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Sunday, 20 March 2016

20 March 2016. Cabinet Intel on Loopy Doings in the Wyoming Valley

00 burning russian church in novorossiya. 25.04.15


I got this from a Cabinet source on Saturday:

Have you heard what’s been happening with the OCA cathedral in Wilkes-Barre PA? The convert priest uses questionable liturgical practises. The choir director protested these mistakes/blatant errors… he recorded them. Bishop Mark came in, fired the choir director, kicked him off the church council, with the comment, “This cathedral is gonna be closed soon anyway”. What a disgrace. It turned so many people off that many are boycotting the Sunday of Orthodoxy vespers there tomorrow. It’s disgraceful what Bishop Mark is doing, he can barely celebrate Hierarchical Divine Liturgy! No parishes except for one or two in the whole diocese can even do them anymore! Last year’s, the feastday at St Tikhon Monastery was ludicrous and a liturgical disgrace. Check the website of Holy Trinity Cathedral when you get a chance. Weird stuff is going on there. They have some “Ecumenical Service of Encouragement” every Saturday after Vespers. Their priest is still in various Pentecostal and evangelical Christian societies, as well as some ecumenism society… it’s all on the website.

I replied:

Maymon is a disobedient SOB picked up by Fatso. Saliba kicked out Maymon for refusing to go where he was sent! The konvertsy love Maymon… what does that tell you about a lot that’s always caterwauling about obedience?

Maymon is Moriak Lite… we have to treat him the same way that we treated Moriak. He deserves the boot… yesterday! Note well that these konvertsy are all disobedient loose cannons… it’s time to put a stop to that; I’m not alone in thinking that way!



Monday, 27 August 2012

Kielbasa in All Shapes and Styles


Past the judges’ table they came, tray after tray of smoked and fresh kielbasa from this year’s contestants in the Plymouth Alive Kielbasa Festival, hoping for a piece of local sausage history. A Christmas tree, town scene, winter wonderland with snowmen fishing for real fish, Olympic rings, swing set, sausage mine and guillotine scene… all crafted from smoked kielbasa… made their way past the audience and judges. The fresh kielbasa, in less whimsical arrangements, had its turn on the dance floor, as Plymouth Alive President Terry Womelsdorf put it. Then, it came time for the judging, the polka music, the questionable jokes, the giant dancing sausage, and, finally, the verdict.

The winner of the fresh kielbasa crown was Bosak’s Choice Meats, leaving with their tenth crown after a year with no trophies. Just one point separated their entry from the arrangement by Tarnowski’s Kielbasa. The winner of the smoked kielbasa contest was Komensky’s Market, last year’s fresh champion. In a competition that starts with a beauty contest before it becomes a taste test of products that haven’t changed in years, presentation can be persnickety, said the contest winners. Gail Bosak, a co-owner of Bosak’s, said, “The whole idea is when they get your platter out, the audience goes, ‘Ooh, aah,’. You want to impress, but the taste and texture never change”. Brenda Sepelyak, a co-owner of Komensky’s noted that kielbasa are judged on presentation, taste, and texture, but they’re gobbled down at the festival mostly for their taste, saying, “I heard from judges that the presentation doesn’t count for all that much. When you get a good piece of kielbasa, that’s what matters to them”.

Since the contest’s exception, Janet Franchella has held it in the back room of Franchella’s Restaurant and Pub. In a few weeks, the bar will belong to Dorothy Kollar, who wants to keep the competition in the place where it’s always been. Womelsdorf said that Plymouth Alive would love to keep the contest there, but if it keeps growing, the organisers might eventually look for a bigger venue. Outside the bar, people were walking up and down Main Street sidewalks crammed with vendors, including Fetch’s Kielbasa Shop, an inaugural champion, and a winner last year.

As he manned the grill at his store’s stand, David Fetch III said that to not finish with the crown, “It hurts you a little bit. You think about what you could have done better, maybe, what you could simplify”. However, no changes are due for the 90-year-old recipe; lest his great-grandfather roll out of his grave and demand an explanation. Fetch said they’ll be back next year, and every year, as long as they’re still rolling out the barrel and eating kielbasa in Plymouth.

25 August 2012

Bill Wellock

The Citizen’s Voice (Scranton PA)


Editor’s Note:

Plymouth PA is three loud farts from Wilkes-Barre PA…its part of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre MSA, that is, it’s in the Wyoming Valley. To put it another way, it’s about 40 klicks (@25 miles) from Scranton PA, it’ll take you about 45 minutes to drive there. There… that should do it for all you kolbasa lovers out there.

See ya there next year…


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

10 July 2012. No News of JP “Resignation” on Patriarchia.ru or Interfax.ru Yet


It’s interesting… there’s no mention of JP’s resignation on  either patriarchia.ru (the official MP website) or Interfax-religion.ru (it’s not on the English-language side either). This is unusual, as patriarchia.ru has carried news of the OCA before, usually very soon after the event (Interfax usually follows patriarchia.ru in posting). When one considers that Archbishop Yustinian Ovchinnikov was observed by onlookers berating Herman Swaiko very loudly on Sunday in Wilkes-Barre PA, the only conclusion that one can come to is that the Centre doesn’t believe the self-serving retarded treacle released by Kish & Co. That is, the Centre doesn’t believe that the “resignation” is a resignation. The Syosset gang had best step carefully… after all, the Centre CAN pull the Tomos. This is turning into a farcical replay of the August Events, isn’t it?


Sunday, 8 July 2012

8 July 2012. Yustinian and Herman Have Private Confab in Wilkes-Barre


I’ve received word that Herman and Yustinian, at this moment, are having a private confab. Herman didn’t serve at the liturgy this morning, but he was present in the church (my source wasn’t clear on whether or not he was in the altar). The pot’s simmering, kids…


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