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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Mob Elements Take Over Maidan in Kiev… Make Rules in Defiance of Junta… Patriot Elements in Kharkov and Donetsk Still On the Streets

00 No election without referendum! 04.04.14


The so-called “Rada of the Maidan Hundreds”, consisting of the leaders of the militant mob, declared a “curfew” on the Maidan in Kiev, which is still holds the militants’ tent camp. TASS reported that the so-called “Rada of the Hundreds” approved “Rules of Behaviour”. A mob spokesman said, “Aiming to ensure security, calm, and the right to rest the Maidan residents have, the Rada of the Maidan Hundreds introduced rules for a curfew on the Maidan in Kiev from 6 April 2014, from 01.00 to 05.00”. The mob leadership banned public events and mass rallies not approved by the “Headquarters of the Maidan Commandant’s Office” on the Maidan. The militants allow no one to move across the square without permission, either. During the curfew, patrols will conduct document checks.


If you needed proof that anarchy reigns in the Ukraine, this is it. By the way, a “hundred” or “sotnia” is a traditional unit in the Russian Opolchenie, approximately of company size (called a “hundred” as it was originally 100 men). This shows that the junta doesn’t even control central Kiev… this bunch of Madame Defarges have taken over, and they’ve created a Committee of Public Safety. God help the poor Little Russian people… this doesn’t bode well at all.



TASS reported that patriot elements in Donetsk seized the building of the Donetsk Oblast State Administration. The police are preparing to use a water cannon against them. Earlier on Sunday, about 2,000 people gathered in Donetsk’s central Lenin Square to voice their support of the Berkut spetsnaz troops arrested by the SBU on suspicion of manslaughter during the mob attacks in Kiev. The marchers said that the junta was trying to “play a card of repression against dissidents”. Participants in the rally chanted slogans, held Russian flags, wore St George Ribbons, and waved banners of pro-Russian groups.


On Sunday, several thousand people gathered for a pro-Russian rally near the heavily guarded Donetsk Oblast State Administration building. Although several hundred policemen deployed near the building, about 50 demonstrators managed to break the gates and enter the courtyard. They chanted, “Crimea – Donbass – Russia!” Some of them held Russian flags. However, most of the demonstrators remained outside the courtyard. They held flags and posters and wore Russian victory ribbons. Dozens of patriot activists made their way into the second floor through a smashed window. They set up Russian tricolour flags and a banner of the Donetsk Republic on the entrance roof overhang. Demonstrators removed the Ukrainian flag from the mast near the building and fixed a Russian flag. A water cannon truck pulled up at the building.

Simultaneously, two rallies took place in Kharkov’s Svoboda Square in support of a referendum on Ukrainian federalisation. Some of the demonstrators gathered near the monument to Lenin, a traditional gathering place. They held Russian tricolour flags, as well as flags of the Borotba movement. One could see posters in support of the Berkut spetsnaz and in memory of the policemen killed by the mob in Kiev on the monument. Interfax reported that demonstrators set up an improvised stage in the middle of the square with flags of the Southeast movement, the KPU, the USSR, and Russia. They held posters reading “Russia, Ukraine, Belarus! One Nation! Common History! Common Future!” Police claimed that both rallies gathered about 1,500 participants.


If People’s Deputies don’t convene before 23.59 local time on 6 April and don’t pass a resolution on holding a referendum, Donbass residents will declare them illegitimate.  According to a LifeNews correspondent onsite, both cops and protesters are behaving calmly. Activists established their own checkpoint at the entrance to the local administration building, and they check the documents of those who want to enter the building. The activists also insist that police leave the building. Over a thousand Donbass citizens are in the square. They’re playing the guitars, singing songs, and setting up tents.

6 April 2014


ITAR-TASS reported that pro-Russian protesters called on the “illegal junta in Kiev” to end political repressions and persecution of dissidents.

Protesters in Donetsk burned an image of nationalist pakhan* Bandera.

* Pakhan: bandit chieftain

The junta sent the Alpha spetsnaz group to Donetsk, where pro-Russian protesters seized the government building and raised a Russian flag over it.

Ukraine Reporter stated that Kiev couldn’t deploy army units in Donetsk because it hasn’t declared a state of war. The police look weak or disloyal to the junta.

Rumours flood the Ukraine that Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich may soon appear in Donetsk. No official confirmation of this information is available.

Sławomir Dębski, former head of the Polish Institute of International Affairs, suggests that inactivity on the part of the Ukrainian police is in Yuliya Timoshenko’s best interest.

