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Sunday, 24 August 2014

24 August 2014. HERE is the Face of the Fascist Uniate Junta! ANY QUESTIONS??

00 Kick Out the Galician Banderovtsy. 24.08.14


Liquidate all Polish traces. Destroy all walls in the Catholic Church and other Polish prayer houses. Destroy orchards and trees in the courtyards so that there will be no trace that someone lived there…

OUN Order, 1944


Let’s not be coy. The main support for the illegitimate pro-American junta now squatting in Kiev (whether one likes it or not, V F Yanukovich is the legit President of the Ukraine) comes from Galician Uniate fascists who adulate S A Bandera and who wish to emulate the murderous example of the UPA bandits. Look at the above direct quote from one of Bandera’s orders! That’s what the present-day Galician Uniate fascist brutes honour and cherish. Bandera was a convicted murderer… that’s like holding up Ted Bundy or the Son of Sam as an exemplar! The UPA filth killed all sorts of people… including Galicians who didn’t cotton to their violence and lawless ways. Keep this image in mind as you hear Western blather on the topic. If you support the Republican Party and its “Russian Aggression Protection Act”… this is what you support. This is what the UGKTs blesses… as does F A Denisenko‘s schismatical conventicle. Ugly, ain’t it? Remember this… Sov grandpas and American grandpas both fought against the fascist snakes in World War II… today, the Republican Party wants you to support the descendants (often, literal descendants) of Nazis! Look at the above image.

I say, “Thank you, gramps, for the victory!” That means that we must oppose those who want to usher in fascism, whether it’s the overt form seen in the Ukraine or whether it’s the covert form pushed by the Koch brothers, Fox News, and the Washington Times. Justice demands it… May God see and judge!



Wednesday, 16 April 2014

16 April 2014. A Point to Ponder this Holy Week…

00 Jesus was a radical.16


Jesus wouldn’t have been welcome at Liberty University… Jesus wouldn’t have been welcome at the Washington Times or the Washington Examiner… Jesus wouldn’t have been welcome at the American Enterprise Institute. The New York Times, CNN, and Fox would’ve shunned him… Pat Robertson, Timothy Dolan, Paffhausen, and Franklin Graham would’ve denounced him… Serge Schmemann, Sophia Kishkovsky, and Rod Dreher would’ve ignored him. The Council on Foreign Relations would’ve laughed at him. The WCC would’ve “tolerated” him. The country club set would’ve told rude jokes about him. Certainly, he wouldn’t be on the guest list for Mary Lou Whitney’s next party and Langley would tail him “for national security reasons”.

Reflect on this when you hear unhinged righties try to tell you that Our Lord Christ would’ve approved of the anti-people ravening agenda of the Republican Party. They lie… Our Lord Himself said so when He was on earth. They didn’t tack him up to a cross for nothing…


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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Kiselyov Boots VOA and Radio Liberty from the Rodina… Good Riddance to BAD Rubbish!

00 Radio Radonezh

This is the logo of Radio Radonezh, a Church-run media outlet that DOES have things of interest to offer its listeners… Radio Radonezh and Radio Liberty… one of these things is NOT like the other!


On Wednesday, Dmitri Kiselyov, the head of the Rossiya Segodnya media group, said that the Voice of America (VOA) was a radio spammer with nothing of interest to offer its audiences. Kiselyov explained that the authorities terminated VOA’s rebroadcasting rights in Russia due to its contract for operation in the Russian Federation expiring. He said, in a 21 March letter to the US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which coördinates broadcasting of the two outlets, “It doesn’t have anything to do with the freedom of speech because Voice of America and Radio Liberty have nothing original to say. They sound like they broadcast from another world, at least from a world that doesn’t exist anymore. I regard these radio stations as mere spam on our frequencies. They’re boring and lacking in self-criticism. We aren’t going to coöperate anymore. I don’t feel compelled to help these radio spammers air their shows in Russia”. Kiselyov sent the letter in response to BBG’s inquiry about prolonging the contract for broadcasting VOA. BBG chairman Jeff Shell decried Kiselyov’s letter as an attack on the freedom of speech. VOA is the official external broadcast institution of the US federal government. In 1947, VOA started broadcasting to Soviet citizens in Russian under the pretext of countering the Soviet point of view on American policies {BBG/VOA/RL is widely known as a Langley front organisation: editor}.


