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Monday, 3 August 2015

NONE DARE CALL THIS NIHILISTIC OUTRAGE “EVIL” Kansas Moves to Implement 25 USD ATM Withdrawal Limit for Welfare Recipients

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THIS is what our Holy Patriarch believes about Capitalism


00 Chavez and Kirill. Blessing. 08.10.12

This is what our Holy Patriarch thinks of Socialism… he hasn’t changed his mind! HH has NEVER blessed a US Republican “Pro-Life” “Family Values” political asshat. NEVER. He’s a LEFTIE! He’s spoken often and forcefully on the NEED to strengthen the social safety net. All those who vote Republican spit in HH’s face.



Read this through… then, read it again. Read it in light of the quote from His Holiness posted above. We have much evil and rot in our Church here in the USA. I’ll say more later…



Kansas plans to keep a controversial 25 USD limit on ATM withdrawals by welfare recipients, despite the possibility that the restriction might violate federal law. Earlier this year, Legislation passed to raise the limit, or do away with it entirely, but a newly revised version of Kansas’ welfare plan doesn’t permit withdrawals of more than 25 USD per transaction per day. It will also block out-of-state purchases. It will collect a 1 USD fee for every transaction, not including additional bank ATM fees. There is one loophole, however… Kansas’ plan, released publicly for the first time this week, places no limits on cash-back money received while making a purchase at a store. Welfare recipients are allowed two free cash-back transactions per month, but will be charged a 0.40 USD fee for each additional transaction.

To remain eligible for welfare block grants from the federal government, states must ensure that recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF, can receive “adequate access to cash assistance” with “minimal fees or charges” as required by the Social Security Act. Kansas receives 102 million USD in annual grant funds from the federal government. If the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services determines that the state’s 25 USD ATM limit violates the Social Security Act, those funds could be in jeopardy.

After McClatchy reported the potential conflict, Brownback signed a “fix-it” bill in June that allows Phyllis Gilmore, secretary of the Kansas Department for Children and Families, to raise or eliminate the 25 USD limit to comply with federal law. However, on Friday, Theresa Freed, a spokesman for the state department said that the 25 USD cash limit reflects what was passed and signed into law, “The legislative fix doesn’t give the secretary unilateral authority to change the limit”. Freed said language in the fix-it bill only allows changes to the limit with “guidance” from the federal government, saying, “There have been conversations, but we’ve received no guidance”.

Now, Kenneth J Wolfe, a spokesman for the HHS’ Administration for Children and Families, said in an email that the agency’s reviewing a copy of the new welfare plan it received from the state of Kansas on 30 July. The next step is for HHS to determine whether the plan meets the requirements of federal law. Wolfe said, “We’ll work with the state to resolve any issues that require clarification”. At least for now, Kansas welfare recipients won’t be subject to the 25 USD withdrawal limit.

Freed said that the changes are estimated to take at least six to 12 months to implement. She noted that the department would inform the public when the ATM limit goes into effect. The 25 USD ATM withdrawal limit was passed as part of a strict welfare overhaul bill that also prevented welfare recipients from using their benefits certain places, including movie theatres and swimming pools, and shortened the amount of time people in Kansas can receive assistance.

31 Jul 2015

Bryan Lowry

Wichita Eagle



This is evil… it’s nihilistic, cruel, amoral, godless, and a crass danse macabre before Almighty Mammon. This is what the GOP stands for… GOP… Greedy Oligarch Party… if you work for a living and vote Republican, you’re brain-dead. The Republican Party is in the hands of the ultra-rich… it’s their willing lapdog.

Orthodox people! This means that loudmouth righties such as Potapov, Dreher, Reardon, Whiteford, Paffhausen, and all their pals are out-of-step with the Mind of the Church. They lie and defend tall tales about welfare abuse that simply doesn’t exist. In fact, the largest amount of welfare fraud comes from doctors and banks… but that’s OK… they’re part of the Affluent Effluent; the worthies that I named never miss an opportunity to kiss the naked ass of the Powers-that-Be. By the way, that’s REAL Sergianism… which makes them “Chekists in riassas”… fancy that…

You may follow His Holiness and embrace Socialism or you can follow the named jabronies and embrace godless demonic Crapitalism. I follow HH… he blessed Comrade Fidel… he blesses Comrade Zyuganov… he thinks the Cuban healthcare system rocks. I oppose all the godless righties that I named… they embrace Greed (the Capital Sin) and reverently dress it in religious vesture. There’s a name for that… BLASPHEMY.

