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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

22 April 2015. Today is Lenin’s Birthday!

00 inObrAS. In Memory of Lenin. 2008


22 April is Lenin’s birthday on the Gregorian calendar (it was 10 April Julian when he was born in Russia). I’ll simply make this observation… in the Ukraine, those who honour Lenin, also honour the Church and Christ. Those who hate Lenin and rip down his statues (mostly Uniates, schismatics, and sectarians) also hate Christ and His Canonical Church. My, my… what a coincidence! If you claim to be Orthodox, but call yourself “anti-communist”, YOU ARE A LIAR. Full stop… by their fruits ye shall know them. The god-fearing commies in the DNR and LNR are doing their best to heal a country battered and raped by crapitalistic oligarchs and their American puppeteers. The godless anti-communists in the Ukraine slobber idiotically as America and its Western pals rape the country, steal its resources, and do their best to entice the “best and the brightest” to emigrate to the West.

I’d say that there was quite a difference.

If you want St Vladimir, you must stand for Vladimir Ilyich. That’s that… that’s reality.

Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live… had the Old Empire been truly Christian, he would’ve never made a revolution. The Old Empire had become corrupt and kleptocratic in the aristocratic and bourgeois classes… the same is happening in America today. Ponder that. Remember this… all of those White Russian anti-communists who slobber over the memory of the Imperial Family… their ancestors didn’t lift a finger to save the tsar and his family from Kerensky’s imprisonment. Not a one fought for restoration of the tsar in the ensuing Civil War. Therefore, take all of their rants with a great deal of scepticism… after all, they DID lose a great deal in the way of money, power, and influence, didn’t they?

Lenin wasn’t an angel… but he was no devil either. He was a man, with all the frailties that l’condition humaine implies. He was a great man who continues to inspire millions… many of whom are Orthodox Christians. His legacy still lives…


Monday, 6 April 2015

Points from My Correspondence on Russia and Its Future

00 Work for the Soviet People! 04.04.15


It’s up to us to describe the Russia that IS… not the one that the West wants… not the one that nostalgics want… not the one of the transitional state now in existence. My view is that VVP’s vision of the Eurasian Union is that of the old pre-1922 USSR coupled with Tsar Aleksandr I Pavlovich’s vision of the Holy Alliance. That is, VVP is thinking beyond the RF… he doesn’t want to revive the USSR of Stalin’s day… he’s thinking of the USSR of 1920 that wanted to “export” its “revolution” to the West… he’s thinking of the Holy Alliance that sent tsarist troops to Hungary to crush the ’48. He’s studied history, and knows it, unlike most Anglo Americans (especially, in the leadership).

It will rise from the dead by preserving the best of Old Russia, the Empire, and the USSR and discarding the dross. Lenin’s tomb will stay on Red Square… but he’ll be buried in a normal sarcophagus… we’ll nail down the identities of those buried in Petersburg (I think that they’ll find them to be the imperial family), and move them to their place of martyrdom, in the Church on the Spilt Blood in Yekaterinburg… most of all, Kiev, the Mother of All Russian Cities, will have the tricolour and red banner flying over its battlements (Elder Iona said so, didn’t he?). The only way to bring resurrection is to bring forth ALL of our history. ALL OF IT. If Ivan Grozny was part of our history, if Pyotr Veliki was part of our history, then, V I Lenin and I V Stalin are part of our history too. If we refuse to acknowledge the dark side of all eras, we’ll learn NOTHING. It’s ALL ours… or NONE of it is ours. That’s my stand.

If you look at the images coming out of Novorossiya, the amalgamation of Christian and Soviet imagery strikes you. People wearing crosses plant the Red Banner on buildings! People holding icons defend statues of Lenin! Priests bless soldiers who march under the Hammer and Sickle! I’d say that this is what was coming in the USSR, but the August Events aborted it. There’s a new Christian Eurasia… a Christian Socialist state… a state with an appreciation of its Orthodox/Soviet past. If you want St Vladimir, you must have V I Lenin… and VICE VERSA!

Things are unravelling right smartly in the Ukraine… it’s the same thing every day… empty shop shelves, no pay, men hiding out from the Voenkom… the Americans are stuck to a tar-baby. I’m convinced that this wasn’t ordered from Foggy Bottom… people in Langley thought they could get away with it (I think that Nuland and her husband Kagan were the ones behind it). Well… it blew up in their faces. Watch… Obama will skedaddle at the last-minute to fuck up the GOP in domestic matters. Both parties are using this situation for domestic “chicken”… it has nothing to do with the Ukraine at all. BOTH Dems and GOP are playing this for 2016 talking points. It’s a game of Liars Poker… with real people as the chips. I think that makes me (and you) sick. None of ’em gives a rat’s ass for real people’s lives.

