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Friday, 30 August 2013

30 August 2013. Stop the Presses! Vassa Larina’s Started a New YouTube Lecture Series! Hear, Hear!

01 read all about it


I got the following from the Cabinet:

V. L. has started a YouTube lecture series (click here). Expect much more of her cutting mockery of her parents, her home parish, and the Russian Orthodox tradition more generally, now straight to your computer screen!

I quite agree. Another Cabineteer sent me this:

Don’t link Mother Vassa with Fr George! He’s quite upset with her dalliance with Bob Taft and of some of her public utterances. He’s an Old School ROCOR priest, in the best sense of the term.

I quite agree with that, too. The Larins are part of the First Families apparat, but that doesn’t mean that they’re corrupt or evil. Once we have a united Church here in the American and Canadian diasporas many of the First Family sorts will have leading positions in it. You’re stupid to think otherwise. As for me, I agree with Deng Xiaoping:

It doesn’t matter whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.

Some of the First Family sorts (such as John Jillions, Eric Tosi, Victor Potapov, and Leonid Ksihkovsky) are incompetents and/or corrupt to the bone. Others are “operators” but competent (such as Alexander Lebedeff), whilst still others simply have the “right pedigree” (Alexander Golitzin, many of the Lukianovtsy, George Larin, and Alexander Garklavs). There’s a deep longing for unity amongst Russian Orthodox in the American diaspora. That’s the impression that I received from my conversations at St T’s and Jackson. Let’s not ruin it by stupid vendettas that’ll do nothing but advance personal agendas and halt unity. Keep it focused; keep it businesslike; keep it issues-oriented; we’ll get there (and faster than you’d think, too)




Saturday, 27 April 2013

27 April 2013. Look At This… Orthodox Quislings to Kiss the Pope’s Arse at “Orientale Lumen” Conference

00 Backstab


Look at this:

Washington DCMetropolitan Tikhon invited to speak at Orientale Lumen Conference June 17-20

His Beatitude Metropolitan Tikhon was invited to speak at the Orientale Lumen XVII Conference at Washington Retreat House in the US capital 17-20 June 2013. The annual gathering is sponsored jointly by the Society of St John Chrysostom, the Orientale Lumen Foundation, and Eastern Christian Publications. The conference theme… Vision of a Reunited Church… will be developed by a number of speakers moderated by the Rev Ron Roberson, CSP, of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. Amongst the other Orthodox speakers are Fr Thomas FitzGerald, Hellenic College/Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology; and Mother Vassa Larina of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, University of Vienna (Universität Wien) in Austria. Several prominent Roman Catholic speakers will also address participants. Detailed information on registration fees, schedule, and accommodations may be found online. Videos of past conferences may be viewed at www.oltv.tv.



Vassa Larina is a traitor… full stop. She thinks more of pleasing her Uniate mentor, Bob Taft, rather than staying true to Christ’s Church. Her claim that we who disagree with her practise an “Orthodoxy of Fear” isn’t only untrue… it’s a derisive notion of the worst-possible sort. Of course, the fact that her father is George Larin, one of the most powerful First Family clerics in the ROCOR doesn’t hurt. I think of the late Fr Mikhail Shuvar’s fidelity unto death and compare it to Vassa Larina’s perfidy unto treachery… sickening, isn’t it? What would the pre-reconciliation George Larin have said if his daughter sucked up to a papist Uniate stooge then? I know what the answer to that is… he would’ve condemned her publicly and cut ties with her. This is one of the most nauseating “Paris is well worth a mass” moments that I’ve seen. As for Tikhon Mollard and Thomas FitzGerald, neither one is doing anything contrary to previous shenanigans. They’re simply bad seed. They’re both quasi-papists (Mollard may be a crypto-Uniate in his heart-of-hearts… Dahulich certainly is).

If we were doing this in a True Orthodox manner, we’d send low-ranking non-official observers to this shindig, not Archpriests, not Archimandrites, not Bishops… they’d have strict orders to stay out of all discussions… their only purpose would be to report to the hierarchy on what went on. They’d not participate in any group photos or make any statements for the Church. They’d be polite and generous… but aloof. After all, the papists are outside the Church, and we can’t give them the impression that they’re not. They’re schismatics, at best. That is, one should be kind and civil, but not encourage any papist nonsense.

