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Saturday, 12 March 2016

12 March 2016. My Credo on Internet Etiquette and Respect

00 Thank you for being my friends


There are limits. I follow the rule… “Never ask ‘personal’ questions”. If you want me to know something, you’ll tell me. If I find someone invasive, I cut them off and block them. If I respect your privacy, I expect the same from you. If you ask me questions… know that I refuse to answer all those on my private life and affairs. I know this means that you wouldn’t “friend” me, but I’d ask, “Who needs such ‘friends?'”

I NEVER Google anyone… full stop. I have no pressing need to do so, as I’m not a police detective or judge… no ordinary person has the need to do so. However, since the ability is there, people fall victim to sinful temptation, using the usual set of excuses for falling into Satan’s snares (“I had to do it” … “Everybody does it” … “I needed to find the truth about this person”). Let’s not be coy… to Google someone is the same as peering over a transom, listening in on someone’s private phone chat, or opening another person’s mail. Full stop. As one monastic told me, “To Google someone without need is sinful prying into another’s life. Christians don’t do things like that”.

By the way… NEVER reply to “conservative” attacks. “Conservatives” tend to be of low intelligence and have few scruples, so you not only would go nowhere with a reply, all that you’d do is provoke an unending mud-fest (which pleases the “conservatives” greatly, as it relieves them of the obligation to think and act rationally). Trust me… let them rant and let their “amen-corner” praise them! They’re not all of humanity… not by a long shot. Leave schmidiots like Rod Dreher and John Whiteford be… that actually heaps hot coals on their head, as they fancy themselves to be “important”. I have more good-sense than that… the government doesn’t spy on me for the simple fact that I’m unimportant and powerless… just as Whiteford and Dreher are!

Can you believe that the righties think that the government has a supercomputer that monitors all of us and our activities in the cyberworld? Let me tell you a secret… the NSA has intercepted radio traffic for years via ELINT (that’s open source; it’s isn’t some deep secret)… however, it can only use part of that intel because there aren’t enough translators, analysts, and office staff to put it into shape. Intel is EXPENSIVE… mostly, due to the cost of hiring competent humans to package and interpret it (that’s why Stratfor is a set of posturing phonies… they simply lack the resources, both human and financial, to do real intel). That is, there isn’t the money to do so… ergo, only the most important people and “stories” get attention. Most “conservative” hype over such is just that… hype. Usually, it’s just an excuse to justify godless piranha libertarianism (which is the most evil ideology out there… do note that most libertarians have a “religious” veneer, which makes them WORSE than the militant anti-religionists).

In short, I respect my online interlocutors. Note well those who don’t… their ignorant prattling tells you more about themselves than they it does about their targets…



Monday, 13 July 2015

13 July 2015. Translated Russian Demot… Something that’s Making the Rounds in the Russian Web

00 good luck


Here’s a little sweet something that’s going the rounds in the Russian web. I spend most of my online time in the Russian cyberworld… it’s given me a feel for the “rocks n’ shoals” and for what’s legit. Some sources are completely on the “Up-and-Square”… others… well, they make The Onion look like a staid media outlet. For instance, today, I saw an image of a supposed “cross procession for peace in Odessa”… my research turned up the fact that the image was from THREE YEARS AGO and there wasn’t any such image on the official diocesan website. Please, have a care with those people without Russian facility or without knowledge of the Russian cyberworld posting this or that image or story… all too often, they get gulled. That’s why I vet things thoroughly.

Do have a care with anything posted by Orthodox konvertsy… much of it isn’t what it purports to be, and in some cases, there’s bad translation. This plagues the “English” sides of Pravmir and Pravoslavie… yes, they look fancy, but they’re not official, and they both have agendas. Also, there’s a spectrum of POVs in the Mother Church, but the konverts only present the most strident rightwing asshats (or legit spokesmen badly translated). Please, take a care with it all, especially, now, as events are beginning to spin out of control.

However, not everything on the Russian web is serious… I wonder… has this demot made its way to the American web? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


Saturday, 16 August 2014

16 August 2014. WordPress STILL Playing Games With Us… It’s Causing Delays in My Posting… I Apologise

00 Sick Computer. 15.09.13


WordPress is still goofing with our heads with their new “beep beep boop” text editor. I kid you not… that’s the text that comes up when you hit the “edit this post” or “new post” button. For the time being, WordPress is offering a workaround, but they’re not offering it as a permanent dashboard option, which they should. It looks to this simple-minded soul that WordPress is making things easier for the majority who only use the “stripped-down” microblog-style editor. However, they already had this feature… there was no need to make it the default. This idiocy has forced me to waste mucho time on this issue… and I only have a limited amount of time.

WordPress was one of those rare things that actually worked as it should. It worked like they advertised it, in fact. Are they going to start charging us for “optional features?” This is Crapitalist Corporate America, after all! This supposedly was a year in the works. I don’t think so… I think that some managers traded e-mails for a year, and some poor sod developers had to come with something that some idiot with a Business Administration “degree” found “plausible”.

I hope that WordPress solves this… by giving us permanent access to the “classic” editor. Look at how Microsoft tried to skunk us all with the Microsoft 8 “metro” start button. Trust me, millions went back to the classic “start” when it became available. That is, this is another goofy idea pushed by some manager without any ties to the real world…


Thursday, 14 August 2014

14 August 2014. WordPress Rolled Out a “New n’ Improved” New Post Feature… Mucked Things Up Horrendously

01 sick computer


I loved WordPress as a blogging platform… it was simple, intuitive, and easy to access from the main pages of my various blogs. Well, they decided to “improve” things. They fucked things up royally instead. If you click on the “new post” or “edit this” on the public pages, you get a goofy image telling you, “beep beep boop”, it takes forever to load, and some of the features on the editor are missing. If that ain’t all, the “tag” function has gone to hell. You used to be able to type in three or four letters, and you’d get suggestions from your previous tags. That’s gone.

A big BRONX CHEER to whomever designed this “upgrade!” I do daresay that I’m not the only person pissed off at this…


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