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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Aleksei Zhuravko: There’s Hysteria in Kiev


Dear Friends!

There’s hysteria in Kiev. The authorities didn’t conceal their anger and disappointment at statements emanating from Hungary. Security officials demanded that the Verkhovnaya Rada act against “separatists” in Zakarpatya who declared a Zakarpatya Peoples Republic. The keyword was “demanded”. This seems to tell me that after diplomatic notes, after the use of force, we’ll see another Republic arise. Yes… Poland will have something to say, too.

In Respect,

Aleksei Zhuravko

18 November 2017

Igor Krupikov



Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Magyars and Rusins in Podkarpatskaya Rus Want Autonomy… NOT Ukrainisation

00 Carpathians. 03.10.12



The correct transliteration of Русин is “Rusin”… “Rusyn” is an illiterate and spurious Uniatism best avoided. Русин is the common spelling in Russian, the “Ukrainian” dialect, and Rusin. By the way, in Slovak, it’s “Rusín”, and in Polish, it’s “Rusin”. “Rusyn” is an American invention, not a real European development.


Local Magyars favour the creating of a national autonomy in Zakarpatya Oblast. They also demanded that the junta give them the opportunity to choose Magyar Rada People’s Deputies to represent their minority. Despite the fact that dual citizenship is illegal in the Ukraine, Budapest is handing out passports to Zakarpatya (Podkarpatskaya Rus) residents. A few days ago, János Martonyi, Hungary’s Foreign Minister, stated his full support for his compatriots and their interests.

In Podkarpatskaya Rus, Magyars and Rusins called for a national autonomy. Tired of the actions of the junta, they decided to distance themselves from it as much as possible. A local parliament, the Magyar-Rusin National Congress, would have legislative powers. The future autonomy already has a provisional name… the Transcarpathian Regional Confederation of Magyar and Rusin Peoples. Denis Kiryukhin, an expert at the Kiev Centre for Political Studies and Conflictology, said, “Whilst Magyars are an official minority in the Ukraine, the Rusins don’t have such a status. Problems with the Rusins have existed for several years already. They’re the only Ukrainian ethnic minority that Kiev consistently refuses to acknowledge. The relations between Rusins and Ukrainians are complicated and remain such to date”.

Proponents of a Magyar-Rusin autonomy claim that everything Magyar, as well as Rusin needs separation from everything Ukrainian. Besides that, Magyars want to create a special “Magyar” constituency in the Rada. Budapest supports such a desire of its compatriots. According to a statement made yesterday by Mihály Bayer, Hungary’s Ambassador to the Ukraine, “Ukrainian Magyars would like to create an autonomy and take charge of their own affairs in the Ukraine”. Bayer didn’t deny that Hungary was actively handing out passports to Zakarpatya residents, ignoring the fact that the Ukraine prohibits holding dual citizenship.

The situation is getting out of Kiev’s control. When they found out about it, Ukrainian nationalists launched angry rhetoric. From the moment that the Ukraine proclaimed its “independence” Kiev has done nothing other than “to build the Ukrainian political nation”, without taking into account the ethnic composition of the peoples residing in the country. Along with the Ukrainian citizenship, everybody received an official nationality… Ukrainian. In essence, that project attempted to suppress  the Ukraine’s ethnic diversity. Rostislav Ischenko, a Ukrainian political analyst, thought, “It isn’t surprising that the people of Podkarpatskaya Rus felt themselves discriminated against. The current Ukrainian régime is trying to build a monoethnic state, in essence, a Nazi state. They view any ethnic minority as a threat to that monoethnicity. They’re trying to conduct forced Ukrainisation of all ethnic minorities. It can’t happen peacefully”.

The current junta, as well as the “Orange” junta, uses any opportunity to criticise the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. However, they forget that Kiev gained Galicia, Western Volhynia, Bukovina, and Podkarpatskaya Rus due to it. Now, that’s led to a situation when Budapest is ready to revise the borders, too.


Everybody smells the blood of the junta in the water. Russia will take the lion’s share to be sure. However, there are other claimants out there too… Slovakia could take over Podkarpatskaya Rus… Poland could retake the areas it held in the interwar period. Russia would gladly give Poland the Galician Headache. Does Poland want it? There IS the little bit about Operation Wisła, after all…


23 April 2014

Ksenia Melnikova

Voice of Russia World Service


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