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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Ukrainians Can’t Afford Medicine or Meat… Have World’s Worst-Performing Currency

00 rich man hitting poor man. 26.09.13

If you approve of the Republican Party’s loud support of the Ukrainian junta… this is what you approve. That’s what “Pro-Life” truly means…


Amid skyrocketing inflation and a 50 percent plunge in the grivnya, many Ukrainians can no longer pay for basic needs

Valentina is thankful for the two pensions that she and her husband share, even if Ukrainian inflation shock means that they’re no longer enough to buy medicine and meat. The 72-year-old pensioner said as she made her way through the city of Zhitomir, a two-hour bus ride west of Kiev, “We have some potatoes, tomatoes, and cucumbers from our dacha. I can’t imagine how people survive on a single pension. We can’t even go to the drug store. We try to use herbs instead”.

From Lvov, near the Polish border, to Kharkov, 1,000 kilometres (622 miles) east in Russia’s shadow, Ukrainians are grappling with the world’s worst-performing currency, inflation that’s rocketed to 20 percent, and the deepest recession in five years. The plight of Zhitomir’s 270,000 residents shows how bailout-mandated austerity and the strains of an eight-month insurgency are playing out in everyday life. Across the street from the city’s Soviet-era department store, the central open-air market sells food, clothes, and toys. Traders huddle next to signs offering to buy pumpkin seeds, nuts, rabbit pelts, feathers, and beans from producers who’ve travelled from nearby villages. Locals are cutting back because of this year’s 48 percent plunge in the grivnya, a decline that’s eroded purchasing power. The inflation rate spiked to 19.8 percent last month as the currency’s slide boosted the costs of imported goods from gasoline to fruit.

From the window of her 2-square-metre (22 square feet) kiosk, where she sells toothpaste and shampoo, Tamara Yakovets, 46, said, “I feel the grivnya devaluation everywhere. My clients are shocked. I have to raise prices every week. People stopped buying expensive stuff and now they ask for the cheapest soap”. Today, Central Bank Governor V А Gontareva said that inflation would probably speed up to 25 percent this year, compared with the 19 percent forecast earlier. Ukrainians are no strangers to inflation. Price growth peaked at 10,256 percent in 1993 as the Soviet economy melted down. Having subsided, the rate jumped to 31.3 percent in 2008, shortly before the grivnya last sank. The focus is on the currency again. Aside from imports, often, expenses from renting an apartment to buying a car are in dollars, while salaries are in grivnya. For Irina Ivanchuk, even a wage in grivnya would be a relief. Since losing her job this year, she gets by on her husband’s military stipend and assistance from relatives.

The 29-year-old mother of a boy in first grade said, “I watch the dollar rate all the time because for me it’s the best indicator of poverty. I buy less sweets and fruit because of the astronomical costs. We used to save some money. Now, we can’t save anything”. Data compiled by Bloomberg show that the grivnya rebounded to 15.18 per USD as of 13.23 in Kiev. It gained about 4 percent since 11 November. Adding to the burden, the government is raising the price of natural gas to meet the terms of a 17 billion USD (1.03 trillion Roubles. 105.5 billion Renminbi. 1.06 trillion INR. 20.1 billion CAD. 20.9 billion AUD. 14.4 billion Euros. 11.3 billion UK Pounds) international bailout. Whilst that’d stem the drain on state funds from subsidies, it’s putting pressure on households as heating and power costs jump.

According to Aleksandr Valchishen, chief economist at Investment Capital Ukraine in Kiev, the cabinet must address declining living standards in battling an economic contraction that the Central Bank estimates will reach 7.5 percent this year. He said that spiralling prices are as much of a threat to order as and the conflict in the eastern Donbas, noting, “Inflation is the same as the war. It may lead to protests if people blame the authorities for failing to conduct proper policies”. The government promised to help the poor pay their utility bills; it’s expanding a programme to boost the number of households covered to 4 million from 1 million. In July, the World Bank approved a 300 million USD (18.1 billion Roubles. 1.86 billion Renminbi. 18.7 billion INR. 355 million CAD. 369 million AUD. 254 million Euros. 199 million UK Pounds) loan to help the Ukraine widen assistance to the vulnerable and socially-excluded.

