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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Klichko Demanded that Kiev Gorsoviet Restore Tax Exemption to UPTs/MP

00 Kiev. Euromaidan trash. 23.05.14

The Kiev Gorsoviet is pandering to the Evromaidantsy filth… note well that Klichko isn’t going along with them. What does he know that we don’t? Is he getting ready to cut a deal with whomever replaces the junta?


Kiev Mayor V V Klichko (elder) believed that the Kiev Gorsoviet’s decision to annul the tax exemption of the UPTs/MP is unconstitutional, telling reporters, “I understand that some are emotional about this. We understand that the Ukraine is in extreme conditions, so, many decisions are emotional. Today, the deputies decided on land and property taxes. I didn’t vote for this decision, I didn’t vote; it doesn’t have its legal force, it’s unconstitutional”. Klichko noted that Article 24 of the Constitution grants everyone, including religious organisations, equal rights and freedoms, so the Gorsoviet decision is contrary to the Basic Law. Klichko said that he was going to comment officially on the decision in five days, and that he’d review it then. As reported, on Wednesday, the Kiev Gorsoviet removed the UPTs/MP from the list of religious organisations eligible for tax exemption. In explaining the rationale for this decision, Gorsoviet Deputy Aleksandr Kharchenko claimed that UPTs/MP clergy in the Donbass supposedly issue anti-Ukrainian propaganda and refuse to serve funerals for junta soldiers.

29 January 2015




Monday, 3 November 2014

3 November 2014. Whilst the People Shiver in Kiev… Klichko Parties in Israel

00 Vitali Klichko in Israel. 03.11.14


The above image of Vitaly Klichko partying in Israel is a supreme illustration of the utter and bottomless contempt that the Uniate junta has for common people. As the people suffer in their cold apartments, he goes off and parties in Israel… he has the money, so, under Free Market Crapitalism, he’s better than the rest of us are. That’s what Rush, Rod, Ann, and Bill would tell us. We should be happy that we get what we do… they could cut us off, dontcha know… we have to kiss their asses as they’re our betters! You can see why the Republican Party supports the junta wholeheartedly… it acts like the GOP on steroids (like Anglo Texas pols on any given day… they’re  the benchmark of corruption, violence, and depravity in the USA… they make Cook and Hudson Counties look absolutely pristine in comparison). The  US Republican Party is the mouthpiece of the Affluent Effluent, so, it’s not a surprise that they’d support narcissistic sludge like Klichko. The Uniates support him, too… it tells you much about their character, doesn’t it? Just when you thought that you couldn’t think lower of someone…


Monday, 2 June 2014

Euromaidan Terrorists Refuse to Disperse

00 euromaidan terrorists. 02.04.14


An Interfax correspondent reported that a People’s Veche (Assembly), the first in two months, convened on the Maidan in Kiev to decide the destiny of a tent camp put up there by Euromaidan activists more than six months ago. Several thousand people are taking part in the Veche, which began at noon with a traditional prayer. Many people held the Ukrainian national flag of Ukraine and flags of various rightwing groups and so-called Maidan “self-defence units”. Leader of the UDAR party Vitaly Klichko, who supposedly won more than 50 percent of the votes in the Kiev mayoral election according to preliminary results {actually, this election was as problematic as the crooked presidential election: editor}, addressed the gathering from a makeshift stage along with other speakers. Klichko said that he’d take the oath of office in front of city residents as soon as the Central Elections Commission announces the official results. He suggested creating a permanent representation of Maidan at the Kiev Gorsoviet building and renaming the street “where people died” (apparently referring to Institutskaya Street where over 100 violent demonstrators died in Maidan protests in late February) the Street of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred.


On Sunday, the People’s Veche held on the Maidan in central Kiev voted against dissolving its camp until the junta fulfils of all of its demands. The participants passed a manifesto saying, “We won’t disband on the Maidan until they meet all of our demands”. These include “punishing criminals, a purge [of former government officials], a package of laws to change the structure of power bodies, punishing those involved in the killings and torture of activists (sic)”. The manifesto called for “changing the structure of the Maidan”, “developing a system for dialogue with the authorities”, and creating municipal police units of Maidan toughs. The document had the backing of several dozen rightwing organisations.


Is the junta going to continue to let this bunch of Madame Defarges to control policy? After all, P A Poroshenko is a criminal, and violent methods aren’t beyond him (he used them to make his pile). We’ll have to see, after all, the Maidan terrorists have lost their usefulness to Langley, and we all know what happens to people whom Anglo Americans feel are no longer useful (it’s the ugliest part of the Anglo character, to be sure).


1 June 2014

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Monday, 10 March 2014

Crowd Threw Eggs and Firecrackers at Klichko in Kharkov

00 unrest Ukraine 01. 10.03.14


In Kharkov, a scornful Russian crowd threw eggs and firecrackers at junta plotter Vitaly Klichko, leader of the UDAR faction. Klichko was speaking at a rally “For Unity” when patriotic elements present loudly shouted “shame” and “fascist”. At the end of his spiel, the crowd pelted the boxer with eggs, firecrackers, and even stones. Klichko’s kowtowing bodyguards tried to protect their master from flying objects using opened umbrellas as a shield.

10 March 2014




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