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Thursday, 4 August 2016

4 August 2016. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… Bustling Yalta Under Russian Rule

00 Yalta Crimea Russia 040816


In Yalta, there’s enough to eat, the power’s on, and law and order reigns. In the notional “Ukraine”, there’s not enough to eat, the power flickers on and off, and order and security simply don’t exist. One of these things is not like the other… guess which one the Yanks prefer… yeah, they prefer keeping us inferior Slavs in privation and want, so that we don’t get any ideas about rebelling against our “betters”. Trust this… the people of the “Ukraine” see the Crimea… they’re adding it all up. When they get the sums all done, I do daresay that it’ll be finis for the junta and its American puppeteers… yes… I do think that’s going to happen. When? I don’t bloody know… no one does. However, when it does, I wouldn’t want to be an oligarch, an American, or a Uniate. No, siree… you see, people in those parts have LOOONG memories…



Saturday, 28 November 2015

28 November 2015. As Seen on a Wall in Yalta… “70 Years of the Victory… Thank You for Life!”

00 crimea thank you for life vov victory 281115


This fresco is on the wall of the cinema hall of the Yalta Palace of Culture and Leisure. Russians haven’t put their past down the memory hole like American “conservatives” have done… after all, the USA won its greatest victory under the socialistic New Deal, not under any “conservative” ideology (FDR or Reagan… whom do YOU glorify? The answer tells the world what kind of mensch or what kind of putz you are!)… fancy that…


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Greek Cruise Ship with German Tourists Ignored EU Sanctions and Visited the Crimea

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Welcome to Crimea! 2014


NDR reported that the Greek cruise liner Ocean Majesty with 500 German passengers on board arrived at the port of Yalta in the Crimea. Ocean Majesty, which was under charter to the German tour company Hansa Touristik, visited Yalta on Wednesday. Thus, the liner broke earlier EU sanctions, which banned its vessels from entering Crimean ports. The German tourists spent the whole day visiting Yalta.

22 September 2014

Rossiskaya Gazeta


Thursday, 24 April 2014

24 April 2014. Crimea IS Russia… Did You Ever Doubt It?

00 Yalta 01.Crimea is Russia. 24.04.14


There’s much caterwauling and bawling from the usual cast of (Uniate) suspects out there. Let me remind them… the “Ukraine” is a neologism, but Little Russia, New Russia, Carpatho-Russia, and Crimea are not. This is Livadia Palace in Yalta, built by the RUSSIAN tsars who ruled an ALL-RUSSIAN state. I’d remind them to be careful what they wish for… they might get a pro-American neoliberal hell of a Ukraine… confined to the Far Western provinces (they’d be lucky to get that, frankly). As for me, I have no illusions. It’ll take at least ten years to BEGIN repairing the damage done by loudmouth Ukie nationalists over the last generation. However, we now KNOW that the Galician Uniate fascists are pigheaded and ignorant (the more ignorant, the more stubborn), totally unfit to rule a modern state. They had their chance… they failed. Now, let them move aside and let REAL rulers take over… Putin or Tyagnibok, which do YOU prefer? That IS the choice on offer.

Not only is “Crimea is Russia”, so are Little Russia and New Russia. Let the Uniate hillbillies keep their backwoods backwater… if they can, for many people even there don’t like their bumbling and cruel misrule. Fancy that…


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