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Saturday, 11 October 2014

11 October 2014. The Mother-Motherland Calls! Four Generations of Courage…

00 Four Generations of Courage. 11.10.14


This requires no commentary. Another invader has tried to put their hands around Holy Rus’ neck. It shall fail… as all invaders failed in the end. In this case, the Americans won’t back their neo-Nazi protegés in the Ukraine… there’s nothing left in the larder… they spent it all on bootless land wars in South Asia and in insane tax giveaways to the Affluent Effluent. It’s as it always has been… all those who march on Russia will be put to death. The Banderovtsy Uniate filth will not prevail…




Tuesday, 7 October 2014

7 October 2014. Shall Operations Grind to an Utter Halt During Rasputitsa?

00 wehrmacht. nazi germany. russia nov 1941 mud. 07.10.14

The fascist invaders coping with the rasputitsa in November 1941


In mid-October, the time of rasputitsa (“quagmire season”) will hit Russia and the Ukraine. This happens in March-April and October-November, it was why the Germans and Napoleon couldn’t invade until June, and it stopped the German advance on Moscow dead in its tracks in November 1941. The seasons in that part of the world haven’t changed. It means that movement off metalled roads is nixo, and all wheeled vehicles will have to stay on the pavement. This will enforce a hiatus in operations, truce or no truce. It means that the next serious ops can’t occur until the ground hardens with the winter frosts. Watch for the impatient (and incompetent) Anglo American advisors to order an offensive during this time… it’d fail, but the VSN couldn’t exploit it, as the mud would hamper its movement as much as it’d hamper the junta’s movements. Such a defeat would lower junta morale, though, and the morale in the junta forces is already deep in the shitter. Remember, the junta has formed no major units in its “mobilisations”… it lacks the officers, material, and staff personnel to do so.

So, if there’s an utter halt in the middle of the month, you’ll know why.


Saturday, 4 October 2014

Russia to Honour Horwich World War Two Veteran Canon Colin Craston for Arctic Convoy Service

00 brit WW2 vet 02. UK. 04.10.14

Canon Craston in World War II as a Royal Navy rating


00 brit WW2 vet 01. UK. 04.10.14

Canon Craston today


A 91-year-old World War II veteran will be honoured for his bravery… by the Russians. Canon Colin Craston, of Lever Park Avenue, Horwich, will receive a medal from the Russian Federation for his service in Arctic convoys. The medal, with the presentation at Manchester Town Hall on 13 October, is to recognise his work as a wireless telegraphist on HMS Eclipse, an E-class destroyer of the Royal Navy, from March 1942 to March 1943. Canon Craston, a great-grandfather, received eight medals over the years recognising his Navy service, but next month’s event will mark the first time he’s ever personally received a medal. He said, “I’m very, very pleased to be receiving this medal… it’s a great privilege. I’ve heard for a long time that the Russians wanted to honour those who served in the convoys and I look forward to being given a medal in person. I remember my war years well. There were dreadful weather conditions along the way… ice, gale storms, you name it. I appreciated the experience… it was very interesting”.

Canon Craston sailed from Iceland to Russia in the destroyer, but his captain sent him ashore, as he’d been selected for a commission. Seven months after he left the destroyer, it sank in the Aegean Sea east of Kalymnos, Greece, killing 119 of the 145 crew members on-board. Canon Craston said, “My life was absolutely dependent on coming off that ship… my friends and colleagues were all on it. I’m 91 years old, yet I could’ve died aged 20. I didn’t even have to come off it. I didn’t find out it had sunk until seven months after it happened”. Canon Craston went to America to repair an aircraft carrier and went on to serve in the Far East, along the Indian Ocean, from 1943 to 1945. Originally, he’s from Preston, but moved to Bolton in 1954, where he served as priest of St Paul’s Church in Deansgate until 1966, and of St Paul’s with Emmanuel Church in Vicarage Street, Daubhill, until 1993. Canon Craston has two children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. He’ll attend the ceremony with his wife Brenda and daughter Carolyn Edmunds.

 2 October 2014

Neil Robertson

The Bolton (Lancashire. ENGLAND. UK) News


Sunday, 12 January 2014

Nazi Collaborationist Buried with Full Honours in Estonia



On Friday, Estonia granted burial with full military honours to a decorated Waffen-SS collaborator who fought against the Red Army during the VOV. Harald Nugiseks, the last surviving Estonian recipient of Nazi Germany’s Knight’s Cross, died on 2 January at the age of 93. Estonian collaboration with the Nazis causes widespread revulsion in neighbouring Russia, but many Estonians view it as a necessity, as a means of achieving national independence. Nugiseks’ grave is in the Estonian Soldiers Memorial Church in Türi. Brigadier General Meelis Kiili, commander of the Estonian Defence League, retired high-ranking military officers, and local officials attended the ceremony. Earlier, Estonian Defence Minister Urmas Reinsalu expressed condolences to the relatives of the deceased Nazi collaborator, saying, “He [Nugiseks] was a legendary Estonian soldier whose tragedy was that he couldn’t fight for Estonian freedom in an Estonian uniform”.

Nugiseks served the Nazis as a volunteer in 1941; later, he was a soldier in the 20. Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1. Estonian). He was one of four Estonian recipients of the Third Reich’s highest award for battlefield bravery. Nugiseks became a prisoner of war after his division surrendered in 1945; the Soviet authorities sentenced him to a Siberian labour camp, where he stayed until 1958. After Estonia became independent in 1991, Nugiseks received the honorary rank of captain in the Defence Forces. An estimated 80,000 Estonian collaborators fought alongside Nazi forces during the VOV. Russia condemns the present glorification of Nazism in Estonia, where reunions of Nazi collaborationists and parades in honour of former Waffen-SS soldiers occur annually.

10 January 2014



Editor’s Note:

Let’s keep it brief. Not only does the Republican Party applaud Nazi collaborationism in Estonia (and in Latvia and the Ukraine as well) now, it did so in the immediate post-World War II period. Indeed, American career military officers (most of whom were Republicans) sheltered Nazi collaborators out of hatred for leftist politics. Had the SS Cossacks been in the American occupation zone, they would’ve escaped repatriation… for many American officers spat on the agreements made with the USSR… out of not only loathing for the USSR, but out of extreme dislike for FDR and his policies. They haven’t changed their spots, kids. Shitbirds of a feather DO flock together. Remember that on Election Day.


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