Some Ukrainians are prepared to stomach the economic pain as a cost of leaving Russia’s orbit and aligning with the EU. President (sic) P A Poroshenko signed a political association and trade pact with the 28-member bloc, a key demand of the protesters who toppled his predecessor in February. Anna Grigorievna, 67, a teacher at a culinary college who backed the protests’ anti-corruption message, said, “I’m ready to tolerate the current economic situation as long as the war is on. I won’t go onto the streets tomorrow because of inflation and the devaluation but my patience isn’t infinite”.

Others are less understanding. Valya, a pensioner who declined to give her last name, said she’d just bought 2 kilogrammes (4.4 pounds) of grain that should last a month, along with potatoes and beetroot from the market. She doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke, but she can’t afford the bus to visit relatives’ graves in Lvov Oblast. Valya, 76, referring to a slogan of the street uprising, said, “Glory to the Ukraine? Glory for what? Higher prices? The war? We’re just tolerating the authorities”. Ending the war, where a two-month truce hasn’t stopped the killing, is key for Valentina, who’s already living without medicine and meat. With pensions flat as prices increase, everyone’s feeling the pain that’s forced her to cut back. She said, “This is how we survive. The main thing we need is peace”.

20 November 2014

Darina Krasnolutska




Let’s keep it simple. The American economic programme in the Ukraine is evil. It’s intent to smash down ordinary people so that the Affluent Effluent gets more “return”… that’s why I oppose Potapov, Dreher, Whiteford, and Paffhausen so bitterly… they’re enthusiastic and willing cheerleaders for the objectively evil Republican neoliberal agenda. “Pro-Life?” I think not!

The parallels between the contemporary Ukraine and Guomindang-ruled China just before the Communist victory on the mainland are eerie. The economy is in similar freefall and the army is falling apart in similar ways. The inflation will get far worse and the army will simply melt away. I see nothing else… the EU and the USA can’t rescue the Uniate project. Remember, the present junta is illegitimate and illegal… the legit President of the Ukraine is STILL V F Yanukovich… for all of his corruption, he was the MOST honest President that the Ukraine ever had, and he protected the canonical Church. That’s why the Uniates hate him… he opposed their perversion of history and he opposed their proselytisation project. They have an agenda… never forget that.


Tuesday, 14 October 2014

14 October 2014. As Seen by Vitaly Podvitsky. Goodbye, Moron!

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Goodbye Moron! 2014


The caption for this cartoon used Russian colloquialisms. In Russian slang, дерево (derevo), which literally means “tree”, is “moron” or “idiot”. Ща is another slang usage, being a contraction of сейчас (seichas), often has the meaning of “right now”. Podvitsky asks, “What’ll happen when the dollar bubble bursts?” Indeed… we all want to know that…


Thursday, 21 August 2014

25 Percent of Military Households Rely on Food Banks

01 See no Evil



Here’s my modest suggestion… in the contemporary USA, two incomes are necessary to raise a family due to the draconian anti-family programme of the US Republican Party (they have the brass balls to call themselves “pro-lifers”). When the economy crashed in 2008 due to the stresses upon it by the unfunded Bush wars and notional giveaways to the Affluent Effluent, many spouses of military personnel lost their jobs. As this situation arose due to the crank policies of the Republican Party, we should raise a special tax on all Republican politicians/lawmakers (including GOP-appointed judges on all levels) and Rightwing pundits… we should levy a 20 percent surcharge on their incomes “to support the troops”… I think that you’d hear some loud yelps. Here’s the Vaseline, Antonin n’ Willy n’ Rush n’ Paul… note well that they enjoy fucking others, but hoo boy, when it hits them… you get my drift…



Recently, an exhaustive hunger report concluded that 25 percent of military members rely on food banks. After compiling four years of data, Feeding America (FA)… the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity… released its largest and most comprehensive study on the topic and found that one in seven people rely on food banks to get their basic nutrition needs. Perhaps one of the most stunning figures was that in 2012, almost 620,000 of the households who relied on FA services had at least one member now in the military. That’s 25 percent of all American military households. These figures included military members serving full or part-time in either the Armed Forces, Reserves, or National Guard.