Now, that the motherland has done this, it’s time for the Church to put Potapov to the question, “Do want to work for Radio Liberty, or, do you want to work for us?” Either he should retract publicly all his earlier public statements about the Rodina and its history, or, he should leave the Church’s service as a pastor in the District. It’s quite that simple. Look, if he wants to support greedster Republican warmongers, hey, let him… but not as a representative of the Church. This is shameful… we shouldn’t have an official of the Church hobnobbing with such Individualist Ayn Rand filth as the Washington Times or the American Enterprise Institute. They knife the motherland in the back… ergo, our clergy should stay away from them and from all those who work for or with them. Let him choose… and give him the boot if he refuses to leave his Russophobic Free Market pals. It’s only fair…


9 April 2014

Voice of Russia World Service


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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Who the Neocons Really Are…

00 Uncle Sam ravaged by GOP... political cartoon. 07.12



A good priest commended the last three paragraphs of this long piece to me (I broke the first paragraph in two for stylistic reasons). After reading it, you can see why. If you want to read the whole piece, click on the link at the end, I don’t have the time to translate it all. Radonezh is very well-known and reputable; it’s a major Church media outlet… quite unlike that unrepresentative crowd in the District that hangs around Radio Liberty, the Washington Times, and the American Enterprise Institute (one of the neocon groups rightfully excoriated in the article below). One of these things is NOT like the other!

A hat tip to my clerical friend… without my Cabinet, I’d be nothing.



Maybe, the American goal isn’t just to destroy our Union, to tear the Ukraine away from Russia and undermine Russia, but to lick Europe at the same time. Indeed, if we look at who affects decision-making in America and how they do it, it’s not difficult to see that a handful of excessive radical extremists, so-called “neo-conservatives”, see the world through the prism of a war for to establish the global domination of an exclusive group of American oligarchs. It’s kind of fascism, however, not on a national basis, but based on a global hegemony. That is, they’re attempting to put a small clique of oligarchs in control of the whole world.

Since Russia, Russian culture, and the Russian World are an obstacle to this satanic threat posed by the Neocons… yes, they’re very real Satanists, misanthropes… they’re prepared to use the atomic bomb! They shouted and tried to convince American politicians to use nuclear weapons in the Crimea! That would put them in power… they’re worse than Banderovtsy are! That is, they nurtured the Banderovtsy in the Ukraine because they’re close to them in spirit. This misanthropic group, these “neoconservatives”, who’re superficially very respectable and influential, relies on the support of big business, so, they largely represent the interests of the American financial oligarchy. Today, the goal of this American financial oligarchy is to destroy not only Russia’s financial system, but also, and above all, that of Europe. You see, for the American financial oligarchy, to destroy Europe’s financial system, to collapse the “Euro Zone”, would write off a huge amount of debt… it suits them! Therefore, they push American politicians into this adventure.

However, if you look at the USA, you’d find many sober people. In general, Americans aren’t enthusiastic about the idea of ​​sanctions against Russia. All normal American businesses are against these sanctions (that is, those who aren’t involved in financial speculations, who don’t profit on the destruction of other countries, but who actually make things and engage in real trade). Most American citizens also don’t understand why one would want to go to war in the middle of Europe, so further developments will largely depend on how much good sense prevails in Washington.

Today, what we face isn’t America, nor is the American people. We face those who organised a whole procession of wars (Iraq… Yugoslavia… Libya… North Africa… Syria… and now, the Ukraine). We face a group of manic-misanthropic Satanists, the “neoconservatives”. They’re ready to plunge the whole world into chaos to establish themselves in power, in a maniacal quest for world domination. Of course, this is from Satan, and we must understand that our faith and our spirit will protect us from that!

23 March 2014



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