For shame… Vassa Larina, Tikhon Mollard, and Thomas FitzGerald showed their willingness to sell out (cheaply) the Lord Christ for a mess of pottage. Hmm… Fathausen and Moriak did likewise, didn’t they? I wonder if El Gordo and his protector Potapov are going to show up for this Dixie Fry… it’s in the District, after all. Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Who’s NOT There is as Important as Who IS There

Here’s a member of the “Orthodox” delegation to the Orientale Lumen conference… there’s no one from the grounded Church who is going, save for a fairly-low-level Moscow archimandrite, who, no doubt, is KMG’s spy. We shouldn’t be going to such trumpery…


Before we deal with the question posed by the title, one of the things that I’ve dealt with, not only in the last few days, but over the long haul as well, is the accusation that I’m being unfair to the person and ideas of Jonas Paffhausen. Am I being such? Firstly, didn’t Mr Paffhausen say at his election, “It’s all over?” Apparently, he meant that the secrecy and high-handedness of the Swaiko administration were over. Were they? Certainly, there was a change in the attitude towards the faithful… the administration became twice as secretive and twice as evasive. For instance, no information was released on the recent Holy Synod meeting in Colorado on oca.org (beyond a bare mention of its meeting); there wasn’t even a mention of the topics under discussion. In short, nothing was told to the faithful and Mark Stokoe just smiled an idiot’s smile. Would he have done so if Herman had been half as secretive? Recently, Terrence Mattingly (another self-appointed konvertsy “expert”) gushed all over Stokoe, and attacked all the rest of us, saying that we did no original work. Mr Mattingly… I challenge you. I translate from the Russian press weekly, therefore, are you saying that I am an “uninformed commentator?” I’d argue that I’ve access to Orthodox material that you don’t even know about because of your lack of facility in Russian. Interesting, no? Well… let’s move on to the nub of the submission…

However, I was looking at the items on oca.org, and one did catch my eye. This is disturbing in the extreme. Indeed, when one combines this with Paffhausen’s syncretistic pact with the TEC via Nashotah House and Behr’s embrace of the heretical “hierarch” Rowan Williams, it can mean only one thing. The OCA‘s signalling to the entire world that the boundaries of the Church mean nothing to it. We’ll return to this, but first, let’s look at an error in fact in the above post. One of the speakers, according to the OCA handout, is “Archimandrite Cyril Hovorun, Director of Religious Education, Moscow”. Does it surprise you that they didn’t get it right? Kirill Nikolaevich Govorun (no Russian source uses the incorrect dialectical “Hovorun”) holds a rather more modest office in Moscow… he’s First Deputy Chairman of the Education Committee of the MP. MUCH less than what the OCA handout implies… let’s not be too harsh, of course, it’s probably just a consequence of the utter incompetence of Belonick and Matusiak. Oh, another little wrinkle that’s not in the article due to the boobishness of Matusiak and Belonick… Kirill Nikolaevich IS the head of the DECR for the UOC/MP… I believe that he’s a lower-horsepower stand-in for the Boy Wonder, who’s sitting this one out (after the der Spiegel débâcle, he’s laying low, no doubt). Indeed, no MP bishop is on the agenda. THAT is interesting in the extreme. Bart is strutting his stuff and NO MP bishop is involved. Note well that Fr Kirill’s the highest-ranking MP figure in this ecumaniac love feast. In fact, he’s the ONLY MP figure named, save for Vassa Larina, who is from the ROCOR, which is a constituent part of the MP.

Also, note that the only ROCOR personality involved is Vassa Larin. Her academic and personal ties to Bob Taft are well known, and I don’t need to attack them… all of the Church knows of them, and very few (save for a few pseudo-academic poseurs) support her dalliance with this Uniate Jesuit charlatan (I believe that she’s doing so to “further her academic career”). So, look at who’s there, and who isn’t there. The Boy Wonder isn’t there. He’s not moving from Moscow, thank you very much (or he’s sticking close to KMG). That means that his errors over the past year have caught up with him, and he’s repairing his fences. No major figure from the MDA or SPDA or PSTGU is there. There’s no one from Jordanville, either from the monastery or the seminary. None of the major MP department heads is there, not even the layman Vladimir Legoida. NO MP bishop is there. Now, if Fr Vsevolod Chaplin or Prof Natalia Narochnitskaya were there, I’d sit up and take NOTICE. I’d truly take a second (and long) look if the name of Archimandrite Tikhon Shevkunov cropped up. Truly, none of the real big-name players in the MP is involved in this EP/papal farce.

All too many newcomers in the Church are unaware of the factional fight that is going on right now for the soul of the Russian Orthodox Church. It’s why the decent people in the MP wanted the ROCOR back into the fold so badly… they’d be valuable allies against such dangerous and mendacious poseurs as SVS, New Skete, and St Sergius (Paris). As I said, note who isn’t there… Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev isn’t there… Metropolitan Hilarion Kapral isn’t there… no MP or ROCOR bishop is there… no one from any major MP or ROCOR seminary or higher institution is there. The only MP figure named is a low-octane substitute for the Boy Wonder… who’s not going to be there either! The only ROCOR figure named has unwisely (and publicly) kissed the bum of a Jesuit Uniate phony (I hasten to add that every ROCOR voice I’ve heard on this (save for the pseudo-academic poseur Psaryov) condemns her actions in re Taft unreservedly). It’s not wise for ANY OCA figure to be there, under such circumstances, as Moscow is their sole canonical lifeline.