Think hard… choose wisely… the times are evil and the foulest flowers of malevolence grow in the shadow of the altar. God do preserve us…

One last thing… the so-called “Evangelicals” (American Radical Sectarians) slobber their approval of the cudgeling of the poor. If you needed proof that they aren’t Christian in the slightest way, this is that…


Friday, 23 January 2015

Uniate Pig Junta in the Ukraine Want to Slash Social Benefits… Learned their Lessons from “Pro-Life” Republicans All-Too-Well

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On Friday, Ukrainian Minister of Labour and Social Policy P V Rozenko, said that the government plans to cancel some social benefits inherited from the Soviet past in its effort to revive its cash-strapped economy. Since the Soviet collapse in 1991, the Ukraine failed to reform the post-Soviet system of social benefits and the number of allowances only increased amidst waves of populism. Ukrinform quoted Rozenko as saying, “As a result, now we have more than 700 types of benefits and preferences. It’s evident that the Ukraine can no longer move in this direction. We’ll abolish inefficient benefits as part of a social sphere reform”. The government chose Lvov Oblast in the Western Ukraine as the pilot area for its upcoming cash-for-benefits reform. Rozenko said that the government would cancel inefficient social benefits that existed “virtually” but were never allocated, pointing up that the government plans to provide allowances only for those people who really need them.

23 January 2015




Rozenko is part of the extremist pro-oligarch UDAR bloc, which intends to smash its boot full-force into the faces of the poor to benefit the rich. You can see why Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio cream their jeans over the Uniate junta… it’s what they want to do in the USA. Do note that they’re starting this in Lvov Oblast… the area with the most pro-junta support left in the Ukraine. Support for the pro-American extremists is softening… this might push many people over the edge. Remember, draft dodging has become as endemic in Uniate areas as it is more normative areas (make no mistake on it, the “default” in the so-called “Ukraine” is Orthodox, not Uniate). The junta’s stupidity is clear to everyone… it does whatever the Western banksters tell it what to do. If they wanted to make people pro-Russian, they couldn’t have chosen a better means… it does tell you much about the Anglo Establishment’s intelligence… lower than whale shit, I’d say, and that’s at the bottom of the ocean. Do recall what “reform” means in the mouth of neoliberal “conservatives”… “I’ve got mine and to hell with you. I earned it and I’m not giving any of it away”. This attitude is more evil than abortion… it’s more evil than homosexuality… it’s more evil than cohabitation… the love of money is the root of all evil… note well that it says nothing about any of the preoccupations of the konvertsy… fancy that…

Russian Orthodox people… don’t forget what Baba and Dede went through. The Republican Party kicked us then… it kicks us now. No Orthodox person should support the GOP in any way. They consider us inferior… but we’re not alone… they hate “niggers”, “spics”, “ragheads”, and “yids”, too… don’t forget… they really don’t like us unless we kiss their asses incessantly and obsequiously. The Uniate junta are the same sort of godless amoral greedsters. God do help us all…


Saturday, 1 December 2012

1 December 2012. This is What the Rightwing Means by “Reform”… Satan Laughs

00 Begging for Their Lives. 01.12.12


The Republicans scream about “entitlements”, “welfare reform“, and “givebacks”. Note well that they don’t expect the Affluent Effluent to make any sacrifices or “give back” to society. Oh, no… the Grand Old Perverts have to protect the Willard Romneys and their bloated offshore accounts. If any of the Republican proposals bear fruit, the result will be what’s pictured in the above image. The Republicans propose to smash their heel, full force, into the faces of the weakest Americans… whilst they maniacally giggle. That’s EVIL.

Orthodox people should reflect on the fact that most of the konvertsy follow the Republican programme, not God’s programme. Come unto me, all ye that are heavily ladenChrist said that. “Don’t come unless you have enough money to tithe and have a house in the right exurban cul-de-sac“… the konvertsy say that. I think that there’s a slight difference between the two. That’s why I oppose Paffhausen, Potapov, Dreher, Mattingly, Freddie M-G, Reardon, et al… they’re soulless shills for the godless mammonocracy of the GOP. I believe that I’m not alone…



Thursday, 19 January 2012

19 January 2012. This is Only the First Battle in the War to Take Away Your Freedom


Read this.

They want to take away your freedom so that the powers-that-be can stuff their boodle bags with more swag. Both political parties are in on this, but the main force behind internet censorship (for that’s what it is) is the Republican Party. After all, they brought you the pleasures of the TSA, the “permanent warfare” state, supply-side economics, and “welfare reform”… this is of a piece with all that. However, the “Democrats” and “progressives” are almost as bad. They believe that we’re ignorant and in need of “direction”… the GOP believes that we’re immoral and in need of “conversion”… not much to choose between the two, wot?

SOPA and PIPA are unashamedly Luddite in their intent. Information transfer no longer hinges on presses, TV studios, or radio towers… it’s in the people’s hands. Today, individuals have access to informational transfer technology that one could only find in the most sophisticated media studios as short as ten years ago. To try to stop this is like mandating people to wear periwigs or to compel them to buy buggy whips (both of which were tried, and failed, by the way).

Truly, the internet does give “power to the people”, and it scares the bejezus out of many in the political, media, and economic apparats. “Information IS power”… the apparats know it, and the shift in “informational access” threatens to destroy their present arrangement. They will NOT go quietly into that dark night. They’ll DENY, DENY, DENY. We’ll have to protect our rights until the corporate media machine chokes to death on its own irrelevance. There’ll always be a “media”… but it’ll be more diffuse and free. That’s the main challenge of our modern time… how to responsibly use this new means of expression… but shall we? Only time will tell us…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 19 January 2012

Albany NY

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