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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Russia’s Orthodoxy Makes It Natural Defender of Mainstream Islam


The West’s liberal crusade is anathema to both Russian traditions and Russia’s legally stringent views on foreign policy. One can characterise the contemporary foreign policy of the Russian Federation as a pragmatic defence of self-interests along with the interests of its allies. It tends to conduct all of these policies within the framework of international law. In fact, Russia often finds herself having to define the precepts of international law to other nations who frequently violent it. Most frequently, Russia uses the UN as a forum to accomplish this. The long-serving and recently-deceased Russian Ambassador to the UN, V I Churkin was emblematic of Russia in holding others to account, at least in terms of rhetoric and voting record.

By contrast, Western foreign policy often shows a flagrant disregard for international law. Israel’s recent illegal attack on Syria, as well as the illegal presence of US, Turkish, Saudi, Qatari, British, Dutch, Belgian, German, and Jordanian soldiers, airmen, and terrorist proxies in Syria, is just one example of the West and her allies using extralegal means to paint the world map in their particular shade of blood. One could equally point to the illegal wars in Iraq, Libya, and Yugoslavia as other relatively recent examples. However, beyond the illegality of much of Western foreign policy, there’s another way in which it diverges sharply from that of Russia. Of course, a quest for profit underpins Western policy, but beyond this universal reality, it’s crucial to understand how the West attempts to sell its foreign policy. Even more important is the fact that many Western political figures actually believe what they say when promoting their policies (although some clearly don’t).

Western foreign policy is a latter-day version of a crusade. It’s an open endorsement of violence in order to attain what they define as a worthy goal. It’s war justified neither by law nor ethics but by ideology. In the case of the Roman Catholic Church, the Medieval Crusades were an attempt to conquer and pacify the lands of “non-believers”, forcing them to submit to their own view of worship and holiness. The Fourth Crusade (1202-4) demonstrated that the holy warriors targeted not only Muslims and Jews but also Christians. The Latin conquerors severely weakened the Greek Orthodox Roman Empire during the Fourth Crusade, paving the way for full Turkish conquest three centuries later and the beginning of Greek captivity to the Ottoman Empire.

Although they typically confine the concept of zealotry to debates on religious wars, the West implements a similar ideological strategy in selling the policy of “régime change, anytime, anywhere, with or without legal authority”. Nevertheless, in their zealous destruction of legitimate Arab régimes, the West did something even more insidious than their crusading forbearers did. They not only attacked peaceful Muslim nations, nations whose populations live side by side with Christians, but they made these countries dangerous places to live for moderate Sunni Muslims (the majority of the global Muslim population), all Shi’ite Muslims, and all Christians. Iraq and Libya are now hotbeds of Wahhabi/Salafi Islam and the terrorism that almost inevitably flows from it. This was never the case prior to Western wars upon these states. Currently, Syria is engaged in a life and death struggle against the same Wahhabi forces representing what many would justifiably call heretical Islam.

Although Russia doesn’t form its alliances and foreign policy strategy on a religious basis, Russia paradoxically acts as a defender of faith by omission. Because Russia refuses to engage in zealous quests for resources based on the creed of liberal imperial zeal, Russia is de facto acting to preserve the peaceful religious status quos of the modern Arab world in states where secularism is best defined as a freedom to pursue religious activities as one wishes irrespective of one’s faith or how committed one is to that faith. As an Orthodox Christian state, Russia’s religious tradition had no part in any crusading activities or the later imperial expansion of various Catholic states, the most prominent example being Spain whose interpretation of Catholicism led Conquistadors to view the pagan natives as underlings to be conquered. I don’t intend this historical reality to offend nor shame modern Catholics, whose contemporary religious practice is as peaceful as any other mainstream Christian denomination. However, liberals took the worst parts of Roman Catholic history and applied them to wars of conquest and exploitation, carrying on a tradition that’s part of Western culture.

Interestingly, one doesn’t need to be religious in order to internalise and adopt this particular feature of Western history. The humanistic/secular French the pretext of liberal revolutionary zeal for their wars on fellow European states in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Likewise, Leon Trotsky, a Marxist atheist, sought to apply the same creed to his view of world revolution. It’s little wonder that many of the born-again neoliberals in Tony Blair’s Warhawk government spent their school days as members of Trotskyist organisations.

