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Monday, 5 February 2018

5 February 2018. Uniate Nationalists Burn Orthodox Church in Lvov


This is the Church of St Vladimir Equal-to-the-Apostles in Lvov. It’s a parish of the UPTs/MP… Galician Uniate fanatics torched it. Many Orthodox bishops asked the Pope of Rome to rein in the Uniate nutters, but Franky Bergoglio refuses to do so. Bear that in mind whenever you see one of his well-orchestrated public appearances. He refuses to rein in his Uniate attack dogs. Bastard…



Sunday, 27 March 2016

Nationalist Thug Attacked Lawyer Defending Orthodox Parish in Galicia

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An unknown masked assailant attacked A P Zakharchuk, a lawyer for the Diocese of Ternopol (UPTs/MP). The attacker approached the lawyer, and struck him on the head. A UPTs/MP statement said:

Andrei Petrovich defended the right of St Michael parish in Butin (Zbarazh Raion) to its church building, which schismatics stole from us in October 2014.

Zakharchuk suffered constant harassment from Right Sector Uniate thugs… they came to the court hearing about the parish church building and threatened Andrei Pavlovich with physical violence.

25 March 2016




Such is the daily treatment handed out to the canonical Church and its representatives by the schismatical “Ukrainian Orthodox” and Galician Uniates (so-called “Ukrainian Catholics”). Note well that the US State Department and the Phanar smile at it all. It puts a new spin on those in the OCA who want to go turncoat and stab their Russian coreligionists in the back, doesn’t it? It also tells much about Potapov and Fatso, who schmooze up to the Uniates and neocons… do have a care, the times ARE evil…


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

People Defend UPTs/MP Church in the Western Ukraine for Four Days, Cops Back Nationalist Mob Attackers

00 right sector ukraine 231215


For the fourth day in a row, UPTs/MP parishioners continue to defend Assumption parish in Ptichye near Rovno in the Western Ukraine against attacks by uncanonical UPTs/KP schismatics. UPTs/MP sources told us that the police support the schismatics besieging the church, leaving the people inside without electricity, heat, water, and food. According to the latest intel from the UPTs/MP Diocese of Rovno, one parishioner had to enter hospital on 21 December in critical condition, noting, “When the doctors carried Irina out of the church, the schismatics applauded and shouted profanities”. Parish rector Archpriest Viktor Zemlyanoi said, “The woman has cancer; she fainted. She has two little children, but someone broke the windows in her house during the night”. Yesterday, Fr Viktor witnessed the attack of Right Sector Neo-Nazi extremists on his parishioners, saying, “They beat villagers with bats and rebar; they threw Molotov Cocktails and used pepper gas”. Currently, five parishioners and two clergy remain inside the building; 280 police, along with a mob of schismatics, remain outside. UPTs/MP sources pointed up that Roman Koval, the Right Sector chieftain in Rovno Oblast, threatened to seize many canonical Orthodox churches in the region.

21 December 2015

Essence of Time


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Draft-Evasion Reaches Endemic Proportions in the Ukraine

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In Kiev alone, 95 percent of working-age men evade military service, using methods such as bribery and fleeing to other countries. The German newspaper Handelsblatt reported that draft-evasion in the Ukraine has skyrocketed. Companies struggle to find false excuses for their employees to help them avoid military service. This illegal business is thriving, with doctors trading medical certificates and travel agencies organising “special trips” for those seeking to flee. Residents of the Western Ukraine usually bolt to Europe, whilst men from eastern provinces go to Russia. The newspaper pointed up the recent arrest of a medical worker from Chernovtsy who issued fake medical certificates under his signature for 3,500 Euros (198,400 Roubles. 24,500 Renminbi. 253,000 INR. 3,950 USD. 4,800 CAD. 5,000 AUD. 2,600 UK Pounds). Over last few months, more than half of the young men in the Western Ukraine left the country. Overall, 70 percent of working-age men in the Western Ukraine went to neighbouring Poland and Romania, and many others fled to Italy, Germany, and Austria. They have Schengen visas; therefore, they go to work in Europe as seasonal workers, pursuing two main goals… to feed their families back home and to evade junta military service. The situation in eastern regions is similar, with many residents going to neighbouring Russia for work; they take refuge there from the junta’s press-gangs.

5 May 2015

Sputnik International


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