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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

3 June 2014. A Point to Ponder… HH on What a Bishop Should Do

00 Patriarch Kirill on what a Bishop is. 03.06.14


HH said the above at a training session for new bishops. We tend to forget that the MP is much more professional, bureaucratised, and institutionalised than ANY of the diaspora groups are. The MP DOES have the money to attract and pay competent lay staff, as well as clergy. This has its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, the MP can afford to do such things as spend the money for proper training for bishops before they go into the field. Besides which, academic qualifications for MP bishops are much more stringent than those found here in the diaspora (neither JP or Mollard would’ve made the cut… let alone Moriak, Maymon, Eliel, or Brum). That’s why Tikhon Shevkunov isn’t a bishop… he lacks the necessary education (being the confessor for the Putin family and half the oligarchs in Moscow can only take one so far). Lastly, we don’t believe that bishops are infallible or the “last word”… bishops are just as fallible as we are. In short, HH is being an activist hierarch… that’s what takes up his time and that’s why he’s not at some political events. He can spend his time politicking or he can spend his time “bishing”… he prefers to do the latter (Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov and Fr Vsevolod Chaplin do the politicking and controversial commenting for him… that’s their job). I think that he’s “got his mind right”.


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Sunday, 4 May 2014

4 May 2014. Christian Science Monitor Gets It ALL WRONG on HH

00 donetsk 01. 04.05.14

Here‘s the REAL DEAL… a priest of the canonical Church blesses a opolchenie fighter in Donetsk. The REAL Church stands behind the opolchenie and the patriotic resistance… just as it did in 1242, 1380, 1612, 1709, 1812, and 1941. These zapadnik “experts”don’t know what they’re talking about…


All the zapadniki are jumping on HH’s remarks of yesterday and jumping to wildass conclusions. Here’s a typical example… read it! It’s what the idiots are saying and you should know what they’re saying. Click here (but keep the jug at hand, its chock full of ignorant shit).

Read it? Good! These idiots actually believe that there’s disagreement between HH and V V Putin! Where are they getting their information from? SVS (that wouldn’t surprise me)? Kochetkov? The bunch in Paris? Give me a break! Let’s be clear… HH has changed NONE of his views on the Russian World… he’s changed NONE of his views on Holy Rus… he’s changed NONE of views on the UNITY and ingathering of the Russian Orthodox sobranie. Let’s be charitable… most of these jabronies have never read most of what HH has written. They don’t know that he’s dead-set against the Unia… they don’t know that he’s dead-set against Western neoliberalism… they don’t know that he’s dead-set against the Branch Theory… they don’t know that he wants no part of their Western standards and norms (the Orthosphere has its own, thank you very much).

Look at this:

The Ukraine is home to three different Orthodox churches, with the Moscow Patriarchate dominating the eastern part of the country.

That’s utter shit. Look at how these Amerikantsy look at these three bodies as equals! That shows their ignorance… there’s only ONE canonical Orthodox Church in the Ukraine… the MP. The other two are illicit schismatic bodies, which the UOC/MP has repeatedly said can only come back into unity with the canonical Church if they renounce their errors and repent (that is, their individual clergy and believers… the structures themselves are corrupt and irredeemable). At least, they didn’t put the Uniates and the Orthodox together in a fictive “Eastern Church”.


00 Patriarch kirill. MVD troops 05. 02.04.14

HH isn’t “distancing himself from the Kremlin”… here, he honours wounded VV MVD troops (after 18 March, FYI). The Amerikantsy are smokin’ good shit if they believe what they write… 


Look at this:

One possible sign of Kirill distancing himself from the Kremlin was his absence at the 18 March speech by Putin. Other clerics, notably Muslim ones, were in attendance.

These people are blithering idiots. HH has commitments as a pastor, and he takes them seriously. It was in the midst of the Great Lent, one of his busiest seasons. In any case, Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov WAS there. Metropolitan Yuvenaly is the effectual “Bishop of Moscow” and was/is the unsinkable satrap of THREE patriarchs (he served Patriarchs Pimen Izvekov, Aleksei Ridiger, and HH). When the Patriarch is unable to come personally, he sends Vladyki Yuvenaly, and everyone knows that since he’s the Patriarchal Vicar of Moscow, it’s the same as having the Patriarch there. That’s what happened at Metropolitan Laurus’ funeral at Jordanville in 2008. Everybody knew that Yuvenaly serving there was the same as having the Patriarch serve (he ordered that no OCA clergy could serve at the funeral… since he IS the Patriarchal Vicar, his orders STUCK). Didn’t ANYONE at this publication notice this? What a buncha maroons!

