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Friday, 2 May 2014

Thousands of Patriots Rally in Odessa Against Pro-American Junta Filth… VOV Vets Led the Way!

00 Odessa 01. 02.05.14


Despite hot weather, thousands of patriots in Odessa marched through its central streets on May Day, carrying placards reading “Odessa is a Hero City”, “Referendum”, and “Fascism Won’t Pass”. War veterans clad in parade uniform and carrying flowers led the column. Car owners greeted the veterans with honks, and many people joined the march on the way. The procession stopped in the city’s Kulikovo Field where People’s Alternative activists set up a tent city to collect signatures in support of a referendum on federalisation, the official status of the Russian language, and the foreign policy vector of the country. Speakers assured supporters, “Protesters won’t leave the Kulikovo Field until the authorities meet our demands for a referendum and release our comrades arrested by the SBU”. Oleg Muzyka, a Rodina Party leader, said, “We want to build a bright future and take all the best we had in the past. The people who come to our rallies have an ideology unlike those who liken ideas to the contents of their refrigerators”. The rally went off peacefully, without provocations from junta supporters. The junta puppets in the Odessa city administration put local police on high alert ahead of the event, with 1,400 cops on duty during the May Day holidays.


Of course, you’re aware of the brouhaha in the American media over events in the Ukraine. Did you notice the slanted reports on the patriot rallies such as the one above? Are these reports reliable? I’d argue that they’re not, and that most media operatives are shameless painted whores for the worst sorts of neoliberalism and American Exceptionalism. If they aren’t, well, they don’t last long… since the Republican victory in the congressional elections of 1946, the rightwing consistently tried to demonise the left and roll back the achievements of the socialist New Deal. Until the fall of the USSR due to internal causes (the USA and the Cold War had nothing at all to do with it), the American right had to be careful… ergo, they didn’t dare touch the main elements of the New Deal. However, the American right misinterpreted the fall of the USSR as a victory for American “conservatism”, which had nothing to do with it at all.

Today, most of the New Deal is dead… but the Republican Party isn’t content. It wants to destroy socialism utterly, in not only the USA, but also wherever it exists in the world. Lies mean nothing to Republicans. Hell, lies mean nothing to Anglo-Americans. Lies are acceptable, as long as you win. “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing”… I might mention that Vince Lombardi, who popularised that saying, was a gutless coward who refused to serve in the forces during World War II (typical for a Republican… loud belligerence coupled with personal cravenness).

One must view the media campaign against Russia in that light. The American Right does understand one thing aright… V V Putin is trying to revive the best features of the USSR. For instance, there was a massive labour march on Red Square today. It took an hour for the over 100,000 marchers to pass. Note well that the American media doesn’t tell you how the people want the USSR back… it doesn’t tell you how much the people respect the remaining VOV vets, who fought for the ideals of the USSR. Yes, there were excesses in the USSR… but if one excuses the excesses of Anglo-America (and the media certainly does that), then, one must be fair and excuse the excesses of the USSR. If one excuses Wounded Knee and the Robber Baron violence against the American trades-union movement, then, one must excuse the GULag… it’s quite that simple (Solzhenitsyn was in prison for his ideas… so was Eugene V Debs). No nation is free of guilt… NONE. In fact, if you were to compare the Anglo-American drive across the American continent to the Russian drive across Eurasia, one has to admit that Russia was far fairer to native peoples than Anglo Americans were (how many of its false treaties did the Anglos honour in the end?). In fact, in 1867, the Russians told the Alaska Natives, “Watch out! These Americans are real pigs!”

You may believe the truth as presented in the Russian media or you may believe the lies of Anglo-Americans. Mind you, most Anglo-Americans are innocent… they’re simply another people like any other (they’re not “exceptional” at all… they’d admit that to you)… but a sick and juvenile superiority complex covered over with a smiling, smarmy, and “nice” exterior permeates the grasping American Establishment and its me-too media prostitutes (shame on you, Sophia Kishkovsky, Serge Schmemann, and Victor Potapov). I prefer “rude”, grim, and unsmiling Russians… at least, they don’t tell you egregious lies and expect you to thank them for it.


1 May 2014



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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

BBC Buys Into Junta Lies About Sashko Bily… WHY?

00 Karl Kraus saying. 26.03.14


Firstly, read this. That was fibs from stern to stern; now, pour yourself a drink, knock it back, and say, “To hell with the Beeb!” Sometimes, you have to read repulsive shit to stay informed… this is one such time. However, the important question is, “WHY is the Beeb acting as an apologist for the Timoshenko junta?” Firstly, its presenters and writers don’t have a scrap of character amongst them, they all know that if they don’t repeat the Party Line of the moment, their ass is grass. They’re relatively innocent, as things go. I believe that the Anglosphere governments are lining up behind the junta just as the EU’s getting cold feet. You see, the rest of the world has to bow down at the feet of the superior Anglo-Saxons and kiss their bare ass at every opportunity… otherwise, the Anglos get their nose out of joint. In this case, the neoliberals in the Anglosphere (both “Libertarian” and “Liberal”) are so stupid that they don’t realise that the rest of the world is attending to its interests, not to their dictates.

