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Sunday, 20 March 2016

20 March 2016. Cabinet Intel on Loopy Doings in the Wyoming Valley

00 burning russian church in novorossiya. 25.04.15


I got this from a Cabinet source on Saturday:

Have you heard what’s been happening with the OCA cathedral in Wilkes-Barre PA? The convert priest uses questionable liturgical practises. The choir director protested these mistakes/blatant errors… he recorded them. Bishop Mark came in, fired the choir director, kicked him off the church council, with the comment, “This cathedral is gonna be closed soon anyway”. What a disgrace. It turned so many people off that many are boycotting the Sunday of Orthodoxy vespers there tomorrow. It’s disgraceful what Bishop Mark is doing, he can barely celebrate Hierarchical Divine Liturgy! No parishes except for one or two in the whole diocese can even do them anymore! Last year’s, the feastday at St Tikhon Monastery was ludicrous and a liturgical disgrace. Check the website of Holy Trinity Cathedral when you get a chance. Weird stuff is going on there. They have some “Ecumenical Service of Encouragement” every Saturday after Vespers. Their priest is still in various Pentecostal and evangelical Christian societies, as well as some ecumenism society… it’s all on the website.

I replied:

Maymon is a disobedient SOB picked up by Fatso. Saliba kicked out Maymon for refusing to go where he was sent! The konvertsy love Maymon… what does that tell you about a lot that’s always caterwauling about obedience?

Maymon is Moriak Lite… we have to treat him the same way that we treated Moriak. He deserves the boot… yesterday! Note well that these konvertsy are all disobedient loose cannons… it’s time to put a stop to that; I’m not alone in thinking that way!



Monday, 14 October 2013

14 October 2013. A Thought During This Government Shutdown by Rightwing Terrorists…

00 Look at the Bright Side of the Shutdown. 14.10.13


Indeed, this shutdown may reduce Norquist‘s nutty-squirrel notions to a size that’ll make it easy to “drown it in the bathtub”. I’d pay to see that… and I’m not alone (hat tip to all the courageous Left folks in Orthodox parishes who’re pushed around by rightwing pukes… it won’t last forever, kids). Don’t forget… the Valley went for the Prez because most ethnic Orthodox people “came home”. Don’t be fooled by the loud sorts. We still outnumber ’em… and haven’t forgotten Baba and Dede’s courage during the sit-down strike days. Trust me, their legacy still lives…


Friday, 9 November 2012

9 November 2012. HH on the Prez… It’s Time for the Rightwingers to Shut Up and Get With the Programme


It’s time for the rightwingers to shut up… I mean Josiah Trenham, Patrick Reardon, Terrence Mattingly, Rod Dreher, Freddie M-G, Victor Potapov, Alexander Webster, Jonas Paffhausen, Michael Dahulich, and all of their scurvy hangers-on. If you belong to the ROCOR, you commemorate HH at every service… he has no problem with President Obama, neither should you (take heed, Potapov and Dreher). Note well that the Wyoming Valley went for the Prez… that’s the po-nashemu heartland, kids. A certain parish should hang its head in shame for supporting Willy and Ryan… it voted against the good interests of the Orthosphere and against HH’s left-friendly policies (the MP awarded KPU leader Pyotr Simonenko a high Church decoration… it gave NOTHING to the rightwing swine “investor” Prokhorov).

Nevertheless, HH has no problem with the Prez. He doesn’t endorse the lies found in Fox News or the rightwing blogosphere. Get with the programme… the Church doesn’t support the Republican Party; it never did, it doesn’t, and it won’t… it stood, stands, and will stand tall for the working people against the grasping rapacious bosses. That’s the way it was in the time of St Aleksei Toth (he blessed the Wobblies), it’s the way it is now, and it’s how it’s gonna be, unto the ages of ages…

Remember, HH called the Free Market a “fraud” and that “the ordinary working man” would be crushed under by it… keep that in mind…



Monday, 3 September 2012

3 September 2012. Labour Day Breakfast in Manchester NH Held at… Greek Orthodox Cathedral… GOOD-OH!


This morning, the AFL-CIO of New Hampshire held its annual Labour Day breakfast at St George Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Manchester NH. More than 300 working men and women gathered to hear Governor Lynch, Employment Security commissioner George Copadis, and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and others. The event’s featured guest and keynote speaker was AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler, who says she came to New Hampshire not just to recognise New Hampshire’s workers, but also to encourage them to get involved in the upcoming presidential and local elections, saying, “We have working family heroes running for all different offices here in New Hampshire, we’ve got right to work legislation that we’re concerned about, so, we want to make sure that working people get out to vote, and that that message is loud and clear”. The most visible guests were those running for office… including gubernatorial candidates Jackie Cilley and Maggie Hassan, and candidate for Congress, Annie Kuster, whose campaign yard signs covered the church lawn.

3 September 2012

New Hampshire Public Radio



It’s not just in Europe and Russia that the Church blesses the Left! Here in the USA, most ethnic Orthodox were, and remain, Democrats. In particular, the group most front-and-centre in the labour struggle were the po-nashemu Carpatho-Russian miners and steel workers (as well as the Ukie farmers on the Canadian Prairies). Go in the old Orthodox graveyards… you’ll find tombstones with IWW symbols. We stood tall in the Wyoming Valley and at the Rocks… we stood tall in the sit-down strikes… we stood tall in the United Farmers… we faced down the crapitalists and their affluent effluent lickspittles… and we WON. Those who’re trying to link us with Rightwing evangelicals” are at odds with all that. On top of that, the rightwing konvertsy teach heresy (in particular, imiaslavie and indifferentism) in the religious sphere, it’s not just their rightwing fantasies that are at variance with grounded Orthodox Christians in the USA and Canada. We’re PROUD to be what we are and we need no “bridges” to Hard Right lunatics, thank you very much!

After all, this is LABOUR DAY… NOT Bosses’ Day.


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