously), whilst the MP only sent the Blunder. He has no oomph… everyone knows that… the Curia knows that (they also know that he’s the most hated bishop in all of Russia… he has no chance at the funny white hat as he comes from a family of Jewish background… that’s the way it is in Russia. The Blunder is as marginal as Men, Chistyakov, and Kochetkov were). If the delegation were to have a legit figure such as Varsonofy Sudakov, Yuvenaly Poyarkov, Mark Golovkov, Filaret Vakhromeyev, or even Kliment Kapalin as the head, then, both the Curia and we would sit up and take notice of it (and have meaty material for speculation). As it is, it’s just the Blunder and his usual set of greasy eunuchs from Bolshaya Ordynka.

As an aside, the OCA kisses up big-time to the papists because they get recognition as a legit Local Church from them (which they don’t get in Real Orthodox circles). The Curia knows this… shall they place Mollard near Bart, just to show the latter who’s the boss and who’s the flunky? It’s a possibility…


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