Pro-Russian protesters are still on the streets as of 03.24 MSK (16.24 PDT. 19.24 EDT 6 April. 00.24 BST. 09.24 AEST)


That’s the LATEST real news. It’s still in the balance…


7 April 2014

Voice of Russia World Service






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The Rule of Bullets and Clubs

00 Right Sector Thugs in Kiev. 06.04.14


The Revolution has begun…. but the Revolution hasn’t ended, as the famous song has it. Unfortunately, the lyrics of songs and real life are a little bit different. People know that from their experience, especially, those who live in the now very “independent” Ukraine. It seems that a bitter moment of reckoning came for the politically naïve, who gaped at the gutted residence of President Yanukovich, who walked on rich carpets lit by gold candlesticks. It turns out that thousands of militants aren’t only in special camps, but these “hot shots” aren’t in a hurry to resign the power and respect that they have through their weapons and willingness to use them. They’re in no hurry to leave, after driving a thirst for régime change and leading the crowd.

You see, having a weapon confers power. Sashko Bily demonstrated this when he brandished an avtomat in the faces of People’s Deputies. Then, he shot himself in the heart with an avtomat after they shot him in the feet and bound him up. Now, his Right Sector comrades, who have real combat savvy, deploy gunmen in the centre of the Ukrainian capital. On the other hand, why shouldn’t they do this? They’re the heroes of the Maidan, they’re organised, so, c’mon, who’s going to stand against such brave guys? The Right Sector suspects that MVDU boss Avakov (whom they hate) murdered Sashko Bily. There’s an investigation, but given what happens during revolutionary turmoil, no one should expect that anyone would ever find the real culprits.

The Right Sector bothers everybody. Arrogant men with guns, who’re outside the control of lawful authorities, are seldom useful in normal life. Ordinary life has bureaucracy, bickering, quarrels, and underhanded dirty tricks, but it doesn’t have shootouts and putting avtomats on the table as an argument. Nobody wants such dashing “Cossacks” mucking about in everyday life. Understandably, they frighten folks. Today, Ukrainians face a difficult bit of work. They need to get rid of the Right Sector somehow, but they want to preserve the heroic flair of the Maidan. That is, they can’t admit that they used these scumbags… they can’t even admit that these characters are scumbags on principle. However, what about the celestial heroism of the Maidan band? Therefore, we need to make sure that these characters were heroes once, but they’re only virtual heroes now.

Adolf Hitler carried out the Night of the Long Knives, where he cut the stormtroopers down to size in a new Massacre de la Saint-Barthélemy. Yet, to arrange a massacre after this extraordinary victory of democracy over common sense would be discrediting the results of the revolution itself. To try to shoot them one by one on the quiet… that’s impossible. The Ukraine isn’t a large country, its people are vociferous, and there’s technology to shoot and record an event and spread it on the internet. As a result, the junta strikes exactly the same rock that the previous government foundered upon… the question of when to use force against militants. However, if Yanukovich hesitated to give the order to shoot, forcing police to stand under attacks of those throwing stones and incendiaries, such prudence won’t work for the revolutionaries. Their grip on power is so tenuous that they can’t allow any “Sashko Bily” to erode it. They need to strengthen their grip on power, and spilt blood seems to them the best solution, not only in terms of deterrence of all sorts of dubious elements, previously known as Maidan activists, but for rallying the ranks of their supporters. You see, none of them would be without guilt; a shameful past would unite and bind them together. What more is there to add? Lucky Ukrainians… they dreamed of a taste of freedom… now, they getting it by the spoonful. However, the Right Sector saga… it’s only at the beginning…

1 April 2014

Mariya Solovyova



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Friday, 4 April 2014

The Fear of the Russophobic Scumbags

00 Sergei Yolkin. I've Got Mine. 28.03.14


Today, it’s quite common to hear that in acquiring the Crimea from the Ukraine, we lost. Die-hard liberals and some characters posturing as patriots, nationalists, and even monarchists repeat this spell like a mantra. However, let’s try to understand this formulation. Firstly, how can you lose what isn’t ours? Has the Ukraine belonged to us since 1991? Definitely not! Moreover, despite the consistently friendly policy pursued by the Kremlin over the years towards a fraternal republic, it increasingly moved away from us. The attitude of Kiev to us ranged from openly hostile to suspicious and distrustful. Thus, Yushchenko provided weapons and specialists to Saakashvili, who attacked Russian citizens, and Ukrainian technicians fired SAMs that shot down our planes over South Ossetia. Yanukovich was supposedly “pro-Russian”, but he dragged the country to the West, participating in NATO and EU projects, where they only tolerated them, despite their obvious anti-Russian orientation. Kuchma proclaimed the “multi-vector” Ukrainian foreign policy as follows, “Against Russia at the expense of Russia”.

