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Friday, 14 February 2014

Chechen Leader Offers Shelter to Second Doomed Danish Giraffe

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Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov offered a home in Chechnya to another zoo giraffe facing death in Denmark. The Guardian reported this week that the Jyllands Park Zoo in Videbæk is preparing to kill a healthy young giraffe named Marius to prevent inbreeding. On Sunday, the København Zoo killed another giraffe… also named Marius… with shot from a bolt gun to the head after the zoo deemed him genetically superfluous. About 27,000 people signed an online petition to keep the first Marius alive, and several other zoos offered him a home, but the zoo went ahead with the killing.

On Thursday, Kadyrov wrote on his Instagram account, “I’m worried by reports that another giraffe is about to be slaughtered in Denmark. I’m ready to accept Marius for humanitarian reasons. We guarantee him proper living conditions and will take care of his health”. Kadyrov described Sunday’s killing, billed as an educational event and attended by dozens of children, as a “savage show”. The zoo dissected the giraffe’s corpse in public view and it fed the meat to its lions, tigers, and leopards. Kadyrov, repeatedly accused by human rights groups of human rights violations in Chechnya, has his own private zoo with lions, tigers, and bears on the grounds of his official residence outside Grozny.

14 February 2014



Editor’s Note:

Ramzan Akhmadovich shows the good side of the Caucasian character. If he gives his word… that’s it. He’ll go through hell itself to keep it. When he outlawed casinos in Chechnya, he told all the owners to come to him if they needed help in transitioning to another line of endeavour. He kept his word. He’s a Caucasian chieftain, in all senses… that is, when he pledges his word, that’s it. To tell only the “bad side” of the Caucasian character isn’t fair at all…

Did you note that Ramzan Akhmadovich “has his own private zoo with lions, tigers, and bears on the grounds of his official residence outside Grozny”… lions, and tigers, and bears… oh, my!


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