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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Pushkov Warned About the Dangers of “an Informational Civil War” in the USA Between the Media and the White House

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Member of the Federation Council A K Pushkov warned of the dangers of “an Informational Civil War” in the USA. There’s now a situation where the White House doesn’t want to brief a number of journalists, and in response, other media outlets boycott events. On Friday, the White House announced that instead of a regular scheduled briefing, there’d be a “no cameras” briefing from official spokesman Sean Spicer. There’d be no live broadcasting, but everybody assumed that all White House-accredited journalists would be able to attend. However, then, according to CNN, the White House media office only invited selected journalists for the briefing, excluding CNN, the New York Times, Politico, the Los Angeles Times, “and other media”. The AP and Time magazine boycotted the event in protest. Aleksei Konstantinovich wrote in his Twitter microblog:

Aggression in the liberal media against Trump and the response of the administration (refusal of access) is unprecedented. It could lead to an informational civil war in the USA.

25 February 2017

RIA Novosti



Sunday, 7 June 2015

7 June 2015. Russian Demot… It Shows What the Rodina Thinks of Anglo Threats

00 white house down. putin. 07.06.15


The original post was:

When push comes to shove…

this outcome could happen…

but WHO really is the BULLY?

What Should happen to the Bully?


Russia isn’t scared of Anglo posturing and threats. America had best heed this…


Friday, 3 October 2014

Sleepy Time Thought: The Bleak Future of the GOP

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I know that people worry about the midterms and what’d happen if the GOP takes the Senate. For those people, I have the following message:

Calm down!

You have to remember a very important thing… time isn’t on the side of Republicans… at all. Republicans don’t fare well in presidential elections, and, eventually, one of the conservative judges on the Supreme Court is going to retire/die. We’d almost certainly have a Democrat in the White House to select the new Justice. Even a centre-left moderate would be far to the left of where the current conservative wing of the Court now is. It’d completely screw the GOP for a very long time once the right loses the power of the Court to enforce their insane voter suppression schemes. The more people that get to vote, the better Democrats do. That’s pretty much a political law and that’s why Republicans work so hard to keep people away from the polls. Add to that the fact that the Court can also undo extreme gerrymandering; the GOP’s entire electoral strategy collapses. They’d either have to attract minority voters, which would utterly alienate their indisputably racist base, or they’d have to settle for becoming a regional White Power party and hope that the Libertarian movement could attract enough suckers to form a coalition party.

Good luck with that.

30 September 2014

Justin Rosario

Proud To Be A Filthy Liberal Scum


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

USA Gives Peanuts to Its Junta Pals… Turchinov Thunders Away (and No One Cares)… Minoborony Ukrainy Caught in Massive Fib (The Cops in Donetsk WON’T Aid the Junta)

00 Donestsk 01. 23.04.14

Patriot opolchenie in Donetsk… note how the patriots use Imperial, Soviet, and Orthodox symbolism interchangeably. That is, it’s all ours… or, none of it’s ours. Also note the LACK of any so-called “Ukrainian” symbolism… that’s a fiction, best left unmentioned. Holy Rus is REAL… the “Ukraine” is a disgusting fiction… any questions?


A White House statement published on Tuesday said that the USA would give the Ukraine 50 million USD (1.79 billion Roubles. 55.2 million CAD. 53.9 million AUD. 36.2 million Euros. 29.7 million UK Pounds) to carry out political and economic reforms, to strengthen the partnership between the USA and the Ukraine. 11.4 million USD (408 million Roubles. 12.6 million CAD. 12.3 million AUD. 8.25 million Euros. 6.8 million UK Pounds) are for the upcoming Ukrainian presidential election scheduled for 25 May. The White House claimed that these funds are to support democratic processes, not to aid any specific candidate. In addition, the USA would give 8 million USD (286 million Roubles. 8.9 million CAD. 8.6 million AUD. 5.8 million Euros. 4.75 million UK Pounds) to aid the Ukrainian armed forces, but this doesn’t include arms shipments. These funds are for buying communication systems, engineering equipment, and transport facilities. The White House published this statement as part of the visit of US Vice President Joseph Biden to the Ukraine. Biden is negotiating with the junta in Kiev.


On Tuesday, Major General Aleksandr Rozmaznin, the head of the Ukrainian armed forces main command centre, told a news briefing that MVDU personnel in Donetsk are refusing to take part in operations against local patriot elements, saying, “We don’t sense coöperation from police in Donetsk Oblast. I don’t have authority to comment on that, but the fact remains. In certain areas, they won’t aid our units”.


On Tuesday, Daily Mail Online reported that UK intelligence bigs warned British Prime Minister David Cameron against providing military assistance to Kiev. It reported that NATO’s considering options to the Ukrainian crisis ranging from economic sanctions against Russia to proposals of military assistance to Kiev. However, “Agents of MI6 and Defence Intelligence Staff on the ground warned that the crisis could turn into a violent civil war, with much of the eastern Ukraine declaring independence”. The intelligence services warned official London against such escalation of the conflict. In addition, the Daily Mail reported, “Unarmed British teams have moved around the country covertly monitoring border crossing points and towns where Russian support is strongest”.


On Tuesday, the Rada media service reported that junta chieftain Aleksandr Turchinov demanded that junta forces resume operations in the eastern Ukraine, saying, “I demand that security services carry out effective counter-terrorist activities aimed at defending Ukrainian citizens living in the country’s east from terrorists”.


“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! I am the Great Turchinov, Lord Ruler and Grand High Poo-Bah of all the Ukraine! What I say goes! I MEAN IT! Damn it, I said that I MEAN IT! AREN’T YOU LISTENING TO ME!?” This is pathetic… someone, please, get out the humane killer and put this unthrifty beast out of its misery.


In a statement posted on its official website, the Genprokuratura Ukrainy accused MVDU and SBU personnel of malfeasance. It noted, “Unsanctioned seizure of administration buildings, including those of the MVDU and SBU, point to malfeasance by security personnel”. The Genprokuratura said that they failed to calm tensions in Donetsk, Lugansk, Odessa, and Kharkov Oblasts, even though the security forces outnumbered the patriot protestors.

22 April 2014


On Tuesday, the Minoborony Ukrainy tried to play down a report that a high-ranking officer said that security forces refused to take part in operations against patriot elements in Donetsk, saying, “The report was the result of a misunderstanding during a briefing in Kiev of the head of the Ukrainian armed forces main command centre and should only be regarded as a comment”.


I think that the junta slammed it in the door… HARD. Hmm… I think that you all know what I mean. EVERYTHING from the junta is bollocks on stilts and completely unhinged. God do preserve the ordinary folks of Little Russia.


23 April 2014







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