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Sunday, 23 November 2014

23 November 2014. RIA Infographics. Results of the Independence Poll in Catalonia

00 Catalan referendum. 23.11.14


00 RIA Infographics. Catalan Independence Results. 2014


On Sunday, Catalunya held a survey of its population on whether it should be independent or autonomous. Earlier, the Spanish government and some Catalan political factions declared the vote illegal and urged citizens not to participate in it. Nevertheless, more than two million people turned out to vote. Catalans were asked two questions:

  • “Do you want to Catalunya became a state?”
  • “If so, do you want it to be an independent state?”

After counting all the ballots, for complete independence from Spain in favour. 1,861,753 voters (80.76 percent) answered “yes” to the first question, 232,182 voters (10.07 percent) answered “no”. 104,772 (4.54 percent) voters were against Catalan independence. Another 22,466 voters (0.97 percent) wanted Catalunya to be a state, but didn’t answer the second question. The rest of ballots were invalid. The authorities will announce the final results in a few weeks. Some sites will remain open until 25 November, and those who couldn’t vote on Sunday, will have a chance to vote later. Spanish authorities declared the poll in Catalunya illegal, so, it’ll have no legal force.

10 November 2014

Rossiya Segodnya




Tuesday, 4 November 2014

4 November 2014. It’s a Little Past Four Here on the East Coast… Get OFF Your Dzopa and VOTE!



I voted. What about you? You got time. If you get on line before the polls close, trust me, they’ll let ya vote. DO IT. DO IT NOW. We still have the right to vote as we please, the Koch Brothers haven’t taken that away… let’s keep it that way…


4 November 2014. Get Your Ass Out There and VOTE!

Sergei Yolkin. Its Yet Another Election Day. 2012 (2)


There’s nothing more to say. Get your ass out there and vote, y’ hear? It’s your civic duty… if you don’t, you’re a slacker. Now, I’m not saying to “vote early and vote often” (that only applies in the junta-occupied parts of the Ukraine and South Texas nowadays, any road), but I’m tellin’ ya to get off that dupa and mark that ballot. I’m not gonna tell you HOW to mark that ballot… you know where I stand. DO IT. The world does NOT belong to blowhards like Rush Limbaugh, Rod Dreher, Bill O’Reilly, and Sarah Palin… it’s ours… but we gotta exercise our rights or be trampled underfoot by the plutocrats and their rabid minions. That’s the deal, kids. VOTE!


Monday, 24 September 2012

Belarusian Opposition Skunked in Election… The True Reason for the “Boycott?”


On Monday morning, the chairman of the Central Election Commission said, citing reports from the election districts, that 109 of 110 races were decided; the Belarusian opposition failed to win any parliamentary seats in voting on Sunday. Chairman Lidia Yermoshina said, “It’s doubtful that any [opposition candidates] won. None of the districts said anything about that”. She added that, at present, she’d only seen a list of the names of the winning candidates, but that winners were determined for 109 out of 110 districts. She noted that the vote in one district was insufficient to determine a winner and the authorities will hold another election. Yermoshina stated that voter turnout was 74.3 percent overall. The highest turnout, 80 percent, was in Vitebsk Oblast and the lowest, 60 percent, was in Minsk. Yermoshina also declared that the commission received 110 complaints.

Valery Shnyakin, the head of a delegation of election observers from the RF Federation Council told RIA-Novosti on Monday morning, “There were no serious violations in the voting. There are no complaints that could be serious enough to affect the outcome of the vote”. The Central Election Commission declared the election valid at 15.00 local time, after more than 50 percent of eligible voters had cast ballots. Meanwhile, members of five opposition groups and parties denounced the vote as opaque and undemocratic, citing interference in the electoral process by the authorities. The Central Election Commission countered by saying the opposition had resolved long before the election to pursue a course aimed at discrediting the vote in order to pander to a Western audience.

24 September 2012



Editor’s Note:

The USA bitches and moans about Byelorussia… I say, “The turnout for the US presidential election‘s considered good at 60 percent”. More Byelorussians voted than not (about a quarter did stay home… most were apolitical, not boycotting)… yet, the USA is a paragon of democracy and Byelorussia’s a shit pit of dictatorship. Most ordinary Byelorussians are content… as one told me, “Byelorussia’s not for sale, and Aleksandr Grigoryevich will see to that”. That’s the REAL reason for the Western caterwauling. It’s STILL the “People’s State”… and the Affluent Effluent sludge doesn’t like that. Fancy that…


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