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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Poll Sez Internet Has Little Influence on Most Russians’ Life

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According to a survey by VTsIOM published on Tuesday, nearly half of all Russian Internet users are convinced that their daily lives would be almost the same without access to the web. 19 percent of respondents said that their life would be absolutely the same if they suddenly lost the opportunity to surf the web, whilst 45 percent said that their daily routines would “change slightly”. However, nearly a third of respondents said that their life would “change drastically”. When asked what they’d lose without Internet access, 26 percent said that they’d “lose nothing”. Popular answers to that question also included a “source of information” (35 percent), “a chance to communicate with relatives and friends” (24 percent), “help in studies” (7 percent), and “recreation and hobby” (6 percent). The most popular answer to what would you gain by staying offline was “more free time for other activities”, mentioned by 26 percent of respondents, whilst 23 percent said that they’d “gain nothing”. 63 percent said that they knew at least one person who’s addicted to surfing the web. VTsIOM conducted the survey on 15 September amongst 1,500 adults in 100 Russian towns and cities. The pollster stated that its statistical margin of error was +/- 3.6 percent.

1 October 2013



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