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Saturday, 10 September 2011

10 September 2011. Floods in Northeast Reported on oca.org… Why Didn’t They Include an Image or Two?



Last night, oca.org made a big deal of reporting the floods in the northeast. As per usual, they did their usual incomplete and incompetent job. They needed images to complete the story. The above images show the flooding in Binghmaton NY (my Nicky’s family is from the area… he says that they’re all safe… “They’re all on the hill, they’re OK”). I got them from one of my contacts… Broome County‘s one of the most Orthodox areas in the country, 2 percent of the total population’s Orthodox of different “flavours” (trust me, kids, that’s a LOT). The fact that oca.org didn’t have a contact that they could tap for appropriate images shows that the so-called web team hasn’t done the necessary leg-work, it doesn’t a decent Farley File (I do… it’s damned important), and, as a consequence, they haven’t made the appropriate contacts… there’s more to running a website than just posting whatever propaganda that Syosset wants disseminated.

The flood zone extends from Maryland to Wilkes Barre PA up to the Poconos, to Broome County and the Catskills in southern NY (the area around NY 23 near Hunter is particularly hard hit), to Otsego Lake near Cooperstown NY… 105 miles (@170 kilometres) worth of the NY State Thruway (a major east-west limited accessed motorway, part of the I-90 network) is closed all the way to Oneonta NY (that means that Jordanville is near the flooded area). Indeed, the entire main course of the Susquehanna River, 750 kilometres (@460 miles) long, from its source near Cooperstown NY (VERY close to Jordanville) to its mouth in Chesapeake Bay in Maryland is affected. It’s the longest river that empties into the Atlantic, so, one can see that the situation’s much more serious than oca.org let on. Yes… the flood affected the po-nashemu heartland of the Lehigh Valley and Wyoming Valley (there are TWO “Valleys”, not one, a fact that all grounded ethnic people know… shame on oca.org for confusing the two, they can’t get even minor details correct)… it was very severe, much more so than the website reported (it’s going to cause beaucoup damage… parishes are going to be MORE reluctant to send ANY money to the lazy layabout drones at Syosset/SVS).

In other news, note that oca.org is refusing to cover the Czechia trip until next week (that means that it’s been particularly hard to “spin”). Patriarchia.ru would never do such… but then again, Vlad Legoida’s a real pro, not just a brassy mouthpiece for the clerical apparat. In addition, rumours continue to circulate that Bobby Kondratick’s on his way to the MP… I’d say to Fr Vsevolod, to Archbishop Mark, and His Holiness, “Do NOT accept this creepo supremo. His reported proclivities make Nikon Mironov look like a Boy Scout, and he’s a thief who was caught destroying records… he likes playing games with corporate plastic (it’s why he fled from NY (a state with REAL laws) to Florida (a state with lax extradition laws)). To accept him is to take a snake to your breast… don’t do it!” Does it surprise you that oca.org has REFUSED to post images or real reportage on the death of Dmitri Royster? A “reflection” is NOT a report… it’s a lazy evasion… this is CLEAR evidence that there’s a hell of a fight over Royster and his legacy. I’d say that he was a typical closeted poofter… it tells you volumes about the konvertsy mafia, doesn’t it? Those who scream the loudest about “morality” are often posturing hypocrites… don’t forget Jimmy Swaggart and the parking lot. The konvertsy want to associate the Church with the sleazy and dodgy methods and ideology of  Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, Pat Robertson, and Jerry Falwell… the people named were NOT Christian, their beliefs are NOT Christian, and their methods were DEFINITELY anti-Christian… we should say such LOUDLY. Christopher Hitchen’s remark on Falwell is apposite for the OCA leadership as well, “The empty life of this ugly little charlatan proves only one thing… that you can get away with the most extraordinary offenses to morality and to truth in this country if you’ll just get yourself called ‘reverend'”.

It’s NEVER boring…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 10 September 2011

Albany NY 

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