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Saturday, 18 February 2017

18 February 2017. Milunka Savić… Serbia’s Warrior Heroine



The crackbrained “conservatives” are fond of telling us that women are unsuitable to face the rigours of combat. I’d submit that the story of Milunka Savić debunks that rightwing fable. She fought in the Balkan Wars and the First World War, and won many decorations, including foreign ones, for her bravery. Yes… this may only apply to only some women… but that cohort should have the right to fight (indeed, there are many women fighting in the patriot forces in the Donbass against the Uniate fascist aggressors today).

Oppose all lunatic rightwingers (especially, “libertarians” and so-called “paleocons”) wherever you may find them. They’re ravening enemies of decency, humanity, and true spirituality. No good can come of any “dialogue” with such sorts. They’ve chosen to follow a monstrous ideology (Libertarianism in particular and “conservatism” in general put too much trust in the basic goodness and perfectibility of mankind). Trust me, you and I can’t change that. We can only wait and hope for the best.



Wednesday, 30 December 2015

30 December 2015. Some of My Favourite Things… Polina Gagarina in “Battle for Sevastopol”

00 russia sevastopol will be russian 301215



All the loudmouthed righties say that women shouldn’t serve in combat. Well… the record in the VOV says otherwise. Women served at the front in many capacities… both in combat roles and in support units. They all served as well as their male colleagues did. The deadliest snipers in the RKKA were women… they were cooler in combat and kept focused better. Shall women prove their worth in battle again? They’re doing so at present… in the Peoples Republics, in the War of National Liberation against the Ukrop* fascists. Note well that the clips from the film are gritty, realistic, and not for kids. That’s what war is… it isn’t glamorous; it isn’t lighthearted and glorious… it’s nasty, brutal, obscene, gory, and horrid in the extreme. No decent person goes to war or advocates it except under the most dire circumstances. Do note well that the ruling Anglo neoliberal elements and Uniate/schismo nationalists GLORY in war and want it. Do note that the US Republican Party (and Establishment Dems such as Chilly Hilly and Butcher Biden) and its “Evangelical” amen corner are cheerleaders for war in foreign parts. The people of Novorossiya are at war because they came under attack… the Anglo Americans and Ukrop fascists are war because they instigated it and launched it. There IS a difference, and all the loud talk of “Exceptional America” and showy bandura strumming can’t hide it…

I call such posturing evil… I’m NOT alone…

  • Ukrop: Russian colloquialism for Ukrainian nationalist fanatics


Saturday, 8 March 2014

G A Zyuganov: Our Dear Mothers, Wives, and Sisters! Happy Holiday! May You Always Keep Your Pecker Up!

00 International Women's Day 01. 08.03.14


00 Tereshkova 01. 03.12


00 International Women's Day 02. Cat Leopold. 08.03.14


00 War with a female face 2. 18.11.12


Editor’s Note:

“Keep your pecker up” is simply Britspeak for a cheerful and optimistic attitude, which is what Gennady Andreyevich had in mind with “keep a spring attitude” (literal translation)… you filthy-minded gutter dwellers thought that I had something else in mind… as Tom Lehrer put it, “When correctly viewed, everything is lewd”. Let’s smile and have a wonderful 8 March holiday, girls… we DO make the world go ‘round…



With all my soul, I give all women my wholehearted greetings on the 8 March holiday… International Women’s Day! This lovely spring festival is entirely devoted to you… our most loved, selfless, and cherished sisters. We all owe you thanks not only for your nurturing and gentleness, but also for your persistence and your grit. After all, this holiday commemorates your struggle to gain your rights. You inspire us men to achieve great podvigs and triumphs. Despite all the difficulties and hardships, you always manage to stay attractive, but always a little bit enigmatic. On this day, let the drops outside your window sound like music! Let the sunlight put a spark in your beautiful eyes! Let the warmth of spring wake up your soul! May you have a happy holiday! I wish that you received care and comfort from your family and friends! Remember… always keep your pecker up!

00 G A Zyuganov 20117 March 2014

Gennady Zyuganov

Chairman of the KPRF Central Committee (TsK KPRF)

Leader of the KRPF faction in the RF Gosduma


KPRF official website



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Friday, 31 January 2014

Minoborony Big Urged Russian Women to Join the Army

00 Russian female soldier. 31.01.14


On Friday, Deputy Defence Minister Nikolai Pankov said that more women should serve as long-service personnel in the Russian forces, telling a meeting of Siberian university students, “My personal opinion is that we should see more women in the ranks serving as officers, generals, sergeants, and privates”. He added that such service would be voluntary. Pankov said that 200 women were cadets at various military education establishments in Russia last year; he expects that number to grow in 2014, noting, “We’ve opened admission [for women] even to the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School… and the number of applications is enormous. This goes to show that women want to enter the military profession, so, we shouldn’t ignore it”. According to statistics, 11,000 women are now on military duty, down from 30,000 five years ago due to staff cuts under present military reforms. They serve as officers and NCOs, mainly in staff positions, as specialists in medical and financial services, or in communications units.

31 January 2014



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