However, the Pentagon was quick to take issue with the study’s methodology in measuring the number of struggling military members. Military.com reported that officials said that surveying households instead of individuals and using those figures against military data creates an inaccurate picture. Navy Commander Nathan Christensen, a Pentagon spokesman, told the news outlet, “Without performing appropriate statistical adjustments to match the survey sample with the military population, it’s impossible to accurately calculate an estimated percentage of military households served by the Feeding America’s programs based on the survey data”. Christensen also told NPR that military pay and benefits compare favourably with the private sector, and that service members can always seek counselling should they face financial problems.

However, advocates say that troops are often too ashamed to draw such attention to themselves within the confines of the military, which is why getting help from food banks is often more appealing. Joyce Raezer, executive director of the National Military Family Association, told NPR, “The reason they go to the food bank is it’s anonymous” . Back in 2011, the FISH food bank in Lakewood WA, located near Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), started to see a “surprising” increase in the numbers of military members in need of help. While JBLM offers a housing allowance to families who live off-post and programmes to help struggling families, some say it’s not enough. Frances Anderson, whose husband was on active duty at the time, told KING 5 News, “My husband is embarrassed because he doesn’t feel that we should have to be here. The economy is terrible. I just tell the people on post that I need help and they just look at me like I’m crazy”.

Find out how you can get involved with Feeding America’s efforts here

19 August 2014

Eleanor Goldberg

Huffington Post


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

You Can’t Make Up Shit Like This: The Ukraine to Issue Two-Year War Bonds… Tell Me, Who’d be STOOPID Enough to Buy ‘Em?

01 Art of Money Getting


The Ukrainian Ministry of Finance will issue two-year war bonds worth 1.1 billion gryvnia (3.344 billion Roubles. 92.8 million USD. 102.3 million CAD. 99 million AUD. 67.1 million Euros. 55 million UK Pounds), according to Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers Nr 100-101 dated 1 April, but released only this week. It said, “This proposal is a call to the community to join forces, desires, and intentions to take part in solving national problems and to give financial assistance to the Ukraine’s armed forces, enhancing their combat readiness and strengthening the state’s defence”. The securities are book-entry war bonds with a 7 percent coupon for 1 billion gryvnia (3.04 billion Roubles. 84 million USD. 93 million CAD. 90 million AUD. 61 million Euros. 50 million UK Pounds), and certificated treasury bonds with a face value of 100 million gryvnia (304 million Roubles. 8.4 million USD. 9.3 million CAD. 9 million AUD. 6.1 million Euros. 5 million UK Pounds). The government will pay the yield on each security with a face value of 1,000 gryvnia (3,040 Roubles. 84 USD. 93 CAD. 90 AUD. 61 Euros. 50 UK Pounds) every 6 months. The Ukraine has been in serious financial trouble since February, with extremely high arrears for Russian gas and a military that needs funding, Kiev struggles to make ends meet. Kiev can’t raise funds independently as it is in a stand-by agreement with the IMF to receive rescue money. The only alternative left for the junta is to appeal to patriotism and issue so-called war bonds, with yields exempt from tax, should the government not default before the first payment is due.


Now, I’ve seen it all! Come and get it! Big-time Ukrainian bond sale! Who’s going to be STOOPID enough to buy these? Watch ’em get foisted on two groups:

  • Uniate and “Ukrainian Orthodox” parishes in the diaspora will force members to buy this useless paper
  • the Ukrainian government will force civil service employees, soldiers, pensioners, and wage-earners to buy them through wage/pension holdbacks

The junta’s grasping at straws. This is fuckin’ pitiful… the people suffer under a double-the-trouble combination of pay cuts and price increases, and, now, this. McCain, Nuland, and Zbig cackle with glee…

I believe that the junta’s glomming up “getaway cash”… this isn’t enough to fight a modern war with for even a month. Note this… the oligarchs aren’t buying into this shit. Darlin’ Yuliya the Landshark ain’t buying… neither is Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Avakov, or Klichko. Shitbirds of a feather DO flock together…


16 April 2014



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