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Sunday, 15 September 2013

15 September 2013. The New Yahoo Groups Format Rolls Out… Fucks Up Cybersphere, Tying It Up In Knots

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00 Sick Computer. 15.09.13


One of the Cabinet wrote me:

It sucks. As long as you’re NOT on the website, you really don’t encounter the nonsense. Once you enter the website, it sets loose all Hell. It’s like going from Windows 7 to Windows 8. It has an almost-totally-new interface, which is NOT intuitive. Worse, many “functions” just didn’t work. Therefore, you waste time trying to find a friendly old function; when you do find one, you only discover that it doesn’t work. Then, the next day, it does, but the following day, it doesn’t. However, I have to admit, over the past week or so they’ve tackled many of these functional problems, but I still don’t like the new interface.

One glaring annoyance, if you’re responding from the website, so far, you can’t reply “in line” and cut out things in the original post that you don’t want to deal with, so, your response contains the entire original post, which many people hate (drives people who get the “digest” form delivered bonkers, as all the previous posts are included with each post). As of yesterday I still couldn’t approve a post, from the web site, marked incorrectly as “Spam“, fortunately the delivered e-mail request to accept or reject still worked. Yahoo has never been user-friendly, and rolling out this dysfunctional new format doesn’t earn them any kudos.

A couple of members with older Macs seem to be suffering long loading times; they even find that they can’t load the interface. Some members had those problems last week, but they haven’t complained this week, so I’m hoping it’s gotten better. I avoid the website as much as I can.

Thank you, Yahoo, for NUTTIN’! Haven’t they ever heard, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”




Thursday, 22 November 2012

22 November 2012. A Point to Ponder… Do You Want to Vote for Those Who Suck Up to “Creationists?”


The late election’s barely over, and all the Republican hopefuls for 2016 are lining up to kiss the naked bums of the so-called “Creationists“. That means that, as radical as they were the last time, the GOP intends to be even more obsequious to the Yahoo elements. How can any Orthodox Christian even think of voting for such? The Church stands for the Truth, and nothing truthful can harm it. HH is NOT a Creationist… indeed, he’s an avid follower of modern science. That means that we have to give the Creationists a wide berth. In fact, it’d be best if we gave all the “Evangelicals“, Pentecostalists, Mormons, et al a wide berth, for they’re all the same underneath (as “Evangelical” support for the Mormon sectarian Romney proved to all comers).

Evolution simply says that natural mutations occur, and that healthy mutations lead to development. Most evolution isn’t healthy, and these mutations die out. God created the natural world and its processes. He called it “Good”… so should we.


Sunday, 22 April 2012

22 April 2012. POSSIBLE PHISHING/SCAM ALERT… Don’t Answer this Message if You See It!

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I received the following in my e-mail:

Dear Yahoo! User,

Due to congestion in all Yahoo! Mail user accounts, there shall be a removal exercise of all used and unused Yahoo! Accounts. Yahoo! Inc would be shutting down several accounts.

You will have to confirm your Yahoo! account. So you are required to logon to your Online Yahoo! Account with the provided link below.

For Immediate access please CLICK HERE NOW {the link was to http://jyde.xomcom.com/kundesh.html… doesn’t sound like Yahoo to me: editor}.

NB: Failure to to update your Yahoo! account will result to a permanent closure.

Thank you for being a loyal Yahoo! Mail user.

We hope you enjoy the newest version of Yahoo! Mail.

David McDowell
Senior Director
Yahoo! Mail Product Management


Look at the dumbass errors in the above submission. In fact, it has “Hinglish” (English as used by an East Indian) stamped all over it. Look at:

Failure to to update your Yahoo! account will result to a permanent closure.

Look at the simple grammatical error; “will result in a permanent closure” is how any native-speaker of English would write it. I’ve reported this to Yahoo Customer Service. There be trolls out there… some are clever… some aren’t. This one is of the latter variety. The e-mail address of this jabronie is:


That doesn’t smell like Yahoo at all to me (or to you either, I’ll warrant). What a bunch of losers!

It DOES take all kinds.


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