Voices from Russia

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Video. A Bear Dances to “Kalinka” in Grandpa Durov’s Corner Theatre’s 100th Anniversary Show


Click here for a one-minute vid on the 100th anniversary of Grandpa Durov’s Corner Theatre, which features animal acts. Vladimir Durov was a famous clown in pre-Revolutionary Russia who was also an animal trainer. One time, an angered official forced Durov to apologise publicly for his jests… then, Durov went through the streets of Odessa in a cart drawn by a green pig (the official’s name in Russian translated to “green”). Ya gotta love such spunk. In his theatre, Durov introduced new methods of training, he never used whips or sticks. He taught animals with kindness and understanding, his theatre wasn’t only fun, but also educational, for both children and adults.The tradition continues…


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