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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Moscow to Host Roundtable on “The Spiritual Heritage of Russian America and Russian-American Relations”

Orthodox divine liturgy in Alaska

How much longer, dear Lord?


On Wednesday 17 July 2013, a roundtable with the theme The Spiritual Heritage of Russian America and Russian-American Relations will occur at the press centre of the newspaper Вечерняя Москва (Vechernyaya Moskva: Evening Moscow). Over the past few years, the MP and the Russian Academy of Sciences, with the active support of the RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the US Embassy in Moscow, have studied the spiritual and cultural heritage of Russian America… a unique historical phenomenon, which involved the exploration of the Pacific coast of North America by Russian pioneers, traders, and Orthodox missionaries.

Roundtable participants will discuss recent work in the archives that revealed previously-unknown facts from the history of the exploration of Alaska and of the development of the Orthodox Mission in North America presented in academic conferences on the subject that took place in Russia and the USA. They’ll share details on the surviving elements of the Russian spiritual and cultural traditions, researchers will talk on indigenous languages ​​of the peoples of Alaska, and there’ll be a presentation by the scientific director of the research expedition “Alaska 2011”, which completed a more than a thousand-kilometre voyage on the rivers in the Alaskan interior. In addition, the participants will discuss the experiences and perspectives of youth and student exchanges, which would promote the study of the spiritual heritage of Russian America, both in Russia and in the USA, as well as positive developments in the Russian-American cultural dialogue.

The round table will bring together:

The affair starts at 15.00 MSK.

The address is:

Bumazhny Drive, d. 14, str. 2, third floor

Questions can be sent to:


Accreditation for media representatives by phone:

8 (499) 557-04-24, ext.187; 8 (910) 002-91-60, 8 (903) 765-43-17



16 July 2013


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Editor’s Note:

There is NOTHING on this on oca.org. NOTHING. It proves, even to the slow learners, that Ginny Nieuwsma is a lazy and bone-idle incompetent layabout. I’m only a single individual, yet, I got this translated and out, tout suite, without any shilly-shallying. Of course, this speaks ill of Lil’ Mizz Ginny’s bosses… Lyonyo, Jillions, and Eric (“The records simply don’t exist”) Tosi. It also doesn’t speak well of Tikhon Mollard.

Also note another wrinkle… there are NO OCA people mentioned at all… at a conference devoted to ALASKA. Alaska… the cradle of Orthodoxy in these here parts, and there’s NO OCA role in it. Make a special note that Pihach, the OCA rep in Moscow, is MIA. If this isn’t proof to you that the Centre’s written off the OCA, well, I don’t know what else will convince you.

One last detail… Kliment Kapalin is the MP expert on Alaska, and he’s the best candidate for Metropolitan of Alaska if Alaska were to leave the OCA and return to the Mother Church. He has tons of local contacts and he’s no unknown to native circles (the Lower 48 carpetbaggers can fry ice, for all that real people are concerned). Is this a signal (especially, as no OCA sorts are invited)? It’s a possibility…

However, this latest gaffe by oca.org is too much of a muchness… I DO need a drink. This is crazy…



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