In short, the zapadniki don’t care about the Orthosphere’s reality. They want us inferior little niggers to be second-class members of their Western club, where they’ll “instruct” us on the proper way to behave and act (but we’ll always be untermenschtum in their eyes… they’ll pity us so). The condescension just drips from everything that they write. We Orthodox don’t want to join the West… we don’t need your ignorant comments on our leaders. We offer you hospitality and grace… on our conditions, on our turf, and according to our lights (not yours). Accept us for what we are or leave us be. Articles such as this don’t help real understanding.


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Sunday, 29 December 2013

RIA-Novosti Presents… Russia Says Farewell to a Great Patriot and a Great Man in Izhevsk and Moscow

00 Kalashnikov funeral 01. Izhevsk. 29.12.13

On the evening of 25 December, after soldiers brought his coffin to the church, about 8,000 people came to say goodbye to legendary small-arms designer Lieutenant General Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov at St Michael Cathedral in Izhevsk (Udmurt Republic).


00 Kalashnikov funeral 01a. Izhevsk. 29.12.13

The honour guard consisted of cadets from the Kazan Higher Military Command School (KVVKU).


00 Kalashnikov funeral 02. Izhevsk. 29.12.13

The coffin with Kalashnikov’s body was in the centre of the church, draped with the Russian national flag, and his decorations were at its foot. 


00 Kalashnikov funeral 03. Izhevsk. 29.12.13

Services lasted until 22.00 MSK. Services continued on 26 December, the church funeral was from 10.00 to 13.00 MSK; after that, there was a secular ceremony.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 03a. Izhevsk. 29.12.13

People crowded in to pay their last respects to the great man. Many waited in queue for four hours. Kalashnikov’s son Viktor Mikhailovich thanked everyone who came personally.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 04. Izhevsk. 29.12.13

Yelena Mikhailovna Kalashnikova, the daughter of the legendary small-arms designer (right) and his son Viktor Mikhailovich Kalashnikov say their farewells to their father at St Michael Cathedral in Izhevsk.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 05. Izhevsk. 29.12.13

Kalashnikov’s decorations were at the foot of the coffin.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 06. Izhevsk. 29.12.13

People came singly and in groups to bid farewell to the legendary designer, they laid down flowers and wreaths as tributes.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 07. Izhevsk. 29.12.13

Aleksandr Volkov (centre), Head of the Udmurt Republic, at the funeral services for Mikhail Kalashnikov at St Michael Cathedral in Izhevsk.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 08. Izhevsk. 29.12.13

The Moscow funeral of Mikhail Kalashnikov will be 27 December at the Federal Military Memorial Complex in Mytishchi Raion, in the Moscow Oblast suburbs. Kalashnikov’s coffin went by plane from Izhevsk to Moscow for burial on the evening of 26 December, his funeral procession passed in front of places where he lived and worked in Izhevsk.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 09. Moscow. 29.12.13

On Friday, the burial of legendary gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov took place at the Federal Military Memorial Complex in Mytishchi Raion, in the Moscow Oblast suburbs. The coffin was on a gun carriage as it went down the central alleyway of the complex.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 10. Moscow. 29.12.13

President Vladimir Putin sat with the Kalashnikov family at the services.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 11. Moscow. 29.12.13

The farewell in the main memorial hall.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 12. Moscow. 29.12.13

Deputy Defence Minister Army General Arkady Bakhin said at the funeral, “Today, we say goodbye to a remarkable man, a man who’s a symbol of Russia”.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 12a. Moscow. 29.12.13

The farewell in the main memorial hall.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 12b. Moscow. 29.12.13

The honour guard at the ceremony.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 12c. Moscow. 29.12.13

Kalashnikov’s body lying in state in the memorial hall.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 13. Moscow. 29.12.13

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu attended the ceremony.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 14. Moscow. 29.12.13

A military band played proper music in honour of Mikhail Timofeyevich’s memory.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 15. Moscow. 29.12.13

Kalashnikov’s daughter Yelena Mikhailovna said that her father devoted his life to working for the benefit of the motherland, “he couldn’t do otherwise”.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 16. Moscow. 29.12.13

On his last journey, volleys from his iconic AK-47 assault rifle accompanied the procession.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 17. Moscow. 29.12.13

Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov of Krutitsy and Kolomna (left) served the religious part of the funeral.


