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Thursday, 2 March 2017

“No Political Experience”: Why Wilbur Ross Became US Secretary of Commerce



Political analyst Aleksei Zudin described billionaire Wilbur Ross’s appointment to the post of US Secretary of Commerce as a move is in sync with the new US Administration’s policy. On Monday night, the US Senate confirmed Ross’s nomination in a 72-27 vote. During a Senate confirmation hearing in January, Ross stated that Trump’s administration would focus on ending China’s unfair trade practises and monitor those of other US partners. Ross harshly criticised Chinese steel producers, accusing them of “dumping” steel onto the global market to flush out international competitors. He emphasised that if certain countries don’t comply with existing trade rules, the USA should punish them. Ross pledged to push US partners to practise fair trade in a more balanced manner than the USA permitted in the past.

The 79-year-old is widely known as a specialist in the restructuring of bankrupt companies. According to Forbes, he has a personal fortune of about 2.5 billion USD (146.28 billion Roubles. 17.212 billion Renminbi. 166.764 billion INR. 3.343 billion CAD. 3.283 billion AUD. 2.375 billion Euros. 2.037 billion UK Pounds). In the 1990s, Ross advised the Clinton Administration on US-Russian trade and helped manage the US-Russia Investment Fund TUSRIF. Commenting on this, Zudin told us:

Ross’s appointment further adds to an already emerging trend in the formation of Trump’s Administration. The new US Administration has already been nicknamed “the cabinet of billionaires and generals”. Most appointments, including the one that has just taken place, confirm this nickname. One can link President Trump’s personality with his selection of Cabinet members. Most members of Trump’s administration have no political experience. In general, the very fact that the new Administration includes generals and billionaires is a highly illustrative thing. The selection process goes beyond Trump favouring his well-heeled peers. From the beginning, Trump was an unusual presidential candidate who won in spite of the political establishment of both US political parties… the Democrats and the Republicans. This is why there are only few representatives of the “political élite” in Trump’s team. He deliberately relies on people with no political experience, but who have expertise in their field related to their former activity and who have certain personal traits. That’s what of paramount importance to Trump.

2 March 2017

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