What is this, after all? It’s a papist meeting called to further a papist agenda in a papist venue. Excuse me whilst I hurl. To my Catholic friends I’d say, “It’s one thing to be polite to one’s neighbour and to show kindness to the people about one. That’s only right and proper. However, I draw the line at actions that transgress the boundaries of the Church… for that’s spitting on Our Lord Christ Himself”. Somehow, I don’t think that I’d get an argument from the Mark Sheas of this world… we’d agree to disagree, and we’d move on to things that we could share. We wouldn’t hold such a conference, though… it’s demeaning to both parties. Jonas Paffhausen and SVS have told all of us what they think of Christ by this action. If the Church is Christ’s Body, then, anything that we do concerning the Church concerns Christ. If one follows my chain of logic by starting with the stipulation, “JP and SVS are disregarding the boundaries of the Church”, I think that it’s obvious where that syllogism leads. Yes… JP, you were right. “Everything has changed”… yes, it most certainly has… not for the better.

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 8 May 2010

Albany NY

Friday, 8 January 2010

On The Eve of Christmas, a Mob from the “Patriarchate of Kiev” Tried To Seize a Church in the Western Ukraine

Archbishop Sergei Gensitsky of Ternopol and Kremenets (1951- ), the ruling bishop of Musorovtsy. Pray that God preserve him in the face of schismatical and Uniate attacks.


On the very eve of Christmas, for the third time, supporters of the self-proclaimed “Patriarchate of Kiev” attempted to seize Protection church in the village of Musorovtsy in Ternopol oblast. “On 3 January, a provocation occurred. A ‘priest’ of the ‘Patriarchate of Kiev’, Svyatoslav Shvets, led a mob of young nationalist thugs”, the press service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC/MP) told our Interfax-Religion correspondent on Tuesday. At the end of liturgy, about 100 youths began to beat on the doors of the church with a hammer and chisel in the presence of the police and representatives of the village council. They broke open the bolt and lock on the door, but weren’t able to enter the church. The intruders tried to enter through a side door using an axe and a five-metre-long (@16 feet) wooden plank. “They beat the priest, servers, and parishioners defending the church with the plank, benches, and boards. However, the defenders beat back the attackers and miraculously protected the church”, our source told us. During the storming of the church, the marauders smashed in the windows, and they threw metal objects, wooden boards with nails, firecrackers, smoke bombs, burning rags, and the like into the building. “They also threw in homemade Molotov Cocktails and the young toughs threatened to destroy the church if they wouldn’t give up”, the UOC/MP spokesman added.

Then, an ambulance arrived, it took away the wounded parishioners, and one of the defenders of the church is still in the oblast intensive care unit. “After this bloody confrontation, the ‘priest’ of the ‘Patriarchate of Kiev’ rewarded the hooligans with bundles of money and congratulated them for their Christmas assault on the church and wished them more ‘great successes’”, our interlocutor noted. To put this situation to rights, Metropolitan Vladimir Sabodan of Kiev and all the Ukraine wrote a letter of protest to President Yushchenko and Prime Minister Timoshenko. In mid-November, supporters of the so-called “Patriarchate of Kiev” made their first attempt to seize the church in the village of Musorovtsy. Two weeks later, they made a second foray, then, according to Archbishop Sergei Gensitsky of Ternopol and Kremenets, the head of the village council personally smashed the lock on the entrance door of the church with a hammer, allowing thugs to attack believers and letting partisans of the “Patriarchate of Kiev” sneak into the church. However, the two previous attempts to capture the church, just like the present one, were failures.

5 January 2010



Editor’s Note:

Stories such as this show us that those such as Jonas Paffhausen, Chad Hatfield, Vassa Larina, Andrei Psaryov, and Hilarion Alfeyev are quislings of the worst sort. The schismatics, sectarians, and Uniates are encouraged by the disunity in our ranks. When, for instance, Vassa Larin defends Robert Taft, she condoned the beating of Fr Mikhail Shuvar by a Uniate mob. After all, the papists are our friends! The Fathers of the Holy Mountain are only fit subjects for laughter (the sound of the giggles of the SVS audience at the prompting of Mr Taft still rings in my ears)! We’re poor ignorant peasants just waiting for enlightenment from our Western betters! Excuse me whilst I hurl to clear the foul taste in my mouth. Whenever you defend the papist pretensions, a Uniate or schismatical mob attacks another one of our Orthodox brethren. If we’d kept our ranks united, perhaps, a brave defender of the Church wouldn’t be lying in the Ternopol Oblast ICU. If this brave person dies, their blood is on the hands of the temporisers. That’s what bloviating about a “religion of fear” leads to. Someone gets hurt… hurt so badly that they are in the ICU. Have they no shame? Are they not mortified at the results of their actions? I fear that they feel nothing save anger at those of us who dare to question their notional constructs. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to show a scrap of human feeling… it’s not healthy.



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