Russophobia of varying intensity was the tacit ideology of the independent Ukraine, no matter who ruled it. Even Yanukovich used a strange excuse to “de-hero” Shukhevich and Bandera… they weren’t Ukrainian citizens (as if anyone could be a Ukrainian citizen in those days). In fact, nothing changed. Since independence, they brought up a whole generation on hatred of our country. It couldn’t have turned out otherwise. Contrasting the “Galician ideal” to “moderate Ukrainians” is akin to asking, “Moskal, do want us to trample you or just push you?” It just isn’t tenable. The idea of ​​”Ukrainianism” in all its forms has its basis in the denial of the idea of Rus… “The Ukraine isn’t Russia” says it all. Therefore, when did we lose the Ukraine? Now, when we regained the Crimea, or 23 years ago?

I must point out one important fact… all Ukrainian Russophobic propaganda has at its base the belief that Russia is weak, that it’s afraid of the West, and that it betrays its friends. Therefore, you can kick it with impunity; you’ll earn a reward from the benevolent West, which will not only feed its servants, but also protect them from everything. Then, it became clear that the rumours about Russia’s weakness were exaggerations, that it wasn’t weak, that the West was afraid of it, and that it had no effective influence over our country. It turned out that the “good Pan” [“Pan”: Polish for “Mister”, a dig at Galician grovelling to Poles] wasn’t ready to feed his slave… indeed, he wasn’t ready to protect him, either. In fact, they left their serf at the mercy of the “evil” neighbour over the fence, whom the serf mocked for 23 years, making derisive faces, along with perverse and contemptuous comments. Under the cover of darkness, the neighbour came and took back his land, and the serf is now utterly dependent on his generosity. It’s one thing to kick a dying or already-dead lion, it’s quite another to try to do the same with an extremely lively and brisk one.

However, that’s not all. The worst thing for the pro-EU lot was that the example of the Crimeans gave Ukrainians a standard to weigh the “pros” and “cons” of the western and eastern vectors. Thus, the first steps towards European integration, which didn’t mean that the Ukraine would ever gain EU membership, already cost them the loss of social programmes, increasing the retirement age, and cutting pensions and salaries. At the same time, the Crimeans who became Russian citizens received new social guarantees and benefits, and the size of their pensions and salaries increased by several times! Gangs on the streets dominate the Ukraine, anarchy and chaos rule… in the Crimea, all is calm and in order. The Ukraine stopped broadcasting Russian TV because they’re hiding things from their people. Nevertheless, the question before Ukrainians is, “Do you want to be starving Russophobes, or, do you want to be satisfied Russophiles?” The answer to this by most normal people in the Ukraine is quite predictable. However, censorship in this information age is impossible, and, of course, Ukrainians learnt about what happened in the Crimea, in spite of the “muzzled” TV and false Banderovtsy agitprop. Probably, it’ll take some time to convince many that this is true, not “Putin propaganda”, then, very few people will find the “Western project” attractive.

We can say with confidence that we not only didn’t “lose” the Ukraine, rather, we took precise and proper steps to ensure its return. Actually, the return has already begun… Crimea is ours… that’s only the first step. However, there’s another important point… Ukrainians should know that Russia doesn’t let its people down; furthermore, anyone who asks for our protection and assistance will get it. In fact, that happened in the Crimea. It’s scary to imagine what awaited Crimeans protesting against the junta if Russia hadn’t come to their aid. Besides that, there’s the Southeastern Ukraine, Novorossiya, whose people overwhelmingly oppose federation with Kiev, who want membership in the TS EvrAsES, and where many want to become part of Russia. These people believe in Russia and the fact that it’ll help them and protect them. To betray their hopes would be pure heartlessness, as it’d lead to ethnic cleansing and genocide. We shouldn’t forget the axiom of Tsar Nikolai Pavlovich {who founded the University of Kiev in 1834, a man of true honour, faithfulness, and probity: editor}… “Wherever we raise the Russian flag once, we’ll never lower it”.