Russia suffered a profound spiritual crisis in the 1990s at every level, both theoretically and practically. The internal stability and prosperity afforded by the Putin years gave Russia a sense of peace and allowed Russia to return to its heritage as the largest Orthodox Christian state in the world. As such, some would say Russia has a duty to defend fellow Christians. However, Russia articulates its foreign policy differently. Russia defends its allies against aggression, but the fact remains that in doing so, Russia is by default, living up to its tradition as a defender of the faith. Nevertheless, Russia it defends not just the Orthodox faith. Russia defends Muslims throughout the world at a time when Western wars of aggression target Islamic populations and when Western politicians like Geert Wilders lambaste Islam in the most disparaging terms. Russia must make it clear to a Muslim world bombarded by Western and Saudi propaganda, that it’s a more honest defender of Islam than any major power on earth. It’s able to say so because of its record of legality in foreign affairs and because of a Christian tradition that Europe (and largely, America) has entirely forsaken.

20 March 2017

Adam Garrie

The Duran



Tuesday, 7 February 2017

7 February 2017. A Point to Ponder… A True Read n’ Heed

00 same ol' shit. 29.05.12


The mainstream pro-imperialist left and the demagogic racist alt-right are effectively playing off each other. The alt-right screams hatred for Muslims, describing the actions of Saudi Arabia and al-Qaeda. The left screams, “You’re not allowed to say that! Racist!” and supports the “Syrian Revolution” and other CIA régime-change operations. No one points up that the USA props up Saudi Arabia, funding and arming Wahhabi groups, whilst targeting independent states like Syria, Iran, and Libya. Yes, there is backwardness in the Middle East, but the west has maintained it and targeted the forces of modernism and independence. The Alt-Right and the Soros Pro-Imperialist Cultural Left are like a duet, with both sides singing their chorus of lies, drowning out the truth. One side wants covert funding of Wahhabi extremists in the name of human rights and pushes “understanding” of disgusting autocratic US-aligned régimes like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The other side wants violent attacks on Islamic countries, repression of immigrants, and support for Israel. I want neither. I want people in the Middle East to have the freedom to develop their own countries without foreign meddling. Self-determination.

6 February 2017

Caleb Maupin


Saturday, 28 November 2015

28 November 2015. Translated Russian Demot… Russia Does NOT Sell Out Its Friends!

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Is Russia going to continue to stand by Syria? A picture IS worth a thousand words… look at the “Gang of Four” in the background… Defence Minister S K Shoigu, KPRF leader G A Zyuganov, Foreign Minister S V Lavrov, and Chairman of the Government D A Medvedev. It looks like a big-time pow-wow just took place. Russia does NOT sell out its friends… unlike Anglo Americans, who believe that “winning is the only thing”. Bashar al-Assad is still in power, and will continue in power, as Russia, Hezbollah, and Iran back him. The USA and the KSA (and the minor Gulf states) back ISIS… the Iranian muftis correctly labelled Saudi Wahhabism as the motive ideology behind it.

Yes, there is an “Evil Empire”… it is NOT Islam… it’s a perverted extremist Muslim sect… Wahhabism. Most Muslims are NOT Wahhabis… get with the programme.


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Execution of Catholic Monks in Syria should Prompt Healthy Elements to Ruthlessly Oppose Wahhabis

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Roman Silantyev, a well-known scholar, MGLU professor, and expert on Islam said that the murder of Catholic priests in Syria should prompt healthy countries to root out the Wahhabis. On Tuesday, he told Interfax-Religion, “Wahhabi atrocities in Syria show the world the essence of this hateful ideology”, in comments on an internet video showing the massacre by Syrian opposition fighters of Franciscans (Fr François Murat and his assistants). Silantyev remarked that the murder of Christian and Muslim clerics in Syria “defy the entire civilised world, so, it’s time to unite and work together to destroy this cancer. We must destroy Wahhabism and Wahhabis without mercy, wherever they may be; we must deal with them no matter where they are. At different times in history, only total eradication [of the sect involved] solved the problem of religious terrorism. For instance, we saw the destruction of two sects… the Islamic Assassins in the declining Fatimid Empire and the Thugs in India (bandits who dedicated themselves to the service of Kali, goddess of death, devastation, sexuality, and wanton power)”.

2 July 2013



Editor’s Note:

Let’s get this straight… Wahhabis are only a small minority of Muslims. That’s to say that your Muslim neighbour down the street isn’t one… be kind to them. The Christian view is that Jews and Muslims are believers in the One God, and that’s that. They aren’t going to hurt you… trust me, they hate terrorism as much as you and I do. Give ’em a break and cut ’em some slack… not only is it “the right thing to do”, y’ know, “what goes around, comes around”. Decency is Job One… you can’t have Holiness without it…


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