I know that you must throw a pinch of incense on the altar in the present-day ROCOR. I’d say that you’re one of the few to understand what I’m really writing about (not only about Russia, but also about the Church, and our crying need for UNITY). BTW… Karlin isn’t as deep as he pretends to be. In his description of the Russian-American diaspora, he missed a good deal. For instance, he typified all “White Russians” as Upper Middles, “conservative”, and clueless about contemporary Russia… that’s not true. I noted that he didn’t talk about the earlier wave of working-class immigrants at all! It’s obvious that he spent no time in NEPA… would he learn if he spent a week in Mayfield or Pittsburgh? I don’t know.


Friday, 13 March 2015

13 March 2015. A Point to Ponder… It’s ALL Ours or NONE of It’s Ours!

00 Debaltsevo. DNR. Novorossiya. VSN with Lenin. 13.03.15


This is why I oppose rightwing kooks like Potapov and Paffhausen so bitterly. They want to stuff large portions of our history (both secular and ecclesiastical) “down the memory hole” to suit their “conservative” fancies and delusions. Nations, like people, are what they are… if you try to ignore or bury facts, the only thing that you will end doing is to pervert the truth. To attack Stalin on the ROCOR official website, as Potapov did, is to endorse Nazism… but he comes from a milieu that DID endorse Nazism (the KONR filth kissed the asses of the Nazis AND the CIA AND the Republican Party… a trifecta of evil, if ever there was such). He thinks that the Moonie loonies at the Washington Times are fit company… HH, I do daresay, would think otherwise (especially in the case of one of its editors, Wesley Pruden, the son of a violent racist White Citizens Council member). Paffhausen, as everyone knows, snubbed a bishop of the persecuted UPTs/MP so that he could suck up to the First Profit of the Mormons at a Far Right Washington soirée (betcha that Potapov got Paffso the invite… he’s tied in all with the filthiest extremist Right nutters in the District).

You have a choice. You can slink around with Potapov and Paffhausen, and spit on our full Russian heritage and legacy, or, you can stand up with the brave people of Novorossiya, who HONOUR the full and complete legacy of our people. Ponder this… those who’d tear down Lenin’s statues are all pro-Western running dogs and lickspittles… if you want our heritage, you must accept V I Lenin as one of the towering figures of our history, or you’re a liar. That’s what I believe… I’m not alone…

Thank you, Grandpa, for the victory… thank you for defeating traitors like Vlasov and Krasnov… let’s not spit on our forebears’ sacrifice…


Friday, 23 January 2015

Two Attention-Seekers Stage Stunt at Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow




On Tuesday, two “performance artists” received 10-day gaol sentences after throwing holy water at the Lenin Mausoleum on Red Square and shouting, “Rise up and leave!” Irina Dumitskaya, a member of their art group, told AFP that they received sentences for petty hooliganism after a protest they carried out on Monday, an Orthodox holiday. She said, “Ten days for basically just pouring water. When it rains, it pours on the mausoleum too”. They called the performance “Exorcising the Devil, Desecrating the Mausoleum”. Dumitskaya said that the two men, Oleg Basov, a dance teacher, and Yevgeni Avilov, a computer programmer, are members of an anti-establishment art group called Blue Rider.

In a video of the performance posted on YouTube, the two young men carried five-litre bottles of holy water marked with a cross from a church across the square. They moved barriers in front of the mausoleum and threw the water at the doors and steps, shouting “Rise up and leave!” several times before cops nicked them. On Monday, Orthodox Christians celebrated Epiphany, a holiday marking the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River… people mark it in Russia by immersing themselves in icy rivers and lakes. Dumitskaya said that the aim of the performance was “to confront two myths”, the Communist idea that Lenin “lives” and the Christian idea of resurrection.

Red Square, closely monitored by police, saw Pussy Riot perform a protest song against President V V Putin in 2012, whilst in 2013 performance artist Pyotr Pavlensky nailed his scrotum to the ground to protest tight police control. The continued display of the Bolshevik leader’s body in the mausoleum divides Russians. Most back the removal of his body, but many Communists ardently oppose this. A 2012 poll by the Levada Centre found that 25 percent thought that Lenin’s body should remain in the mausoleum, while 53 percent thought we should bury him in a normal grave. Last year, another poll by Levada found that 51 percent of Russians thought of Lenin’s role in history as positive.

20 January 2015




Let’s keep this focused. What this bunch did, in Christian terms, was blasphemous. They view the resurrection as a myth, so, they were publicly mocking Christians. Therefore, they pissed on both Christians and Commies (there’s overlap… some people are both)… lovely bunch, aren’t they? Note that the Westerners are just creaming their jeans over them!

What do I think about Lenin? I think that the tomb should stay on Red Square, but that we should put Lenin into a conventional crypt on the site, and stop preserving the body. Respect him or hate him… he was one of the three most pivotal figures in Russian history (Grand Prince St Vladimir, Tsar Pyotr Veliki, and V I Lenin). That’s the way it is…


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