4 April 2014

Boris Dzherelievsky



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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Crowds Demand all-Ukraine Referendum on Federation

00 Ukraine crisis. Donetsk Kharkov 06. 17.03.14


On Saturday night, local media said that a rally demanding a referendum on making the Ukraine a federation brought together more than 2,000 people in the eastern city of Lugansk. The marchers in downtown Lugansk chanted “Russia”, “Say No to Fascism”, “NATO Go Away”, “Yanukovich Is Our President”, and “Referendum”. The protesters demanded that the junta respect the results of a “Popular Referendum of the Lugansk Area”, held from 16-23 March, involving 173,000 residents. A statement issued by the steering committee of the referendum said that they offered five questions to respondents. Question One asked if they trusted Aleksandr Turchinov, the chieftain of the junta, and the officials he appointed; 96.19 percent said “No”. Question Two asked, “Do you support the slashing of social benefits and abolition of discounts due to IMF demands?” 95.77 percent said “No”. Question Three asked if they supported the status of Lugansk Oblast as a constituent territory of a federation within the Ukraine; 95.54 percent said “Yes”. Question Four asked whether they supported an amnesty for the leaders of the popular resistance in the Lugansk area; 95.66 percent said “Yes”. Question Five asked if the Ukraine should join the Customs Union of the Eurasian Economic Community (TS EvrAsES); 96.1 percent said “Yes”.

Also on Saturday, a rally demanding a referendum on making the Ukraine into a federation brought together more than 3,000 people on Lenin Square in Donetsk, the capital of neighbouring Donetsk Oblast. Participants in the rally declared their intention to use legal methods for pressing the junta to hold a referendum to resolve the future of the heavily industrialised Donbass. They waved Russian flags, as well as the standards of the Eastern Front and the Donetsk Republic movements. Many wore St George ribbons… symbols of Russian military glory and victory… on the lapels of their coats. One heard chants of “Down with Fascism”, “Free Gubaryov” (Pavel Gubaryov, the “People’s Governor” of Donetsk Oblast, now in junta imprisonment), and “Donbass for Referendum”. During the meeting, activists of the Russian Bloc held an opinion poll related to proposals to turn Ukraine into a federation, on the status of the Russian language, on whether the Ukraine should join the TS EvrAsES, and whether the Ukraine should collaborate with NATO.

On Sunday, 30 March, Lenin Square in Donetsk shall become the site of a many-thousands-strong meeting where the residents will demand a referendum on the status of the Donbass. On Friday, Viktor Yanukovich, the legitimate President of the Ukraine, compelled to leave the country in the wake of the American-fomented coup in Kiev, spoke out in favour of turning Ukraine into a federation. He proposed to hold an all-Ukraine referendum on this question instead of the early presidential election scheduled by the junta for 25 May, saying, “As a President who stands side-by-side with you, you’re deep in my heart and in my thoughts, I call on every soberly thinking Ukrainian citizen to resist the efforts of usurpers to misuse them. Demand a referendum on determining the status of each particular oblast within the Ukraine”.


There’s a short opportunity to hold an all-Ukraine referendum on making the country a federation. It’s more important than the so-called “presidential election” is… the West wants to install one of the oligarchs as “President”… if that happens, the Ukraine as a nation-state will unravel, probably, in the messiest way possible. Then, all bets WOULD be off… the suffering that’d ensue would make the misery observable today look very comfortable indeed. Reflect on the fact that Americans (especially, Republicans) salivate over this and don’t give a good god-damn how many innocents suffer… after all, there’s money to be made, and only “successful” people count, dontcha know. It’s the vilest thing that I’ve seen in my days.

By the way, don’t count out Viktor Fyodorovich… he’s still very popular in the east and south. Here’s a point to ponder… he’s less corrupt than any of the junta members are (especially, Timoshenko, Turchinov, and Yatsenyuk, the Unholy Trinity of the American Junta), and he defeated Darlin’ Yuliya in a head-to-head election. He’s a good Orthodox Christian… that’s one of the reasons that the Western media slanders him. He’s the LEAST BAD alternative… chew on that for a while… and reflect on WHY the USA wanted him out so badly. The love of money IS the root of all evil… and the trail DOES lead to K Street (and to evil and ravening poseurs such as Zbigniew Brzeziński, Grover Norquist, Rod Dreher, Rush Limbaugh, Jim DeMint, Pat Robertson, and Terry Mattingly… The tree IS known by its fruit).


30 March 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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