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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

27 July 2016. Priests are NOT Politicians… They Shouldn’t Involve Themselves in Partisan Politics

00 Greek election 17.06.12. 02

The priest’s role is to point the way to the Kingdom of Heaven for ALL people… not to prefer this-or-that political faction and promote it in his preaching and social media posts. I seem to notice that the Church agrees with me on that…


Our clergy must have a care. The canons forbid priests to interfere in “Roman” (political) affairs. To preach on the sanctity of life is one thing… no state regulation prohibits that. To preach that one should vote for rightwing candidates because they claim to represent pro-life principles is another. The first is kosher… the second isn’t… the Church does tell its priests and clergy to keep that in mind in their preaching and social media posts. To preach on moral issues… yes. To preach on voting for ANY candidate, right or left… NO, emphatically, NO.



Sunday, 23 November 2014

23 November 2014. RIA Infographics. Results of the Independence Poll in Catalonia

00 Catalan referendum. 23.11.14


00 RIA Infographics. Catalan Independence Results. 2014


On Sunday, Catalunya held a survey of its population on whether it should be independent or autonomous. Earlier, the Spanish government and some Catalan political factions declared the vote illegal and urged citizens not to participate in it. Nevertheless, more than two million people turned out to vote. Catalans were asked two questions:

  • “Do you want to Catalunya became a state?”
  • “If so, do you want it to be an independent state?”

After counting all the ballots, for complete independence from Spain in favour. 1,861,753 voters (80.76 percent) answered “yes” to the first question, 232,182 voters (10.07 percent) answered “no”. 104,772 (4.54 percent) voters were against Catalan independence. Another 22,466 voters (0.97 percent) wanted Catalunya to be a state, but didn’t answer the second question. The rest of ballots were invalid. The authorities will announce the final results in a few weeks. Some sites will remain open until 25 November, and those who couldn’t vote on Sunday, will have a chance to vote later. Spanish authorities declared the poll in Catalunya illegal, so, it’ll have no legal force.

10 November 2014

Rossiya Segodnya



Thursday, 6 November 2014

6 November 2014. Here’s Another Thing that the Pundits are Overlooking… Initiative 594

00 Political Cartoon. 05.12. Guns


Firstly, read this. Note the author… David Frum. You heard me right… David Frum. Yes… an anti-NRA piece written by DAVID FRUM. Note well that the rightwing punditocracy isn’t trumpeting about this… for it goes against their narrative for this election. Here is first major victory against the NRA… a political earthquake, really. Look at what happened Tuesday… the Greens emerged as a political force in New York State (and maybe the nation, as well)… Personhood failed in Colorado… the Dems handily won in PA… Al Franken beat the Koch Dollars… and the NRA received its first major setback in decades. That is, the “Republican Sweep” not only didn’t occur… it only resulted in control of the US Senate, which is bootless, as the Prez will veto all their lunacy. Congress already has an approval rating FAR below that of the Prez. His is 42 percent… theirs is 13 PERCENT. Let me repeat that… 13 PERCENT! If it goes much lower, it’ll be in single digits. The GOP has two equally distasteful options open to it. The first is to cooperate with the Prez… loons like Rubio and Cruz will scupper that. The second is to be obstructionist. Obstructionism led to the present abysmal approval ratings for the Congress… more of the same will shove their numbers truly into the shitter.

The GOP has a shitty hand to play this turn. Several spectres haunt the GOP… and oil prices are in the dumpster (their Big Oil sugar daddies won’t have the gelt to give them). Gun Control… Personhood… Anti-Fracking… if the trends continue, I wouldn’t want to be the GOP candidate in 2016. They’ll be left as the party of the Evangelical, the ignorant, and the racist… which would give them a permanent 25 percent national minority (but with control of the Southeastern USA). Will they dodge the bullet? I think not…


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Howie Hawkins Looks Toward a Green Future After Historic Night



It was a red dawn in the New York State Senate and across America, but voters here were also seeing plenty of green. Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for governor, won 5 percent of the vote last night… a historically high number for a third-party candidate and enough to move the Green Party up the ballot, to Row D, for the next four years. In a conference call with reporters today, Hawkins promised to help build the party in a way to run competitive elections across the state in the coming years, saying, “I think it’s safe to say we’re the third-party in New York politics. Only the three of us, Democrats, Republicans, and Greens, got that ballot by running our own candidate. The election was one event and the politics is a process that continues”.

Hawkins was taking a dig at the numerous third parties in New York who cross-endorse candidates, like the left-wing Working Families Party or hard right Conservative Party. Hawkins won more votes on his Green Party line than Governor Andrew Cuomo did on the WFP line, allowing the Green Party to leapfrog the WFP on the ballot… a relevant accomplishment on a ballot jam-packed with many minor parties. Hawkins said that he’d go back to the donors who funded his gubernatorial bid to tell them to contribute to the Green Party so they can build the field organisation needed to compete against Democrats and Republicans. After running a more bare-bones symbolic campaign four years ago, Hawkins was able to pay for staffers and operatives this time around to vastly improve his vote total. Pointing to liberal New York City as a place where the Greens can grow, he said, “We want to organise county organisations in every county. I was talking with our supporters in Bronx County. Turnout there is so low and the perception of party insiders in the Bronx is they feel they can run good candidates”.

Hawkins, a Syracuse resident, wouldn’t rule out another run for governor, but insisted that the party has a deep bench of candidates. He also said that he’d continue to advocate on several core issues… more funding for public schools, a higher minimum wage, and a ban on hydraulic fracturing… in the next legislative session. He said that he was still open to an alliance with the WFP, which is also trying to strengthen the political left in New York State and resents Cuomo. However, his campaign manager, Ursula Rozum, cut in to point out that he’d offered himself as a candidate on their party line this year and was rebuffed. Hawkins said, “What we’ll have to do is get more Green voters”.

5 November 2014

New York Observer



What’s amazing is how little coverage the Hawkins achievement is getting in the corporate media. Of course, Fox is ignoring it… so did Rush… nothing on CNN… nothing on MSNBC… I just googled “Howie Hawkins”. Remember, the most effective form of censorship is simply not to mention something… “It wasn’t reported… it didn’t happen”. This knackers all the commentary in the mainstream media… as does the decisive defeat of Prop 67 in Colorado. The Republicans did NOT gain a decisive victory. The Dems gave up early and conceded the election. It’s almost as though they WANTED a GOP-controlled Congress… to stymie the GOP in 2016. I don’t think that’s what happened (it has the redolence of “conspiracy theory” thinking about it)… I think simply that they were buffaloed. However, there’s time for the Prez and his team to formulate a strategy. After all, no bill becomes law without the Prez’s signature.

The Hawkins achievement and the Prop 67 defeat are a beacon for 2016… the Right did NOT steamroller the Left. The Repugs are chortling now… what’ll they do when the Prez vetoes their initiatives? The USA isn’t a Westminster-style parliamentary democracy, after all…


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