Indeed, it may signal the end of the 25-year run of American Exceptionalism on the world stage. Mind you, the USA will still be there, but it’d be cut down to size to what it was during the Cold War… one of the actors on the stage, a major one, but not the only major one. As for the lies published by the Beeb… well, they’ve deteriorated, that’s all that one can say of it. Don’t be too harsh… any of the Western media whores would’ve done likewise (or worse)… if it wasn’t the Beeb, it would’ve been Christiane Amanpour, Serge Schmemann, Ann Coulter, or Sophia Kishkovsky… they’re all cousins under the skin, aren’t they?

Pass the jug… the world hasn’t got any less crank in the last 24…


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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

5 November 2013. Some Takes on the Tea Party from the NYT Commboxes

00 05.12 Political cartoon slashing spending 02


The remarks in the commboxes for a NYT article made more sense than the article itself! I present them below, as is, without comment. I found them thought-provoking… I think that you’ll find them likewise.



There’s much overlap between folks who identify themselves as Tea Party and who also identify as some flavour of rightwing Christian. This identification is especially strong in states where the most radical elements have done best (in the South and Midwest). The real unholy alliance here is the Republican Party and rightwing religion. The latter cherishes a belief system that sees opponents as purely evil, and compromise with them means that you’re surrendering to the forces of evil. The list of evil people is very long for them (the equivalence of poverty with evil remains a mainstay of Calvinism). Politics becomes a holy war, not a way to resolve competing interests in a society and economy. They’re also perfectly fine with the destruction of the world, because their religion anticipates it with glee. The Republican Party will be stuck until they sever this relationship. As with any divorce, short-term pain will be very great. However, they can’t participate in the 21st century, and solve the problems of the 21st century, until they make this painful step.


Nashville TN


Much of the Tea Party is Astroturf and is composed of Republican activists. It’s about time that the funders who fuelled this plastic revolution realise that their money’s wasted. As for the push back on the poor, I suspect that this comes at the behest of the other power centre in the GOP, the Catholic bishops, who form the backbone of the Pro-Life movement, who’re finding it increasingly difficult to hide their political affair with the GOP from Pope Francisco. They’re in danger of violating that other Eleventh Commandment… “Don’t get caught”.

Michael Bindner

Alexandria VA


While conservatives and Republicans “sought to harness its energy”, the Tea Party was no grassroots movement; it was a top-down movement started by the Koch brothers and friends. It sought to “harness” racist rage, which was evermore powerful after the election of our first black president, towards a GOP/corporate agenda. Hate is a most powerful motivator. Now, the corporate bigwigs have lost control of the Tea Party… I have no sympathy for them. A split in the Republican Party and its subsequent weakening is welcome, as is a move towards the centre in the general electorate.


Brookline MA


If the Tea Party disintegrates, the Republican base will absorb most of the detritus, and, unfortunately, the base and the Tea Party share many of the worst elements. They want “their” country back, and it’s clear that “their” country is patriarchal, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, and feudal in nature. Resentment of the loss of white privilege… whether it’s recognised as such or not… is the driving factor. There are Republican Party members who talk about a big tent and changing their message, but its window dressing at best. Meantime, the result of a generation of trickle-down economics has all but destroyed the country’s infrastructure, whether transportation, education, or healthcare, because of Republican Party resentment towards benefits to the common good that help too many people… they disapprove of such.

Vanessa Hall

Millersburg MO


Read n’ heed, kids… the Tea Party’s EVIL…


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

21 February 2012. Gleanings From My Mailbag…


Editor’s Foreword:

I’m in plain type; my interlocutors are in italics.



I wasn’t “approving”… I found it “interesting”… quite another thing, wot? I’m old enough to have NO “enthusiasms” for anyone or anything. So are you… we’re not the ELDERS, but we’re “on deck”… we’re next. We need to be level-headed for the young’uns (who WILL get carried away… but that’s normal… we did, didn’t we?).


My conclusion is that some of these WASP converts (usually from well-moneyed backgrounds in Episcopalianism) just want the Church for themselves, for their ego-trip, without any nasty foreigners.


Have you seen this? Oliver Herbel, the OCA convert priest and “historian”, who’s the darling of the OCA ex-Protestant crowd, says that St Peter the Aleut didn’t exist, and that he was a myth! How completely and totally offensive… these people are out of control and they need to be stopped. Funny, though, his Frontier Orthodoxy blog is password protected, you have to be a “member” to read his rancid crap. 

It’s time for the Alaska Native Orthodox to contact the Russians… the Anglos won’t help them… they’re thieving liars and grasping rapers of nature. Herbel’s blog being “private” doesn’t surprise me… we’re not “good enough” for his wisdom. Then again, oca.org won’t tell us about Velencia’s suspension or the whereabouts of Dickie Wood. We’re not supposed to know! It’s time for the Alaska Native elders to quietly confer, go off to Vladivostok, and ask for canonical protection from the Mother Church. Otherwise, there’ll be no Church in 20 years time.


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Albany NY

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