00 Kalashnikov funeral 18. Moscow. 29.12.13

Mikhail Kalashnikov was in intensive care since 17 November. Mikhail Timofeyevich died Monday 23 December 2013 in his 95th year.


Note well that Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov served the Church end of the funeral in Moscow. Yuvenaly is second only to HH in the hierarchy at the Centre (he’s the effectual “Metropolitan of Moscow”). This shows you the stature of Mikhail Timofeyevich. The West mostly ignored his passing…

Note well that Viktor Mikhailovich thanked EVERYONE who came personally in Izhevsk… now, that’s CHRISTIAN. The well-known loudmouths here in America ought to hang their heads in shame. They have no clue about Christianity (and some of them are in the Church, sadly enough). President Putin didn’t come to the Izhevsk services… this allowed the Kalashnikov family to take centre-stage, as is right and proper. It doesn’t matter if you like President Putin or not, he’s a genuine and decent human being… unlike so many Western “leaders”.

This is the future… a creative and fruitful union of the Red and the Christian… may God grant me to see it in full flower.

For more on Kalashnikov’s death and the state memorials for him, click here

26-27 December 2013




Thursday, 4 July 2013

4 July 2013. Jillions Confirms Mollard’s Junket to the Rodina… NO Mention of It on in the News Section of oca.org


Kiev… the Mother of All RUSSIAN Cities… is HH going to take Jillions to the woodshed for his treacherous and traitorous pro-Uniate activities? I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Jillions and Vsevolod Anatolyevich meet in private (VAC isn’t only HH’s closest confidant, he’s also his “enforcer” in some matters).


For the past six weeks, everyone “in the know” has been talking of Mollard‘s upcoming junket to the Rodina. Click here (skip to the last paragraph, the rest is worthless, disgusting, treacly, and airy bumf, it’s what the Brits call “bollocks on stilts”) for confirmation of its upcoming occurrence. Actually, it’s the traditional ad limina visit that all new OCA First Hierarchs have to make. It shows the world who’s the REAL boss. The OCA has nothing but a fictive pseudo-autocephaly, given it in the Sov times as a means of preserving the Mother Church from undue pressure from the Organy. It was Nikodim Rotov‘s brainchild, and he found that Schmemann and Meyendorff were ambitious and dumb enough to fall for it. The OCA and the ROCOR (in its present form) are both rusting Cold War hulks, best sent to the breaker’s yard.

Note well that there’s no mention of Lyonyo or that bumsucker Tosi in Jillion’s little titbit. Perspirin’ minds wanna know… are they going? Also mark down that His Nibs is giving Mollard a better photo-op than he ever gave Fathausen. As a Centre source told me:

We’re propping him up. All other alternatives at the present moment are worse.

When I pressed this contact for clarification, they merely repeated, “All other alternatives at the present moment are worse”. That smells like the Centre doesn’t want Dahulich near the levers of power (note this well… most American bishops have a Russian Wikipedia page… Dahulich doesn’t… he only has one in the Polish version, no doubt written by that SVS toad Michał Kalina (BTW, it’s the ONLY foreign-language Wikipedia article on Dahulich)). Dahulich is an EP man and a quasi-papist (virtually a semi-Uniate), thus, making him unpalatable to the Centre on two counts. Probably, the Centre doesn’t see the OCA as a long-term solution, but it’s necessary in the near term, as Fathausen was stupid and shortsighted enough to bring in BISHOPS with alien formation. That’ll come back to haunt us in future, I’m sure. What you’ll see is that Mollard, Nibs, and Sabodan will make a pretty picture. No doubt, Mollard will concelebrate at the main liturgy, along with such worthies as Yuvenaly Poyarkov and Varsonofy Sudakov (is Mark Golovkov going to be there too?)… Fatty never got that either. Nibs is rolling out the Red Carpet for Mollard as he never did for El Gordo. I wonder what that means… I don’t know… neither does anyone else. We’ll all have to wait n’ see, no?


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